Takamatsu Construction Practical application of high-damping laminated rubber bearings for seismic isolation structures

Takamatsu Construction
Practical application of high-damping laminated rubber bearings for seismic isolation structures
Joint development by Tokyo City University, Molten, and Takamatsu Construction
Takamatsu Construction Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, President: Takatoshi Takamatsu), Tokyo City University (Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, President: Chihisa Miki), Molten Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture, Representative Director) We are pleased to announce that we have jointly developed a high-damping laminated rubber bearing for building seismic isolation structures with Kiyoshi Tamiaki, President and CEO, and have put it into practical use. The purpose of this technological development is to establish a production process for base-isolated buildings that fundamentally solves the problem of disguised earthquake resistance. Molten, who signed a contract and agreed to this, was in charge of parts development and realized it.
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■ Development background
Conventional laminated rubber bearings for seismic isolation structures have been produced one-by-one according to the scale of the building structure. For this reason, there are disadvantages such as the time it takes from the time an order is placed until the product is delivered, and the cost is also high.
The laminated rubber bearing developed this time does not have a large shape according to the scale of the building, but rather adopts a design method that adjusts the number of pieces. It is possible to separate the two processes of “structural design + construction management”, achieving mass production of seismic isolation parts and rationalization of quality control.
-What is Laminated Rubber Bearing?-
It is the main component of the seismic isolation structure, and by alternately laminating rubber and steel plates, it has the function of supporting the building in the vertical direction and the function of absorbing the shaking of the earthquake in the horizontal direction. [Image 2d10262-62-a0dcc5c68404ceb5a162-1.jpg&s3=10262-62-65b99e4ab8b43634b3afb6a743d53c29-796x565.jpg
Laminated rubber bearing image diagram
■Characteristics of development technology
The deformation performance of laminated rubber bearings for seismic isolation structures was determined by buckling due to instability in large deformation regions. The developed member does not buckle in the large deformation range, and its deformation performance is greatly improved. Taking advantage of this feature makes it possible to mass-produce products and facilitate quality control. The laminated rubber bearing developed this time satisfies the target performance of vertical axial force of 165 tons, horizontal deformation capacity of 500 mm, and natural period of 2.5 seconds. can design the target seismic isolation structure.
[Image 3d10262-62-beea2a10bcb04ea5d60a-2.jpg&s3=10262-62-d03da1029d9d8b68e14c6acb4218207f-715x536.jpg
Laminated rubber bearing developed this time
■ Future commercialization
Takamatsu Construction has constructed many buildings with seismic isolation structures, but the introduction of this technology has reduced the cost and delivery time required for seismic isolation structures, enabling the construction of buildings with seismic isolation structures of higher quality at lower prices. We aim to improve customer satisfaction by providing We are currently
commercializing it, and we plan to start selling it around April 2024. ■ About research and development
-Tokyo City University-
In 1929, the former Musashi Technical High School was founded by the students themselves, with the enthusiasm of “wanting to learn”. The founding spirit of “Fairness, Freedom, and Autonomy” has been passed down for more than 90 years.In 2009, the name was changed from Musashi Institute of Technology, and now there are 7 faculties, such as science and technology, information, and environment. It is a comprehensive university with two graduate schools, an undergraduate and a graduate school.
URL: https://www.tcu.ac.jp/
-Molten Co., Ltd.-
Founded in 1958. Starting with the manufacture and sale of sports balls and automobile parts, we utilize two core technologies: “hollow body technology” that adjusts internal air pressure, and “polymer chemistry” that handles polymer materials such as rubber and resin. Expand your business. Currently, we continue to pursue possibilities in four fields: sporting goods, automobile parts, medical/welfare equipment, and marine/industrial goods.
URL: https://www.molten.co.jp/
-Takamatsu Construction Co., Ltd.-
Founded in 1917, we are a general construction company that operates mainly in Osaka, Tokyo, and Nagoya. We have been involved in the planning, design, and construction of more than 5,000 buildings in total, from land use for individuals to commercial buildings for corporations, centering on mid-to-high-rise condominiums and buildings. At the TCG Technology Research Institute in Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture, we are conducting research and development that focuses on countermeasures for aging social infrastructure, measures to extend the life of social infrastructure, and development of disaster prevention and environmental technologies.
URL: https://www.takamatsu-const.co.jp/
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