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Survey results What does your child (boy in the lower grades of elementary school) want as a Christmas present? The 1st place is “game, game software”!

ARINA Co., Ltd.
[Survey results] What does your child (boy in the lower grades of elementary school) want as a Christmas present? The 1st place is “game, game software”!
research report

The educational media “Ouchi Kyozai no Mori”
( for parents of infants and elementary school students operated by ARINA Co., Ltd. is for parents who have elementary school children all over Japan. We conducted a
questionnaire survey on “What do children (boys in the lower grades of elementary school) want as a Christmas present?” We will publish the results.
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Survey method: Internet survey
Number of people surveyed: 200 (children’s grade breakdown: 1st grade: 74, 2nd grade: 50, 3rd grade: 76)
Research Subjects: ARINA Co., Ltd., Ouchi Kyozai no Mori
Survey period: November 14, 2022
Survey report: Announcement date: December 4, 2022
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Survey results
As a result of a questionnaire survey, “What do children (boys in the lower grades of elementary school) want as a Christmas present?”, the first place was “games, game software”.
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1st place: games, game software
・I want it because I want to play online with my children.
・Another switch for the younger child, which was used by the older child. Because I’m forced to want to play communication with two people.
・My friend’s game seems interesting and he wants it too.
・Because there are many opportunities to play games with children. ・He said he wanted a Pokemon game.
・She wants Splatoon 3.
2nd place: Block
・I play every day and want new LEGO bricks.
・When I went to see toys the other day, he said he wanted a Lego block toy. ・Because I want to see you playing.
・Because I’m addicted to the game Minecraft and I want Minecraft Lego. ・Because I want you to play with your head.
・Because I’ve been playing with blocks more than usual and a new block has been released.
3rd place: Character goods
・Because I’m addicted to Pokemon.
・Because I like dinosaurs from Ultraman, Transformers, and Jurassic World. ・It is a Nintendo SHOP limited item, not sold at other stores, and is out of stock, so it is difficult to obtain, so he says that he will ask Santa Claus. As a parent, I’m still in a panic trying to figure out what to do in order not to destroy the dream of a first-year student.
・Because I love Pokemon and whenever I go to the Pokemon Center, I always ask for a “big special stuffed Pikachu” ¥13,200 (tax included), and I always say “for Christmas”.
・I like my friends around me.
・Because magic rounds are popular.
4th place: bicycle
・I will give you a new bicycle because it is old.
・Because the bicycle I bought when I was in kindergarten has become small, so I want a big one.
・I’m using hand-me-downs now, so I want my own.
4th place: board games, card games
・It seems that you are addicted to card games.
・A friend of mine has a soccer board game, and after playing it, she wanted one too.
・Pokemon cards are popular.
6th place: radio control, plastic model
・Because I am addicted to radio-controlled figures.
・It seems that he became envious when he saw that his friend had it. ・After creating a Mini 4WD with my father, I became interested in assembling parts and assembling them. because you think it’s good ·because I like.
7th: Sporting Goods
・When he saw his friends playing outside, he wanted one too. ・Because I play baseball.
・Because I like baseball and I’m working hard at joining a local team. [Summary] In this survey, what do children (boys in the lower grades of elementary school) want as a Christmas present? 1st place was “Games, game software”
The game that children are obsessed with was by far the most answered. You can do it alone, or with friends and family, so you can enjoy it anytime. The Nintendo Switch, which was born in 2017, is very popular. It’s portable, and there’s a wide variety of software, so you’ll want to collect a lot.
A stable block was ranked in second place. You can make anything depending on the child, so it seems that imagination will be cultivated. When you start playing together, even adults will be crazy about it…
What shall we do this year? I would be happy if you could refer to the purchase of Christmas presents.
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