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Talent Hikomaro’s Food Community x NFT

Mark Door LLC
[Talent Hikomaro’s food community x NFT]
Hikomaro × Mark Door Inc. × PINES Co., Ltd.

Hikomaro, who belongs to Ota Production Co., Ltd., is a food community that utilizes NFT (Non-Fungible Token) and the token economy, which has the potential as a new “asset” using blockchain technology that is attracting worldwide attention. to launch.
In addition, Mark Door (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo,
Representative: Mitsuhiro Matsuda) and Pines (Headquarters: Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, Representative: Kana Akiyama), who are working together on this project, have cultivated through projects both in Japan and overseas. Utilizing our know-how, we will support this project.
background of the project
[Image 1d102516-3-1a8a1160fb57b8cef6ce-2.jpg&s3=102516-3-486b58af84a23d3a698e6e937410ace8-1920x1080.jpg
Hikomaro (belonging to Ota Production) started the “Hikomaro Tabenomics -Three Arrows Project-” from his desire to give back to Japanese food.
As one of the three arrows, I decided to launch the Web 3 edition food community this time.
Since it is possible to see reviews in a close-knit community that cannot be experienced with existing food review apps, it is possible to realize a highly satisfying food community by disseminating true recommendations among members. By using blockchain technology, we will not only eliminate fraud by strengthening traceability, but also issue community tokens to realize a robust and cutting-edge food community 2.0.
I would like to join Hikomaro, who aims to help solve the problems related to Japanese food in this food community, and want to enliven Japanese food with a single team.
Project details
[Image 2d102516-3-2483fd5928c174d9e616-4.png&s3=102516-3-46437381a3823128e7c973b807c59c67-1920x1080.png
The NFT called “Peco Peco Penguin” is the membership right for the above Web3 edition food community.
A limited number of penguin generative NFTs will be sold, and discord will operate a community group that can only be entered without possessing this NFT. We are also planning to hold an exchange meeting for members only. (Members including Hikomaro and other celebrities will also participate)
Also, this time, we plan to make it possible for those who are not familiar with virtual currency and those who are new to NFT to purchase.
↓ For more information, please see the official Twitter below. * Official Twitter:
[Image 3d102516-3-194b20d7cd2e3e956f8a-5.jpg&s3=102516-3-1701ed6568fbca90059e32b4a1462af0-1080x1080.jpg

Future prospects
[Image 4d102516-3-e3811c971d00936b977e-3.jpg&s3=102516-3-3e59ab871a0b360b2ad0a26521741c93-1216x1348.jpg
Hikomaro: “With this project as an opportunity, I will work hard to give back to Japanese food and everyone who has supported and supported me.”
■Mark Door LLC
[Image 5d102516-3-f0578a0adf32a091a741-1.jpg&s3=102516-3-217b41c48bbf3d8e0c2f9bc76182b66d-1920x1080.jpg
Mark Door Inc. is a company that creates added value by providing optimal solutions to clients using blockchain technology.
Developing made-to-order solutions using blockchain technology, we have received many inquiries not only from companies related to entertainment production and media / TV stations, but also from prime listed companies, and provide the most suitable products for each company. doing.
Company name: Mark Door LLC
Location: 2-2-15 Minami Aoyama, Minato Ward, Tokyo
Representative: Mitsuhiro Matsuda
Representative twitter:
Company HP:
Contact email address:
■PINES Co., Ltd.
[Image 6d102516-3-76ee9debda8691e82965-0.png&s3=102516-3-134267234d424b233ba29504c34fc9b3-1000x1363.png
Pines Co., Ltd. is a marketing company specializing in Web3. We have assembled an industry-leading professional team for new business models that utilize blockchain technology, and provide services that support corporate marketing activities.
Company name: PINES Co., Ltd.
Location: 13-35 Hiroshibacho, Suita City, Osaka Prefecture
Representative: Kana Akiyama
Business description: Marketing business
Company HP:
Contact email address:
Details about this release:

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