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Support the production of SEO articles with the feeling of “giving instructions to the writer”. Start recruiting free test users for AI writing support tool “Xaris”

Studio Yurigraph
Support the production of SEO articles with the feeling of “giving instructions to the writer”. Start recruiting free test users for AI writing support tool “Xaris”
Significantly reduces the time required for composition production and writing work. Rewrites and requests for supervision by experts are also possible

Limited Liability Company Studio Yurigraph (Nago City, Okinawa Prefecture) has released the beta version of its AI writing support tool “Xaris”. We will conduct a free user test for commercialization. [Advance application]
What is Xaris
It is a support tool that assists the production period of SEO articles with the assistance of AI chatbot.
[Image 1: ]
When you enter a target keyword, AI suggests headlines, titles, and body text. You can paste your favorite title to the manuscript with one click.
[Image 2:] Press “Next” to output the table of contents based on the title. As with the title, it is possible to copy to the manuscript at once.
[Image 3:] If you press “Next” again, the manuscript will be generated based on the title of each headline.
[Image 4:] If you change the heading, the sentences are generated based on the changed heading.
[Image 5:] It is also possible to give correction instructions to the output sentences, and you can create sentences as if the writer was in front of you.
Significantly reduce the time required to create content
By rewriting based on AI proposals, content production time is greatly reduced. [Image 6d110399-2-4a2742ad6554d945f6f0-0.png&s3=110399-2-ab4f2c77f8b3d88747e783d6b5ded82d-1111x520.png
You can also request a rewrite by a writer or a review by an expert from the “rewrite request” button in the tool.
[Image 7d110399-2-1ccb5a3f2ee473f13886-1.png&s3=110399-2-8398fea0cfdd092989492880be317b3b-898x442.png
Our team, which has produced highly specialized SEO articles such as law, management, and finance, will deliver high-quality articles. [Image 8d110399-2-c512de3f68b2a525342f-2.png&s3=110399-2-e255dfbb35eee787b2c9538e12e487ea-1141x460.png
* Rewriting and supervision will be quoted separately.
Free beta test starts sequentially from advance reservations. [Image 9d110399-2-cb9d851b51c0fbfa5d00-3.png&s3=110399-2-0ce175cdbd74d7f74487fc53528f5f80-1932x1104.png
Xaris will conduct a free user test for the official release. For those who have applied from the official site below, we will give you information on how to use it.
* The free test period is scheduled to be one month, but it may end without notice.
In the future, Xaris will continue to make further updates with the aim of “supporting all kinds of document production and
decision-making with AI.” Stay tuned for future releases.

About the operating company
LLC Studio Yurigraph
Address: 1004 Miyazato, Nago City, Okinawa Prefecture
Business content: 1. Owned media production and operation 2. Bookstore business 3. Publishing business
[Image 10d110399-2-662b09a2ea7af00970f2-4.jpg&s3=110399-2-f64d7e8687c7dac7cdb1d8d514764f4d-400x400.jpg
Representative: Yutaka Moriishi
Graduated from Yokohama National University. Joined Stratz Co., Ltd. in 2019 after working as a writer, director of video media,
editor-in-chief of owned media, etc. As a founding member, he served as the general director of Japan’s largest online exhibition “IT & Marketing EXPO” at the time, and the business manager of the online exhibition platform “EventBASE”. In May 2021, the joint company Studio Yurigraph was established. In addition to B2B marketing support centered on content SEO article creation, we develop and operate the SNS service “Memories Bookstore” through the exchange of memorable books.

Details about this release:

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