Sustech Co., Ltd. Start of Renewable Energy Aggregation Business by JERA and Sustech

Sustech Co., Ltd.
Start of Renewable Energy Aggregation Business by JERA and Sustech
JERA Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Satoshi Onoda, hereinafter “JERA”) and Sustech Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Directors: Yusuke Tanno, Yuichiro Iida, hereinafter “Sustech”) , today announced that it has signed a contract to start a renewable energy (hereinafter referred to as “renewable energy”) aggregation business.
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In order to accelerate the introduction and expansion of renewable energy toward the realization of a decarbonized society in 2050, from April 2022, if electricity generated by renewable energy is sold on the wholesale electricity market or negotiated transactions, a premium will be paid. The FIP system, which adds subsidies as (premium price), was started.
In the FIP system, the selling price of electricity is linked to the market, and a premium is added, which provides an incentive to increase supply during peak demand periods, compared to the
conventional feed-in tariff system for renewable energy (FIT system). On the other hand, since the obligation to simultaneously and simultaneously plan the amount of power generation based on accurate power generation forecasts is imposed, there is a need to improve the forecast accuracy of renewable energy power generation, which is affected by weather conditions. There is a need to improve
profitability through optimal market transactions and negotiated transactions against balanced* risks.
JERA, the largest power generation company in Japan, which is promoting the development of 1 million kW of domestic solar power generation facilities by fiscal 2025, and Sustech, which possesses highly accurate power generation prediction technology using AI, will combine the strengths of both companies. We decided to start a renewable energy aggregation business, thinking that we could solve these problems by making use of it.
Specifically, using the photovoltaic power generation facilities installed and operated by Sustech, JERA grasped the power sales revenue, premium price, and degree of imbalance risk associated with power trading in the power wholesale market based on the FIP system. We adjust the power supply and demand balance and conduct market transactions of power. By combining the two companies’ power generation forecasting technologies, we aim to achieve even more accurate power generation forecasts.
Both companies aim to contribute to the expansion of the
predictability of renewable energy power generation through the aggregation business in order to expand the introduction of renewable energy. We will continue to consider cooperation.
JERA is actively working on the development of renewable energy, and with a view to increasing the renewable energy development target of 5 million kW in 2025, we will strive to spread and expand renewable energy while contributing to a stable supply through this business. We will take on the challenge of achieving Zero Emissions 2050. Sustech is a company that visualizes GHG emissions through the decarbonization platform “CARBONIX” and proposes reduction measures, provides distributed power management and aggregation services through the distributed power operation system “ELIC”, and manages
environmental value. We provide one-stop support from strategy formulation to actual operation in response to the environment. We will continue to support the green transformation (GX) of companies and society through technology.
* Difference between demand plan and actual demand or between power generation plan and actual power generation
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