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SynchroArt Foundation [saf] Buddhist artist “Nanpo Suiren” solo exhibition “Nanpo Seikan Private Buddhist Pain ting Exhibition Japanese Buddhist Art ~Prayer and Universe~” @GINZA SIX “Saf Gallery” January 13-15. From 13:00 on Jan uary 15th, a dedicat

SynchroArt Foundation [saf]
Buddhist artist “Nanpo Suiren” solo exhibition “Nanpo Seikan Private Buddhist Painting Exhibition Japanese Buddhist Art ~Prayer and Universe~” @GINZA SIX “Saf Gallery” from January 13th to 15th. From 13:00 on January 15th, a dedication dance of Hitenmai will be performed.
Works can be purchased at NFT. Original drawings are collected from all over the world and museums are established.

SynchroArt Foundation (Founder: Daichi Sakamoto, Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as saf), an art foundation where world-class artists and pioneers of Web3 gather, will be held from January 13th to 15th. Founder of Hitenmai / Buddhism We are pleased to announce the solo exhibition of the artist Suiren Nanpo, entitled “Nanpo Seikan Personal Thoughts on Buddhist Paintings: Japanese Buddhist Art ~Prayer and the Universe~”.
[Image 1d45281-65-f251c182adf428cea5c6-0.jpg&s3=45281-65-fdd7d9e6d0b146880fac71bb7f581ae8-698x873.jpg
From January 13th to 15th, 2023, a solo exhibition of Buddhist artist Nanpo Suiren, the founder of Hitenmai, will be held at the Saf Gallery on the 5th floor of GINZA SIX. ~Prayer and the Universe~” will be held. Also, from 13:00 on January 15, 2023, we will perform a dedication dance of Hitenmai.
During the event, selected works of art from over 400 works, including old works, space series, and contemporary works, will be exhibited at the Saf Gallery.
[Image 2d45281-65-fd420abbf009f1153d19-1.jpg&s3=45281-65-f24a40bf63b68b781419ac144b26db88-584x798.jpg
Buddhist Art of Nanpo Suiren
Furthermore, from 13:00 on January 15th, the founder of Hitenmai, Nanpo Suiren, will perform a dedication dance of Hitenmai.
We look forward to seeing you there.
Buddhist painter Seikan Nanpou profile
[Image 3d45281-65-e3d88364f6697da5a803-7.png&s3=45281-65-9bd1da67173c7db3e75fa96aefd87b66-886x977.png
Nanpo Seikan
Born in Gunma Prefecture in 1951 Buddhist painter, divine painter, celestial fortune-teller Japanese Buddhist art ~Prayer and the universe~ Based on the belief that “the teacher is in heaven”, he taught himself to see the Buddha that exists in his heart. Continuing to draw, he transmits traditional Japanese Buddhist art to the world and inherits it to the next generation. After holding solo exhibitions at famous Japanese temples “Nara Todaiji”, “Koyasan Kongobuji”, and “Tsukiji Hongwanji”, Art Shopping Paris in Paris, France in 2021, World art Dubai in Dubai in 2022. Also exhibited at In October 2022, he successfully held his first overseas solo exhibition in Paris, France. Buddhist painter Nampo Seikan is characterized by his vivid sense of color and fantastic composition, which has been described as a “magician of color.” A surprisingly rich world of the sky is expressed on “Kumohada hemp paper”, which is considered to be the highest quality Japanese paper made by mixing glue with the Japanese painting pigments used in Japanese paintings. What is drawn is the figure of the Buddha who lives in Nanpo’s own heart. Believing that it is his destiny to continue painting the image of the Buddha as long as he lives, he has continued to work for more than 43 years. Art gallery NS Nanpo Seikan Buddhist Painting Studio 105-3 Nakamachi, Isesaki City, Gunma Prefecture
Phone: 0270-75-3748
Official site
Nanpo Water Federation
[Image 4d45281-65-44d7777cd57cb569d839-2.jpg&s3=45281-65-acb5e206fcca4bf00c85d4453cfb81c3-598x798.jpg
Buddhist artist
A disciple of Nanpo Seikan and the founder of Hitenmai.
As a talented artist, “Nanpo Suiren” began his artistic career at the age of two and a half. The stage is Tsukiji Hongwanji Temple in Japan, as well as a solo exhibition in Paris, where he continues to express the world of the sky, and continues to pass down the “way of mind” to the next generation through dance.
Introduction of some works
[Image 5d45281-65-11a4a3af60ed8de6cfc3-8.jpg&s3=45281-65-247b811ba2797b63622a41103e615ca7-742x989.jpg
Deer Kannon Bodhisattva
[Image 6d45281-65-76bf202ed07cbd63165a-9.jpg&s3=45281-65-15a256e11c895e3a244e2482c5e2fb33-475x916.jpg
                       Holy Smoke Kannon
(The work can be purchased at NFT. For details, please contact the staff) Overview of the event
Name of the event: Nampo Suiren Solo Exhibition “Nanpo Seikan Private Imagination Buddhist Painting Exhibition Japanese Buddhist Art ~ Prayer and the Universe ~”
■Holding period: January 13 (Friday) to January 15 (Sunday), 2023 10:30 to 20:30 ■ Venue: Saf Gallery (5th floor of Ginza SIX, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo) ■Admission fee: Free
SynchroArt Foundation “saf”
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Purpose of establishment
~ Conducting activities related to the promotion of arts and culture, nurturing excellent artists of arts and culture,
Enlightenment and promotion of art culture, fostering people’s creativity and expressiveness,
Furthermore, understanding and respecting others
Aiming to contribute to the formation of a spiritually rich society that accepts diversity
[Image 8d45281-65-0b85b292079068ec9fce-4.jpg&s3=45281-65-cfe3d73993bae931b8a2e4f32e713c15-1879x1280.jpg
Founder: Daichi Sakamoto
After appearing in “Water Boys” in high school, he turned to the path of art. Many works of art are created from encounters with many collectors and artists, including presidents and royalty. Based on his great support for artists, he founded the art foundation saf, which allocates funds to relief activities such as support for people with disabilities, regional revitalization, and support for poor countries. He donates most of his work sales to saf. In 2022, “Saf Gallery” will be opened as a creative base for artists at GINZA SIX, the largest commercial facility in Ginza.
Official website:
Artist’s creative base “Saf Gallery”
[Image 9d45281-65-11f84ae82de7c44903bf-6.jpg&s3=45281-65-3c5ac0aa73976ecfacdca5b82f2d30d8-688x190.jpg
[Image 10d45281-65-16d2b7a709bd00cbfcf2-5.jpg&s3=45281-65-b6cbcc1e78411b818392a0a6cd55719b-1920x1280.jpg
〒104-0061 6-10-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo GINZA SIX 5F “Saf Gallery” Business hours: 10:30 to 20:30 (no fixed holidays)
Phone number: 03-6555-2989, 03-6206-4614
Fax: 03-6701-7524
– A gallery where various industries can interact is born in GINZA SIX of the “SynchroArt Foundation” (saf), which invests in artists and art groups and builds a huge art market in Japan and overseas. Presenting art works that represent the new era, planning joint projects with overseas galleries, and cutting-edge marketing using blockchain. Disseminate Japanese culture and share real-time experiences of world culture through exchanges with other countries.
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