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Survey results What do children (toddlers and girls) want as Christmas gifts? The first place is “character goods”!

ARINA Co., Ltd.
[Survey results] What do children (toddlers and girls) want as Christmas gifts? The first place is “character goods”!
research report

The educational media “Ouchi Kyozai no Mori”
( for parents of infants and elementary school children operated by ARINA Co., Ltd. We conducted a
questionnaire survey asking, “What do children (infants and girls) want as a Christmas present?” We will publish the results.
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Survey method: Internet survey
Number of people surveyed: 200 people (age breakdown of children 1-2 years old: 41 people, 3-4 years old: 70 people, 5-6 years old: 89 people)
Research Subjects: ARINA Co., Ltd., Ouchi Kyozai no Mori
Survey period: November 14, 2022
Survey report: Announcement date: November 21, 2022
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Survey results
As a result of a questionnaire survey, “What do children
(toddlers/girls) want as a Christmas present?”, the first place was “character goods”.
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1st place: Character goods
・I like Anpanman, so I would like to give him some Anpanman goods. ・The person himself/herself wishes to become a Pretty Cure.
・Because I’m addicted to Pretty Cure.
・I love Paw Patrol now and want a new toy.
・I’m addicted to Kamen Rider, and the current belt is a toy with many gimmicks that I can enjoy.
・Because I like Thomas.
2nd place: dolls and stuffed animals
・I wanted to see the CM.
・Because she is addicted to Licca-chan dolls and wants Licca-chan dolls. ·because I like.
・My daughter likes Dokin-chan after watching Anpanman on TV, so I chose Dokin-chan’s stuffed toy.
・Because she likes playing house and wants Mel-chan dolls and Disney stuffed animals.
・Because I’m addicted to Mel-chan.
3rd place: Playing house set
・Because she likes playing house and plays with dolls and stuffed animals, so I wanted to buy her something new.
・She likes to play with the play set in the nursery school and wants other sets in that series.
・When my wife casually asked my daughter what she wanted from Santa, it was what she wanted.
・I like to take care of people, so I wanted to buy them.
・When I go to Toys R Us, they ask me for a play set.
・Because I like cooking.
4th place: Other
・”Princess dress” It seems that she is addicted to Disney princesses and has a great admiration for dresses.
・”Radio control” Recently, he seems to be interested in cars and vehicles and wants to drive.
・Because I fell in love with the Tamagotchi mobile app when I was playing the game.
・”Punirunzu” My friend from kindergarten has it and wants to hear about it. ・”Game machine” My friend has a game machine, and my daughter says that she will ask Santa for one.
・”Sumikko Gurashi’s Aqua Beads” Recently, she was addicted to making origami and accessories, and said she wanted aqua beads.
5th place: Vehicles (strider, kick scooter, etc.)
・He couldn’t ride a bicycle, so he wanted to try kickboarding at a friend’s house.
・Because I want to play with you.
・When I saw older sisters in my neighborhood playing outside on roller skates, I said I wanted one too.
・Because I want a child.
・He started learning skateboarding after he got a lot of attention at the Olympics, and his board is getting scratches, so he wants a new board.
6th: Educational toys
・Because I love Lego blocks.
・I said that I wanted a child.
・Because the person himself/herself wants to do it.
・Because children are happy to play for a long time.
7th place: Kids camera
・I’m jealous that my friend has one, so I’ll ask Santa! As I said, I decided. ・Because I’m addicted to taking pictures with my smartphone camera. I would be happy if I could print out the photos I took myself. ・Because I saw him taking pictures using his parents’ smartphones and he said he wanted a kids camera.
・Because I can leave memories.
8th: Picture book
・I love reading books (I’m still young, so my parents read to me before I go to bed…)
・I wonder if it’s good for education.
・Because I like reading.
[Summary] In this survey, what do children (toddlers/girls) want as a Christmas present? The first place was “character goods”.
The most popular Christmas gift for toddler girls was “character goods”, but the most popular among them were Anpanman and Pretty Cure. Anpanman is very popular regardless of gender, and Pretty Cure also attracts children with cute characters.
It’s fun to prepare by thinking about what kind of gift would make them happy, and by imagining the expressions on the children’s faces when they open the present.
ARINA Co., Ltd. will contribute to society so that as many people as possible can create a better home learning environment through the media “Ouchi Kyozai no Mori” operated by ARINA Co., Ltd.
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