Suzuyo Co., Ltd. Swimmer Kinuko Mochizuki, who belongs to Suzuyo Co., Ltd., won the 3rd place in the 400m free style at the “Japan Open 2022”

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Swimmer Kinuko Mochizuki of Suzuyo Co., Ltd. Wins 3rd place in 400m freestyle at “Japan Open 2022”

Signed a sponsorship contract with Suzuyo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shizuoka City, President: Kenichiro Suzuki) for the “Japan Open 2022” being held from December 1st (Thursday) to December 4th (Sunday). Swimmer Kinuko Mochizuki participated in the event and came in third in the women’s 400m freestyle.
Hosted by the Japan Swimming Federation, this tournament is one of Japan’s highest level tournaments, in which athletes who have exceeded the standard record in official and sanctioned competitions from April 1, 2021 will participate, and overseas athletes will also participate. It’s one.
Mochizuki competed in the women’s 400m freestyle final and came in 3rd place, about 4 seconds faster than the qualifying round.
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Women’s 400m Freestyle Victory Ceremony (Kinuko Mochizuki on the right) [Women’s 400m Freestyle Competition Results]
Qualifying time: 4 minutes 14.33 seconds / Final time: 4 minutes 10.93 seconds 3rd place
[Comment from Mochizuki]
This season, there were times when I couldn’t swim at my ideal time, but I wanted to finish with a swim that I could use in the games from next year onwards, so I entered. I didn’t reach the target time I set for the final race of the 400m freestyle, but I’m satisfied with how the race unfolded, and I’m starting to see positive changes in my feelings. In the 200m and 800m freestyle races that I will be participating in from the second day onwards, I want to swim in a way that will take me one step further towards my ultimate goal of participating in the Paris Olympics.
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We are actively working to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). By supporting Mochizuki, we will contribute to the development of sports culture (SDG3) in the spirit of our management philosophy of “Tomoiki”.
【competition summary】
Tournament name: Japan Open 2022
Date: December 1st (Thursday) to December 4th (Sunday), 2022 Venue: Tokyo Tatsumi International Swimming Center
Organizer: Japan Swimming Federation
[Profile of Kinuko Mochizuki]
Name: Kinuko Mochizuki
Affiliation: Suzuyo Co., Ltd.
Results: 2020 Japan Swimming Championships Women’s 400m Freestyle and 800m Freestyle Champion
3rd place in women’s 400m freestyle and 800m freestyle at the 2022 Japan Swimming Championships
2022 National Sports Festival Swimming Tournament Women’s 400m Freestyle / 800m Freestyle 3rd Place
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