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Survey in their 40s and 50s In the age of 100 years of life, only 44% said that they would continue to work as long as they could, and 14% said that they were looking forward to life after retirement!

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[Survey in their 40s and 50s] In the age of 100 years of life, only 44% said that they would continue to work as long as they could, and 14% said they were looking forward to life after retirement! old age

Q.E.D. Partners Co., Ltd. conducted a questionnaire on the theme of “old age” to 200 people in their 40s and 50s.
Do you feel anxious about old age and looking forward to life in old age? We conducted a survey on the post-retirement problems faced by men and women in their 40s and 50s.
Article source URL: Survey method: multiple-choice and descriptive by Internet cloud service Target audience: 200 people
Survey period: December 15, 2022
Number of valid responses: 200
Survey period: In-house survey
■ Gender of survey respondents
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Question 1 What are your concerns about old age?
financial aspect
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Anxiety in old age is often associated with “financial aspects”. The problem of 20 million yen after retirement became a hot topic a little while ago, but I think that the number of people who have a concrete image of retirement is increasing at this age. Due to the recent high prices, many people may be more and more worried about money.
We will introduce the reasons for each answer in a free-form format. ☑️ Opinions of those who answered that they were worried about “financial aspects” in old age
I can’t help but worry about whether I can earn my living expenses until the day of the pension hourly wage.
Savings are far from reaching 20 million in retirement funds My husband has money, but I don’t have any savings, so I’m worried. I don’t have a lot of savings, so I’m worried if I can live on my pension alone. “The cost of living is rising. Energy prices are also a concern.” It is not yet clear how long it will take.
because I have little savings
I feel uneasy when I think about what will happen after my husband retires and whether I can do it.
I’m not sure if I can make it with my current salary. Worried about living expenses after retirement?
I have little savings.
not enough money for retirement
If you lose your health, you may not be able to live. Then you won’t be able to earn money and you won’t be able to live.
I have almost no savings
My income will decrease, my savings will not accumulate, and my child’s school fees will be subject to income restrictions, so I will not be able to receive support money.
It’s that I can’t save money for my old age because I’m giving birth at an old age and my current life is full.
Even though I haven’t saved money for my children’s education, I’m just worried that I can’t save money for my retirement at all. I don’t have enough money, so I’m not sure if it’s enough.
There are price increases in almost everything, my annual income is not going up as I expected due to my age, and I can no longer do anything like I did when I was younger, so there are limits to how I can save money, and it is difficult to circulate my funds well. It’s here. I feel like I can’t stand it because I’m going to use assets for my parents too.
Because I’m worried about whether there will be work ahead.
low income savings
There is nothing but anxiety such as high prices and pension problems. I am appalled at the estimated amount of my pension
I don’t know if I’ll get a pension when I’m old, and I’m not in a state where I can save money right now.
Considering the possible pension and savings, I think I have to lower my quality of life financially.
low income
Since my household income is so low, it seems impossible to save money. It’s already over because it’s the ice age generation that has been abandoned in terms of generation.
Since the amount of pension that can be received is decreasing year by year, will I be able to live on the pension in my old age?
I don’t think I can live on my pension.
I don’t have any savings, so I’m worried if I can live the same way as I do now. ☑️ Opinions of those who answered that they were worried about “health” in old age
I can do anything if I’m fine, but I’m worried if I get sick. “Even though I still feel that my physical strength is declining, it becomes difficult to walk. I think it would be scary if every day continued.
It’s not that I don’t have money worries, but if I’m fine and healthy, I think that’s the best. ”
My biggest concern is my health because if my health isn’t good, I can’t enjoy life even if I have money.
Every time I get a health checkup such as my eyes and stomach, the number of abnormal parts increases.
“It takes time to do the same thing as before”
I don’t just want to live longer, I want to live longer and healthier. Even if you have money and time in your old age, you can’t do what you want without good health.
I have no idea what I would do if I had dementia.
My memory is getting worse year by year, and I feel that my brain is deteriorating more than my body, so I’m worried that I might get dementia.
Even if I don’t take care of my health, I don’t know if it will happen, and compared to when I was young, I feel physically weak in some areas.
I feel powerless
☑️ Opinions of those who answered “Other” as uneasy
I own a lot of things. I’m thinking about a future where these things will become relics and I’ll have trouble getting rid of them, but I’m feeling stuck because I can’t come up with any countermeasures right away.
I’m worried if I’m leading a boring life.
Will I be able to live the same life as before?
Compared to before, I don’t feel the presence of people nearby. I’m worried about my parent’s nursing care. My grandmother lived to be 89 years old, and I feel heavy when I think that I will have to continue caring for my parents for another 15 years.
Next, I asked them what they thought they needed in order to spend a fulfilling time in their old age.
Question 2 Which of the following do you think is the most important for a fulfilling retirement?
best partner (husband or wife)
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200 people in their 40s and 50s thought “things they need in their old age” was “money = 57%”, which was the most common.
Thirty-three percent of the respondents answered that they were the “best partner.”
Question 3 It is said that we live in an age of 100 years, but until what age do you intend to work?
I want to retire as soon as possible
up to age 60
up to age 65
up to age 70
up to age 75
keep working as long as you can
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22% want to retire as soon as possible
Until age 60: 6.5%
Until age 65: 17%
Until age 70: 9%
Until age 75: 2%
Continue as long as you can work…44%
At 44%, the most common answer was “I will continue to work as long as I can.” It is said that we live in an age of 100 years, but it seems that nearly half of the people do not have the image of living comfortably and comfortably in their old age, and that they will continue to work as long as they are physically strong. .
On the other hand, “I want to retire as soon as possible” was selected next at 22%.
Many people in their 40s and 50s may want to retire as soon as possible if they can solve their money problems.
Question 4 When you think about old age, which of the following do you have a stronger impression of?
Enjoy life in old age
Anxiety about life in old age
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To this question, 85% of the respondents answered that they were “anxious.” It seems that they do not have an image of enjoying their old age slowly after finishing their active life.
Rather, there are many anxiety factors, and there may be few people who have a bright image of old age.
We also asked for opinions on the reasons for answering this question in a free-form format, so I will introduce some of them.
☑️ Opinions of those who responded that they are looking forward to life after retirement
I believe that I have been freed from the busyness that I am now, and that I am able to live a rich life both mentally and financially. I feel like I can spend it more slowly now
I can’t imagine my physical strength declining, so I will continue training so that I can move as before.
I have decided that once I am freed from my selfish and toxic parents, I will do what I want to do. I’m more hopeful than worried.
You can leisurely travel with friends or go out to eat at any time Although I have financial concerns, I can imagine that I can live peacefully in my new house.
I want to do a lot of things I want to do, such as traveling. Because it seems to be a different kind of fun than now.
I think you won’t have to worry about that.
I look forward to increasing my knowledge and experience with the years. I want to enjoy every day off and enjoy life by continuing the habit of exercising and staying healthy.
While I am worried about money (I think it will work out somehow), I have a dream that my husband and I will be able to enjoy various things in a camper when we are old.
Because there are many people around me who are enjoying their old age After raising children, I can travel freely.
“I am very anxious. However, if my husband and I have a lot of free time, the speed of time will slow down and I think it will be fun to go on trips.”
I want to be healthy in my old age and travel to various places as my wife. I would rather live with joy than live with anxiety. Lack of knowledge leads to anxiety. If you acquire knowledge and take measures, anxiety will disappear or decrease. It’s more fun than anxiety because I’m doing it.
Although there are aspects of anxiety, I get the impression that there are many people who accept the reality and “enjoy their free time.” ☑️ Opinions of those who answered “I am worried about life after retirement” As we age, our eyes and ears deteriorate, making it difficult to read and hear. The amount of exercise decreases due to muscle weakness and joint pain, which leads to further decline in physical strength. Medical expenses are high because every disease is increasing. I have almost no savings, and I’m getting more and more anxious when I think that my child will need money in the future.
I don’t have any savings and I’m worried if I can live.
If I have money, I can look forward to my retirement and not worry about it, but I’m worried if I can rely only on public services and live alone in my old age.
My health is getting worse and worse, my physical strength is getting weaker, and I need money, so I think I’m just worried.
When I think about illness and money, I’m nothing but anxious. I think the most important thing is the financial aspect. Pensions are also collapsing, so I can’t expect much, and since there is a limit to how much I can invest and how much money I can invest, I don’t think I will be able to live in peace after retirement.
Worried about both financial and health issues
Financially and health-wise, it doesn’t look like it’s going to get any better than it is now.
money is overwhelmingly lacking
I don’t think the amount I receive will be enough due to the extension of the pension payment period.
I’m married, but I don’t have children, so I’m worried about various aspects. This is because there are only concerns about health, economics, and the environment.
What are your concerns about old age? As I answered in the question, I am worried about the financial aspect.
I can’t enjoy it because I’m worried about not being able to afford it Not only for ourselves, but also for the financial side of our family. Even though I’m barely living, my income is decreasing.
My husband and I are both on the national pension, so it seems to be difficult to live on.
This is because I think that if I live a long life without financial leeway, I will cause trouble for my children and those around me. In my case, I don’t have a lot of pensions and I don’t have much savings, so I can’t enjoy my old age, so I’m worried.
I often worry about health and money. Just thinking about preparing for old age makes me tired.
This is because there are too many uncertainties, economically, socially, and in many other ways (coronavirus, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, etc.).
I’m thinking of getting a pension from the age of 60, but it will be quite cheap. I’m thinking of doing a part-time job near plus, but since it’s an area where hourly wages are low, my savings are steadily decreasing.
Because we believe that money and health are more important than anything else in order to enjoy retirement
I’m not sure if I have enough money to live comfortably in my old age. There is concern that the declining birthrate and aging population will continue to accelerate, the pension payment age will increase, and the pensionable age will become further and further away. Not enough financial savings for retirement.
I don’t know what’s going on with my money or my health.
The financial side is also the same, and the risk of disease is also increasing, so I’m worried about it.
I don’t have a lot of money, so I can’t enjoy it.
I wonder if I can save money or get a job
have financial concerns
I’m fine now, but I’m afraid of getting sick, and I’m worried about money. I am worried financially.
It’s good if you’re healthy, but if your health is bad, you feel that it’s difficult to work.
I have financial concerns about my retirement.
I feel that it will become difficult for me to live a normal life unless I continue to work as I did when I was working, because my income is not increasing despite the fact that taxes are rising, and social security is being cut. .
Due to financial and health concerns
You expect your income to fall but your expenses to stay the same or increase. Anxiety about future health and economic conditions outweighs pleasure It’s fine when you’re healthy, but it’s scary to think about what will happen when you’re not healthy.
Since there is no retirement allowance system, I am worried about how much savings I should have
I can’t live the way I want with my pension alone
I’m worried about whether my pension will be paid properly.
I am single and have no children, so I have no one to look after me in my old age. Financially, I don’t have enough savings to enter a facility for the elderly.
I want to work away from home as much as possible because it’s just painful to be with my wife all the time.
I’m worried about how I’ll manage my money when I can’t work I’m worried because I have money and health issues.
Because I don’t have enough money to live on.
I’m worried about money and health. The problem of caring for my parents will also come up, so when I listen to the stories of seniors around me, it seems that there are only difficult parts, and I am worried now. It’s scary to think about what would happen if you or your husband got sick and couldn’t work. Only those who can afford to enjoy life after retirement.
This is because it is not possible to predict what will happen in old age due to the corona crisis, economic downturn, etc.
I don’t know if I will receive my pension.
Pensions are unreliable, and I worry about how I will be able to save. If by any chance I don’t have money, I’m worried that my husband and I will do our best, but I will be bedridden and cause trouble for my daughter and her husband.
Because there are anxiety factors in both health and financial aspects. Financial worries are my number one concern.
The Japanese economy seems to be getting worse than it is now. I don’t think you can have a good time with a good partner if you don’t have enough money.
I’m worried about Japan now, so I don’t know what my job and income will be like in the future.
I think my pension will continue to decrease, and I can’t save 20 million, so I’m worried if I can live properly.
I’m worried because I can’t imagine how long I can live in a healthy state. After all, I am uneasy about whether I can live on my pension alone without working. It’s an era when you don’t even know if you can get a pension properly…
I don’t think Japan will be rich forever, and I don’t know if I can rely on pensions and public assistance. Because I feel like Japan is going to be devastated by other countries.
I don’t know how long my living expenses will last
Personally, I am confident that I will be able to have a good time, but if anything, I feel uneasy about the social situation.
It is very unsettling to think that there is a high possibility that my life will become even more inconvenient than it is now due to the decline in my physical strength and decrease in income.
When I think about how long I will be able to maintain my current health condition as I get older, and how much I will be able to live a financially comfortable life, I will inevitably feel more anxious than excited.
I want to work as much as I can, not only for the money, but also for the purpose of having a well-balanced life.
Lack of retirement funds.
Most of them are financial problems, but I have a child with a disability, so when I think about my child after the death of my parents, I have no choice but to live a long life.
My biggest concern is that I can’t live on my pension alone. You will have to get life insurance.
worried about getting sick
I’m out of strength and I don’t think I can do it like I used to. If I stay single, I have no one to rely on if something happens to me. When I look at the elderly people in my neighborhood, I see them spending their free time lazily. I am afraid to think that my life will be the same.
To live happily, health is the most important thing, otherwise there is no meaning.
Unexpected events such as corona, environmental problems, and war are likely to occur in the future.
I’m still worried about my health.
I’ve been in anxiety until now, and I think it’s better to be cautious than baseless optimism.
I have no financial leeway, and I want to work well, but I’m worried about whether I can work.
The economic situation of the world when reaching old age
Many people are worried about money because they feel that they do not have enough savings to live comfortably in their old age.
Also, I got the impression that many people raised not only money concerns but also health concerns.
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