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Survey results How much do elementary school children receive in total? The first place is “10,000 yen to 30,000 yen”!

ARINA Co., Ltd.
[Survey results] How much do elementary school children receive in total? The first place is “10,000 yen to 30,000 yen”!
research report

The educational media “Ouchi Kyozai no Mori”
( for parents of infants and elementary school students operated by ARINA Co., Ltd. is for parents who have elementary school children all over Japan. We conducted a
questionnaire survey on “How much do elementary school children receive in total for New Year’s gifts?” We will publish the results. [Image 1

Survey method: Internet survey
Number of people surveyed: 200 (children’s grade breakdown: 1st grade: 51, 2nd grade: 27, 3rd grade: 26, 4th grade: 24, 5th grade: 36, 6th grade: 36)
Research Subjects: ARINA Co., Ltd., Ouchi Kyozai no Mori
Survey period: November 10, 2022
Survey report:
Announcement date: November 16, 2022
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Survey results
As a result of a questionnaire survey, “How much do elementary school children receive in total for New Year’s gifts?”, the first place was “10,000 yen to 30,000 yen”.
[Image 2

1st place: 10,000 to 30,000 yen
・Before handing out the New Year’s gift, relatives decide the amount in advance. ・To receive gifts from multiple families at family gatherings. ・The amount of money received from grandparents and relatives exceeds 10,000 yen every year, but it does not exceed 30,000 yen.
This is the amount I get from my parents’ parents.
・We plan to receive 10,000 yen each from the paternal grandparents and maternal grandparents, totaling 20,000 yen.
2nd place: 1000 yen to 10,000 yen
・Because there are few people who meet on New Year’s Day.
・Since children in the lower grades of elementary school do not yet understand the value of money and how to use it, I try not to give them more than 10,000 yen.
・I received about 5,000 yen each from my paternal and maternal grandparents, so the total is about 10,000 yen.
・This is reasonable.
・I always get it from my uncle and grandfather.
・That’s enough.
3rd place: 30,000 yen to 50,000 yen
・I get a lot from my grandparents.
・There are many families, and some people can only meet on New Year’s Day, so we receive a relatively large number of them.
・This is the total amount when both my children are 6 years old. ・Because it will be served by many people.
・Grandparents x 2, aunts and uncles x 6, relatives x 2, dad’s friends x 3 Average 3000 yen.
・You will receive 10,000 yen each from your grandparents and 5,000 yen each from your 3 or 4 relatives.
4th place: 50,000 yen to 100,000 yen
・Because of elementary school students, it is mainly 3,000 yen or 5,000 yen, but if you become a relative in the countryside, your great-grandfather will give you 10,000 yen, your great-grandmother will give you 10,000 yen, etc., so the total amount will be about 80,000 yen every year. Become.
・Because I got it.
・At the beginning of the year, we receive gifts from our grandparents and uncles and aunts.
・Since I will be greeting relatives and people around me, I have received a considerable amount.
5th place: 1000 yen or less
・Because you are a child, start by knowing the value of money. I want him to choose and experience things like dodging future things, investing, and speculation.
・Siblings have children, and until they grow up, this price is matched. ・In the first place, my parents bought most things for me, so I don’t really need New Year’s money.
・I can’t give you a lot of money because I can’t manage money yet. 6th place: 100,000 yen or more
・Since I have many relatives, I received about that amount last year as well. [Summary] How much do elementary school children receive in total in this survey? The first place was “10,000 yen to 30,000 yen”. Many children are looking forward to New Year’s gifts soon.
A lot of people answered that they would receive “10,000 to 30,000 yen” in total, but I felt that the method of “determining the amount in advance among relatives” would be a good idea because the person who gave it would not have to worry about it.
I hope everyone will have a great time eating delicious New Year dishes! ARINA Co., Ltd. will contribute to society so that as many people as possible can create a better home learning environment through the media “Ouchi Kyozai no Mori” operated by ARINA Co., Ltd.
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