“Takumen.com” announces “JAPAN BEST RAMEN AWARDS 2022” for “truly delicious ramen restaurants” surveyed by 3,462 owners of famous ramen restaurants

Gourmet Innovation Co., Ltd.
“Takumen.com” announces “JAPAN BEST RAMEN AWARDS 2022” for “truly delicious ramen restaurants” surveyed by 3,462 owners of famous ramen restaurants
“Raamen Iida Shoten” was ranked No. 1 in the same industry for the second consecutive year following last year.

Gourmet Innovation Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President: Takuma Inoue), which operates one of the largest ramen online shopping sites in Japan, Takumen.com
(https://www.takumen.com/), is famous for its Today we announced the results of the “JAPAN BEST RAMEN AWARDS 2022”, a ranking of truly delicious ramen shops surveyed by 3,462 ramen shop owners.
Special site URL: https://www.takumen.com/st/lp/japan-best-ramen-awards-2022 [Image 1d2430-97-68b93f6d61a5b764ded1-4.jpg&s3=2430-97-289cca067b806a7ec8d7f59f68cb53cd-1200x800.jpg
The “JAPAN BEST RAMEN AWARDS” is an award that surveys the owners of famous ramen shops across the country on “ramen shops that they think are really delicious” and announces the results in a ranking format. This time, which will be held for the second time, we surveyed 3,462 ramen shop owners, and ranked based on the valid responses obtained from 790 of them. An award ceremony was held.
In addition, at the award ceremony, the award “12th order ramen of the order” will be announced in the ranking format by category from the more than 350 types of order ramen sold by “Takumen.com”.・ Year” was also announced. You can check the award ceremony and the results of the “12th Order Ramen of the Year” from the following.
-Takumen Award Ceremony Event
Report-https://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000000095.000002430.html -Order Ramen of the Year-https://www.takumen.com/st/lp/12th_award “JAPAN BEST RAMEN AWARDS 2022” winning store
-No. 1-Ramen Iida Shoten (Ashigarashimo District, Kanagawa Prefecture) [Image 2d2430-97-f94aba2e73d871889353-8.jpg&s3=2430-97-ff4d33a90e4bf6acca031d7c99fd72b1-914x914.jpg
[Image 3d2430-97-d5cb3a5b204d3eb5fb53-2.jpg&s3=2430-97-e42186449226370edd012ceb0890fe06-914x914.jpg
When you take a sip, you can enjoy the deep sharpness of soy sauce, the clear and transparent scent of chicken oil, and the richness of high-quality chicken stock and pork stock. A cup of the highest peak. Shota Iida, a solitary genius who faces ramen to the point of naivety, is leading the ramen world in Japan.
-2nd Place-Chinese Soba Tomita (Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture) [Image 4d2430-97-1ae5fdc1c9c6fd42ad95-3.jpg&s3=2430-97-be721d6867e09dda9513f6447841dcaa-914x915.jpg
[Image 5d2430-97-fbb7a286b0677cf93c03-6.jpg&s3=2430-97-37f0ebcb504c97124062168f0a14edcd-914x914.jpg
A well-known restaurant that represents tsukemen with double seafood and pork bone soup. At the Matsudo main store, the tsukemen with a special thick soup that delicately layered the seafood broth on the pork bone soup that brings out the sweetness of the fat that is the greatest feature of the phantom pork “TOKYO-X” is the main store. A gem that cannot be tasted anywhere else. The taste that continues to evolve and deepen is called the best in Japan.
-3rd place-Iekei Sohonzan Ramen Yoshimuraya (Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture) [Image 6d2430-97-95377199783f69fd827c-9.jpg&s3=2430-97-8fdb8130d9fa68d99c6cd19f5675bb15-914x914.jpg
[Image 7d2430-97-ea54c61856958ac145fc-7.jpg&s3=2430-97-bc66db20c6ee7e4e3922a92835ee33b3-914x914.jpg
Developed in 1974 by Mr. Minoru Yoshimura, this is a rich soup based on pork bones and chicken broth, with a special soy sauce sauce and extra-thick noodles. This one item has now created a “family lineage” that spreads all over the country. With more than 300 direct apprentices and grandchild apprentices, and an average of 1,500 people lining up every day when the store opens, Pioneer’s taste is one of Japan’s proud food cultures.
-4th place-Kuroki Ai (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
[Image 8d2430-97-2fc1c7f2240d176748d7-0.jpg&s3=2430-97-074ac225b9eb6aab5868736a099baf25-914x914.jpg
[Image 9d2430-97-6a9c77416d4b2fafe00f-5.jpg&s3=2430-97-da2975a43f43b3f06da88de252bb9f8d-914x914.jpg
A popular restaurant that has won numerous awards, including the Michelin Guide, Ramen Walker Tokyo, and Tabelog 100 Famous
Restaurants. Mr. Naoto Kuroki, who has studied Japanese and Italian cuisine, is very particular about his dishes, and does not use any chemical seasonings in the soup or ingredients, and uses only domestic wheat for the noodles. Ramen with a high degree of perfection continues to impress many gourmets.
-No. 5- Ramen shop Toy Box (Arakawa-ku, Tokyo)
[Image 10d2430-97-c3d497890b25fa99f8f0-1.jpg&s3=2430-97-60cc2a6533e3c743ab2879bec53aeb75-914x914.jpg
[Image 11d2430-97-44ba7b6a56d03365d657-10.jpg&s3=2430-97-34b697d6813df60bc87c81528ab67ac5-914x914.jpg
The finest bowl of ramen, finished with 100% chicken broth, attracts Michelin Bib Gourmands and ramen fans both in Japan and abroad. Four types of chicken broth, including Hinai-jidori, Sansui-jidori, and Omi-jidori, are blended with 9 types of soy sauce to create a supreme bowl of flat, straight noodles made with a blend of domestic wheat. -No. 6-Eifukucho Taishoken (Suginami Ward, Tokyo)
-No. 7-Chuka Soba Shibata (Chofu City, Tokyo)
-No. 8-Chuka Soba Benten (Nerima Ward, Tokyo)
-9th place-Ramen Tenjinshita Daiki (Taito-ku, Tokyo) *3 stores with the same rate
-9th place-Chinese soba Ibuki (Itabashi-ku, Tokyo) *3 stores with the same rate -9th place-Mendokoro Honda Akihabara main store (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) *3 stores with the same rate
-To the press-
We have built a strong network not only with Takumen.com partner stores, but also with famous ramen shops all over the country. Please feel free to contact us if you need ramen-related coverage or research, including the following.
・Provision of information and materials related to ramen and ramen shops ・ Conducted questionnaires for over 250 partner stores and over 100,000 e-mail magazine members
・ Ramen-related interviews (latest trends, trends in ramen shops during the corona crisis, etc.)
What is “Takumen.com”? A ramen mail-order site that handles 257 ramen shops nationwide and 363 products
Official website: https://www.takumen.com/
“Takumen.com” offers “the same taste as the store” by freezing the soup, noodles, and ingredients that are actually provided at famous ramen shops all over Japan. It is one of the largest ramen online shopping sites in Japan that you can easily enjoy. As of December 13, 2022, 257 famous ramen shops nationwide have joined as partner stores, handling 363 products, and the number of members has exceeded 430,000. Gourmet Innovation Co., Ltd. Overview
Representative Director and President: Takuma Inoue
Established: April 2010
Headquarters: WORK COURT Shibuya Shoto, 1-28-2 Shoto, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Corporate page: https://gourmet-innovation.co.jp/
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