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Supporting social businesses in Kansai Crowdfunding “For Good” adopted as a member benefit of Startup Cafe Osaka

Borderless Japan Co., Ltd.
[Supporting social businesses in Kansai] Crowdfunding “For Good” adopted as a member benefit of Startup Cafe Osaka
As a cafe member-only benefit, we will provide one “free consultation on launching a social business from Kansai”!

The crowdfunding service “For Good” operated by Borderless Japan Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Kazunari Taguchi / Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) aims to revitalize the economy of the Kansai region, centered on Osaka. It was adopted as a benefit for members of “Startup Cafe Osaka”, a facility that supports startups and creates entrepreneurs.
Members of Startup Cafe Osaka will have a meeting (about 30 minutes) about launching a social business, which is originally provided for a fee, when implementing a project with crowdfunding “For Good” with a publication fee of 0 yen. It can be implemented free of charge. ・ Click here for project consultation: ・ Startup Cafe Osaka member benefit page is here:
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For Good is a crowdfunding that allows anyone to turn their desire to “make society better” into action.
Since the service was released in May 2022, more than 400 project consultations have been received in just 6 months, and more than 200 projects have already been posted. We have received a great response. For Good has been launching crowdfunding while saving resources such as money and time as a “crowdfunding with no publication fee”, and allocating as much money as possible to activities to solve social issues, even if it is 1 yen. We have been working to support social businesses, mainly for those who want to.
Taking advantage of this recruitment, we encourage those who want to start a new business or non-profit organization with the aim of solving social issues to use the crowdfunding “For Good” to raise funds for the business, empathize with the issues and the business. We will promote social business support in the Kansai area by matching businesses and individuals who want to participate and supporting the expansion of awareness of activities.
Details of cafe membership benefits
Startup Cafe members can use the following benefits when launching a project with For Good.
[Contents of cafe member benefits]
・Free consultation on launching a social business from Kansai (Originally, support content limited to paid (fee is 5% of the amount achieved) dedicated plan and “together” plan)
[Click here to use cafe member benefits]
・If you are considering a project, click here: * Startup Cafe Osaka member benefit page:
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The future that For Good aims for
“I want to give shape to ideas that move society forward.”
“For Good” was born because I wanted to create a place where people can simply turn their ordinary thoughts into actions.
With For Good’s crowdfunding, you can not only raise funds through projects, but also “collect friends” to expand your activities at the same time.
No matter how small.
What we cannot do alone, we should do together.
There is no future that cannot be changed.
That’s how we think.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions.
First of all, the staff will politely listen to your thoughts.
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Borderless Japan Co., Ltd.
Crowdfunding “For Good” with 0 yen publication fee
Mail: contact (please include @)
-Borderless Japan Co., Ltd. Company Profile-
Established: March 2007
Head office: Yaesu Ichigaya Building 6F, 2-17 Ichiyatacho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Capital: 10 million yen
Representative: Kazunari Taguchi, President and Representative Director

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