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Survey results What do you pay attention to in managing the physical condition of examinees? The first place is “sleep time”!

ARINA Co., Ltd.
[Survey results] What do you pay attention to in managing the physical condition of examinees? The first place is “sleep time”!
research report

The educational media “Ouchi Kyozai no Mori”
( for parents of infants and elementary school students operated by ARINA Co., Ltd. We conducted a
questionnaire survey on “What do you pay attention to in managing the physical condition of examinees?” We will publish the results. [Image 1

Survey method: Internet survey
Number of people surveyed: 193 (breakdown of children Elementary school students: 58, junior high school students: 54, high school students: 42, others: 39)
Research Subjects: ARINA Co., Ltd., Ouchi Kyozai no Mori
Survey period: November 14, 2022
Survey report: Announcement date: November 28, 2022
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Survey results
As a result of the questionnaire survey, “What do you pay attention to in managing the physical condition of the examinees?”, the first place was “sleep time”.
[Image 2

1st place: sleep time
・I think that sleep is the most important thing for a human being rather than a student, so I think it’s important to sleep and rest well to get in shape. If you don’t get enough sleep, you won’t be able to concentrate on your studies, and I think it will also be a cause of poor physical condition, so I think it’s especially important for students taking exams to secure enough sleep.
・Because exams are long, I try to keep a regular schedule so that I can focus on my time rather than studying.
・Even if I study in a sleepy state, I don’t feel much meaning. Because I think it’s good to go to bed early and wake up early.
・Sleep to maintain physical strength.
・Because I think it is more important to go to bed early and wake up early than to reduce sleep and study. In particular, I can study better in the morning, so I have created an environment where I can wake up early and start studying in the morning.
2nd place: mask hand wash gargle
・Recently recovered from corona infection.
・The mask protects the throat from being humidified, and washing hands and gargling is basic.
・I am careful to prevent infectious diseases.
・Because it is simple.
・Because of the corona crisis.
・It’s really hard to catch a cold if you do it thoroughly.
3rd place: Nutrition
・I think that food is very important for physical condition. I think nutrition is important because the amount of activity in a day changes depending on the food and nutrition, and the recovery from fatigue is completely different.
・Because I can’t cut down on sleep time for studying, and I think the only thing I can support my family is nutritional management. Because I always say that my body can only be made from what I eat.
・I think it’s important to eat nutritious food and build up your physical strength.
・I think that malnutrition will cause poor physical condition. ・If you take nutrition and prepare your body, your immunity will increase and you will be able to maintain your physical strength. ・Because it’s the most important thing.
4th: Family health management
・Including the person himself, if the condition of the whole family is not good, it will not work well. That’s why I don’t go to crowded places even on weekends. Thorough basic early to bed and early to rise. Cooperate with the whole family. Because what you do becomes your power.
・If your family gets the flu or corona, it will cause trouble for your child. ・It is important not to infect or bring in the virus.
・Because I’m an examinee.
・Be careful not to catch a cold, etc. from your family.
5th place: Immune care
・Because masks and restrooms cannot be said to be physical condition management, strengthen immunity with meals and supplements.
・So that you can demonstrate your academic ability on the day. ・Because I think that building immunity through regular life and meals will lead to physical condition management.
・If you have immunity, you won’t catch a cold. I’m trying to improve my immune system, including sleep and food. intestinal activity, etc. ・I think I can become a strong body that can fight viruses by raising the level of immunity.
6th: Other
・”Mental care for children” In the case of my child, there are times when he tries too hard. had. I wondered if the desire to go to college was really the child’s will, or whether it was the parent’s imposition of our values. did. “If you want to go to college, I will do my best to support you. But college is not everything in life. It’s okay to be a ronin.” I think that taking this situation as an opportunity to take care of your physical condition is to listen to your child as much as possible to lighten their hearts and support them so that they can concentrate on what they want to do.
“I’m very careful when I’m on my period. My physical condition is getting worse, so I take care of my physical condition by taking warm warmers and medicine for menstrual pain in advance. Children are relatively nervous and easily get sick, but especially when it comes to menstruation, they feel sluggish all day long. .
・”I try to take care of my family by sleeping time, nutrition, wearing a mask, washing my hands, avoiding crowds, and avoiding stress. ] I have a double exam student.
・『Immunization』We are thorough about wearing masks and washing hands and gargling, but especially when there are students taking exams, we make sure that not only the students themselves are vaccinated against influenza, but also the whole family.
7th: Exercise
・Because it builds immunity.
7th: Humidification
・Studying for entrance exams is very stressful in winter. I use a humidifier because the air conditioner makes the room too dry. In the case of an oil stove, water is added at night to humidify.
[Summary] What do you pay attention to in managing the physical condition of the students in this survey? The first place was “sleep time”
I can’t concentrate on my studies if I’m sleepy, and it’s not good for me mentally or physically, so sleep time is very important.
I want to study more, and I want you to do more, but it would be nice if I could sleep well and reset the fatigue of the day.
To all the examinees and their families, thank you for your hard work every day. Just a little more. May all your goals be achieved.
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