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Survey results What do your children (girls in upper grades of elementary school) want as a Christmas present? The 1st place is “game, game software”!

ARINA Co., Ltd.
[Survey results] What do your children (girls in upper grades of elementary school) want as a Christmas present? The 1st place is “game, game software”!
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The educational media “Ouchi Kyozai no Mori”
( for parents of infants and elementary school students operated by ARINA Co., Ltd. is for parents who have elementary school children all over Japan. We conducted a
questionnaire survey on “What do children (elementary school upper grades / girls) want as a Christmas present?” We will publish the results.
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Survey method: Internet survey
Number of people surveyed: 200 (children’s grade breakdown: 4th grade: 85, 5th grade: 48, 6th grade: 67)
Research Subjects: ARINA Co., Ltd., Ouchi Kyozai no Mori
Survey period: November 14, 2022
Survey report: Announcement date: December 8, 2022
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Survey results
As a result of a questionnaire survey, “What do children (elementary school girls) want as a Christmas present?”, the first place was “games, game software”.
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1st place: games, game software
・ Because I get bored easily, I want to play various games within the time. ・Because I often watch video games related to YouTube and have been begging for it for months.
・Because you said you wanted a new game.
・It is said that they want something that will be released together with the PlayStation Five in November.
・It doesn’t seem like there’s much else I want.
・I have friends.
2nd place: clothes, shoes
・Because I like fashion.
・Because you seem to like it.
・Because I’m interested in fashion.
・It’s expensive and I don’t usually buy it. It looks good, so I want one. ・Practical.
・I want branded clothes, so I buy them.
3rd place: Fashion accessories (wallets, watches, bags, etc.) ・I’ve always wanted cute boots.
・It seems that there is a bag I want, so I’ve been talking about it for a long time.
・Since the person himself requested that he want a hair iron. ・When I went shopping with a friend, she said, “Your wallet was cute, so I want a cute one too!”
・I’ve been wanting one since this summer.
・Recently, he seems to want to be a little more mature, so he wants a slightly more mature wristwatch, so I plan to buy it for him as a Christmas present.
4th place: accessories, kids cosmetics
・Because you said you wanted to do nails.
・After all, it is human beings who want to wear it when their parents wear it or when their friends wear it.
・Since this is a request from the person himself, I would like to give it as a gift.
・Since I got my smartphone around this summer, I saw Instagram and Tik Tok, and it seems that I wanted to do makeup myself. She’s also interested in nails, and she paints them herself, and sometimes looks into my makeup pouch.
・I am always told that I want a necklace.
・Cosmetics because they imitate me.
5th place: stationery, books
・I don’t have a book to read at school, and I want it all at once because there are many volumes.
・Practical items that are usually used at school are good.
・I want 5 paperback books.
・I read a lot of books.
・Because I always say that I like cute stationery and want it. 6th place: camera
・I want to enjoy taking pictures with my own senses, such as scenery. I want to go out with a cool camera.
・Because you can play.
・Recently, he seems to be feeling unsatisfactory with just his smartphone camera, so he became interested in capturing everyday life with a compact camera.
7th place: Handmade kit
・Because I like making things.
・I like crafts, so every year I want toys that I can make by hand. ・I like Sumikko Gurashi, and I would like to have a Sumikko Gurashi magic clay. It seems that he likes to make things recently, so he wants to make a character he likes.
[Summary] In this survey, what did your child (elementary school upper grade girl) want as a Christmas present? 1st place was “Games, game software”
This time again, the number one vote was collected for “games, game software”. It’s a real estate popularity, isn’t it? Playing popular games is likely to become a hot topic with friends.
The results of “clothes/shoes”, “fashion accessories”, and
“accessories, kids’ cosmetics” made me feel that the older students become more and more sensitive to fashion. As a girl, I want everyone to think I’m cute. The growth of children makes me smile.
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