Sustainable brand kay me has started Animal Donation Project!

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Sustainable brand kay me has started [Animal Donation Project]! -Vegan material items that do not hurt animals are also on sale-
Based on the policy of “not sacrificing animals for fashion,” the sustainable brand “kay me” (kay me Co., Ltd. Location : Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Junko Kemi) will start a customer-participating “Animal Donation Project” to deliver a warm Christmas to animals without relatives from Friday, November 11, 2022. did.

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■ “Warm Christmas” to animals without relatives!
With the 2022 holiday season approaching, approximately 72,000 animals with no relatives are protected annually in Japan, of which
approximately 24,000 dogs and cats are culled. *1
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*1 Source: Animal Welfare Management Administrative Office Proposal At kay me, which continues to make products under the policy of “not sacrificing animals for fashion,” a portion of the sales of the holiday season will be donated to animal relief in order to have as many animals as possible have a “warm Christmas.” The “Animal Donation Project” to donate to the organization *2 (*2 donation recipient: ARK Animal Refuge) has started on November 11, 2022 (Friday).
This project is a customer-participation-type donation project in which customers who enjoy holiday shopping can become Santas for animals who have no relatives and deliver Christmas gifts. Through this project, kay me will convey the concept of “animal welfare” to more people and experience “ethical consumption” more closely, thereby realizing a “sustainable society” together with customers. We aim to [Image 3

■ Both “animal welfare” and “functionality” realized by cutting-edge technology In the fashion industry, animals have been treated in unethical ways, from breeding to harvesting, to satisfy human needs. However, in recent years, the concept of “animal welfare” has also permeated as the attention to “SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)” has increased around the world. Since 2016, major European luxury brands such as Armani, Prada, and Gucci have made fur-free declarations that do not use animal fur, and ethical fashion is becoming a trend.
Since its founding in 2011, kay me has been aiming to make life more convenient and glamorous by making full use of advanced technology that humans challenge, without sacrificing animals. We have been working on the development of items using “. On the other hand, I would like to convey the splendor of human-made “alternative materials” such as fur and leather, which are improving year by year. By incorporating cutting-edge technology, we have achieved both “animal welfare” and “functionality”. Through this challenge, we would like to redefine the meaning of “fashion” and promote “sustainability” in the apparel industry.
The 2022 AW collection sells “ethical and elegant lines” such as stretch riders, fur-free coats, hair accessories, and boots made from high-quality, high-performance vegan materials.
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Among them, the vegan leather washable stretch riders are popular among many customers as a standard product of kay me, and we have received many requests from the men around them, and from this season we have added men’s riders as a new line. We have started. From the perspective of women, men’s riders “want men to wear” have gained a lot of support for their simple design and high functionality that can be worn for any occasion. Perfect for pairing with your partner or as a gift for men.
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Men’s Stretch Riders (64,900 yen including tax)
3 colors (black, cacao brown, khaki)
5 sizes (corresponding to 48-56 / M-3L)
■ Other sustainable initiatives
1. Inheriting traditional techniques with “100% made in Japan” In the early 1990s, about 50% of domestically distributed clothing was made in Japan.
After 30 years, “Made in Japan” has decreased to about 2%.
Furthermore, in the last 30 years, manufacturing plants have been able to mass-produce “simple specifications” at low cost.
With the shift to the Asian region, three-fourths of the domestic textile industry establishments have disappeared.
kay me is 100% commissioned by Japanese craftsmen who have mastery of craftsmanship,
We want to protect traditional Japanese industries and hand them down to future generations.
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2. Fair transactions for both customers and producers
Traditionally, the apparel industry mass-produces trend items, Clearance sales to sell out have been carried out ahead of schedule. However, due to the cost setting assuming the sale, we reduced the production cost,
Problems such as declining quality and poor working conditions have arisen. At kay me, we decided not to hold sales from the beginning,
By always providing products at reasonable prices,
We are aiming for a trinity ecosystem where both can be happy. [Image 7

3. Continuing “zero clothing waste” since its founding
Currently, the amount of clothing discarded worldwide is said to be approximately 92 million tons*1 per year.
While the annual supply of apparel products is about 550 billion items, About 280 billion surplus inventories, more than half of them, are disposed of. There is also a burden on the environment due to the large amount of clothing that is discarded every day.
At kay me, our policy from the beginning was to “do not mass-produce or dispose of”.
By “item survey” pre-production order system
Adjust production volume by making highly accurate demand forecasts, For 11 years since our founding, we have continued to achieve “zero clothing waste”.
*1: Nature Reviews Earth & Environment
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In the previous 2022SS collection,
We have achieved a digestion rate of 90% or more within 3 months and are maintaining “zero clothing waste”.
Click here for details: ■ What is kay me?
With the mission of “supporting those who take on challenges”, it is a D2C brand made in Japan that develops apparel and shoes such as stretch material suits and dresses that can be washed at home. For busy and sociable people, stretchy materials are used for threads and linings, so you can wear it for a long time and feel comfortable. We provide unrivaled quality products. In addition, in order to pass on Japan’s sophisticated technology and traditional beauty to future generations, we are particular about making items “100% made in Japan”, and we have realized patterns that make people who wear them attractive with our craftsmanship. It is supported by women around the world, mainly in 6 stores.
kay me online store:
[Problem-solving clothes for busy people]
1) Washable and wrinkle-free
All items are machine washable and made from wrinkle free materials. Suits can also be washed and ironed, so you can save time and money on cleaning! [Image 9d45135-26-1307236e5358bf3af602-8.jpg&s3=45135-26-eac7d6c5345f093309dd0e656c6fb45c-800x600.jpg
2) Stretch material makes your body comfortable
The outer material, lining, and thread are all made of stretch material. Say goodbye to stomach pain and stiff shoulders!
[Image 10d45135-26-36239a4a89626f443c6c-9.jpg&s3=45135-26-13e5ea7bf1c83a4820cb741a5b1a32b5-800x600.jpg
3) Coordination for 2 seconds every morning
A dress with a skirt made of the same material as the jacket, etc. We offer a setup that allows you to coordinate in 2 seconds every morning. [Image 11d45135-26-957175619893f3919539-10.jpg&s3=45135-26-a17f669b5ff594f551e9102c4ab2b1f7-800x600.jpg
4) Patterns that make the wearer look attractive
By dividing the pattern of clothes as finely as possible and using many gathers and drapes,
We are pursuing a “three-dimensional pattern” that makes the wearer look attractive and slim.
[Image 12d45135-26-cfd5c4d23fc8d405e02e-11.jpg&s3=45135-26-4b0b8c20a7da1297ab581d16a965b5ee-800x600.jpg
5) Trendless design that can be worn for a long time
Because of its high durability and design that does not follow trends too much Customers say that they can wear it for more than 10 years.
[Image 13d45135-26-02c87eecdf854e24c80b-12.jpg&s3=45135-26-0057a7322315e71df267b3ee849adfb8-800x600.jpg

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