Target 200% achieved! Pre-order sales of “shirts with a wide range of defense” from “classic concerts” to “outdoors”!

GOODIE Co., Ltd.
Target 200% achieved! Pre-order sales of “shirts with a wide range of defense” from “classic concerts” to “outdoors”!
It combines a stylish design that can be used in business situations and outdoor activities with functionality in the outdoors.

The fishing lifestyle brand “Bywater” operated by GOODIE Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kita-ku, Osaka) is looking for support purchases on the support purchase service “Makuake”. Water-repellent and quick-drying outdoor shirts” project “Banded Collar Long Sleeve Shirts | INOU (LS)” achieved “target 200%”.
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It looks great in the city too. You can go out empty-handed with the large-capacity hidden pocket.
Water-repellent, quick-drying outdoor shirt
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Period: Until Wednesday, December 28, 2022
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Banded Collar Long Sleeve Shirts|INOU(LS)
“Inou” is a hidden pocket.
At first glance, it looks like a normal band collar shirt, but there are hidden pockets with zippers on the left and right waists. Because of these characteristics, we named the product “Banded Collar Long Sleeve Shirts | INOU (LS)”.
Also, the meaning of an unusual and unique ability “supernatural ability”. “Banded Collar Long Sleeve Shirts | INOU (LS)” is a band collar shirt with “an unusual and unique ability”.
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*To make it easier to distinguish from the previously released short-sleeved version “Banded Collar Half Sleeve Shirts | INOU”, the short-sleeved version will be named “Banded Collar Half Sleeve Shirts | INOU (” with “HS” as an abbreviation for “Half Sleeve”). HS)”, and the long-sleeve version this time has “LS” as an abbreviation for “Long Sleeve” and is called “Banded Collar Long Sleeve
Even those who wore it to a classical concert!
The impetus for development was that when I saw people fishing, most of them were T-shirts.
I myself was fishing with a “T-shirt”.
Therefore, I thought, “Let’s make a convenient shirt that can be used for fishing,” and started development.
One of the product concepts of “Bywater” is “Both ‘fishing grounds’ and ‘towns’.”
Therefore, we thought of a stylish design that can be worn in the “town” or “office”.
The item for this project was originally developed for “fishermen”, but I thought it would be suitable for outdoor activities in general, so I decided to release it as an “outdoor shirt”.
The fact that it can be used “outdoors” or “in the city” is not only friendly to your wallet, but it can be a sustainable choice. You can avoid buying extra clothes and reduce the damage to the environment accordingly.
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It is a perfect item for “outdoor activities” other than “fishing”, and it is a stylish item that you can wear in “town” or “office”. Some people have even worn the released short-sleeve version to a “classic concert”.
Water-repellent and antifouling
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Originally developed for anglers, “water repellency” cannot be removed. I think that water repellency is often useful for camping and so on. [Image 4

It repels water firmly.
Although it looks like “oxford” fabric, it also has added
functionality by performing a water-repellent finish.
Although it remains water repellent even after washing, the water repellent effect will gradually decrease. If the water repellent effect is lost, the water repellent effect will be restored by applying heat such as ironing.
It also makes it easier to remove dirt. Even if you use it everyday, even if you spill food or spill coffee, it is easy to remove stains, which is also an advantage.
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《About the difference between water repellent and waterproof》 Simply put, “water repellent” means that it repels water, and “waterproof” means that it does not allow water to pass through (even when pressure is applied). “Banded Collar Long Sleeve Shirts | INOU (LS)” are water repellent, so if you sit for a long time in a wet state, or if you sit in a wet place, the back side of the shirt may be covered with water. will pass. However, since it repels water firmly with water repellency, it can be used without any problems such as “short-term weak rain”, “morning dew”, and “water splash”. In addition, since the waterproofing is done by applying a film to the lining, it will inevitably get stuffy, but this product has a water-repellent finish that penetrates the fabric with a
water-repellent treatment agent, so it has good breathability and can be worn like normal clothes. There is “breathability that does not change.”

“Large hidden pocket” for small lure cases
[Image 5

*Small lure case (161 x 91 x 31mm) can fit in easily and there is still room to spare.
“I want a large pocket, but I also want to emphasize the appearance.” In order to solve the two problems at the same time, we created hidden pockets that can be put in from the left and right sides.
We have devised ways to fit as large items as possible without spoiling the appearance, and by attaching a zipper to the entrance, we prevent items from falling out.
The length of the zipper (opening) is about 13 cm, so I was able to easily insert a small lure case (161 x 91 x 31 mm).
It’s large enough to fit a lure case, so you can of course store your smartphone and wallet.
You can also use it like “going out empty-handed” without a bag. [Image 6

The zipper prevents the pockets from opening and also helps to keep the silhouette.
In order to hide the zipper, we adopted a concealed zipper. When the zipper is closed, it is possible to maintain a beautiful silhouette. [Image 7

* Almost invisible when the zipper is closed.
However, when you put something in your pocket, it will inevitably swell and bend.
In order to reduce it even a little, I thought of a way to be compatible with the design.
I will explain it later in the item of “cutting back design & oversized silhouette”.
Quick drying for comfort
[Image 8

We also paid attention to the comfort that makes it easy to spend outdoors. Since it is water repellent, it is difficult for water to penetrate, but since water repellency only “repels water”, sweat may penetrate. Even in such a case, the material is easy to dry, so you can spend a comfortable time.
UV cut function
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It also has a UV cut function with a UV shielding rate of 91% or more. Blocks UV rays even in strong sunlight.
Cool touch function (It doesn’t mean you can’t wear it in winter) In order to be able to cope with the hot season, we use a fabric that feels cool to the touch, and the coldness evaluation is a Q-MAX value of 0.29 or higher, making it a cool and comfortable material. [Image 10

It is not “cold to the touch” = “cold fabric”. It is a matter of whether the “amount of heat transferred from the skin to the fabric” is large or small when the fabric touches the skin.
When you hear the word “cold to the touch”, you may think that it cannot be used in winter, but even in winter there is no problem if you are wearing underwear and do not touch your skin directly, and you can use it in a heated room. It dries quickly and you can spend comfortably. Also, if you are wearing a jacket, the time you are in contact with your skin will be longer, the temperature inside the jacket will rise, and the fabric of the shirt itself will not have a place for the heat to escape, making it warmer and providing a cool touch. also fades.
That’s why it’s an item I’d like you to wear even in winter. Of course, it is also a great item for hot summer, spring and autumn. * Depending on the conditions, you may feel cold, so please wear according to your own usage and environment.
Cut back design & oversized silhouette
When you put something in your pocket, it will inevitably bulge or sag. In order to hide it, we adopted an “oversized silhouette” and a “cut back” design.
[Image 11

*Actually, there is a lure case in the right pocket.
When you put something in the pocket, a downward force (gravity) is applied, but the weight of the thing in the pocket is distributed in the “turnover” part, so “deflection” is less likely to occur. In addition, the “oversized silhouette” makes the “bulge” less noticeable. “Turn back” and “oversized silhouette” are not only used for design, but also for “functional beauty”.
More than just long sleeves
The short-sleeve version “Banded Collar Half Sleeve Shirts | INOU (HS)”, which has already been released, is not simply a long-sleeve version.
As “Bywater” emphasizes the beauty of the appearance, we adjusted the balance so that the long sleeves would give a more stylish image. Short sleeves are often avoided in the business scene, so it was a more casual silhouette, but long sleeves are also preferred in the business scene, so the long sleeve version has a formal image so that it can be used in the business scene.
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