Sweek Co., Ltd. Recruitment of partners for Insragram analysis tool “pegasus”

Sweek Co., Ltd.
[Recruitment of partners for Insragram analysis tool “pegasus”] – Experience and know-how of more than 1,000 stores with your company –
The Instagram analysis tool “pegasus” provided by Sweek Co., Ltd. is an analysis tool that can quantitatively analyze Instagram operation performance. In addition to various insight information and
competitive analysis, it is also equipped with useful functions such as hashtag recommendation, PowerPoint format report creation, and Google Business linkage. Sweek Co., Ltd. is looking for partners for the Instagram analysis tool “pegasus”.
pegasus function details

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Various insight information
From the launch date, you will be able to view all Insights data. Competitor analysis
By analyzing the data of other companies in the same industry, you can use it as a reference for managing your own account.
Hashtag recommendation
The system analyzes hashtags that are likely to appear in popular posts. Reporting
You can create reports in PowerPoint format with one click.
Google business profile integration
Just set it up once and your Instagram posts will automatically post to your Google business profile.
Automatic action function
Automatically follow, like, and unfollow.
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URL: https://sweek.co.jp/contact
Phone: 06-6656-9901
Mail: contact@sweek.co.jp
Benefits for partners
If you join SWEEK Partner, you can use the analysis tool “Pegasus” free of charge.
Since it is possible to take a freemium strategy, which is rare for agency products, it is possible to secure maximum sales without spending time and effort.
[Image 2d84583-11-f21891fdcf5ed532c713-1.png&s3=84583-11-4518b4fa91b9cdf1878d897498de66fe-1037x700.png

■ Free Instagram analysis tool
You can use the analysis tool that we sell for 10,000 yen/month per account without any limit on the number of accounts.
■ Implementation of sales training that leads to sales
Once a month, sweek’s sales representatives will share the necessary know-how and interview points for agency sales.
Conduct training sessions directly related to sales.
■ Accompany business negotiations with end clients
At the beginning, we accompanied our sales person for business negotiations and grasped the situation,
After that, we will build a system that allows you to proceed with the project on your own.
■ Thorough support until it leads to sales
We have a long track record of supporting
Utilizing our know-how, we will thoroughly support you until your sales increase.
■ Free account that can use all functions of 2 accounts
It doesn’t matter if it’s an internal account or if the client provides it for a fee.
■ 10 accounts that can use all functions will be presented as a trial frame every month.
The usage period is 2 weeks per account.
*Can only be used once per account.
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URL: https://sweek.co.jp/contact
Phone: 06-6656-9901
Mail: contact@sweek.co.jp
Scheduled release of new chatbot function
Promotes comments on stories and posts and enables purchase measures. example)
・Acquire list by questionnaire
・Coupon distribution
・Diagnosis and product recommendation
[Image 3d84583-11-58ef395dad640efc7626-2.png&s3=84583-11-3801d0a92310107ba5282f669143f9b6-1234x589.png

Company Profile
In today’s ever-changing world, customers are being forced to respond to changing marketing.
We, Sweek Co., Ltd., create new information and services, move society, and support our customers in solving their problems with our strengths and advanced marketing methods that can be developed in-house.
Company URL
◆ Click here for inquiries
URL: https://sweek.co.jp/contact
Phone: 06-6656-9901
Mail: contact@sweek.co.jp
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