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TCG Co., Ltd. A new trading card game of “Minashigo no Shigoto” will be released in February 2023!

TCG Co., Ltd.
A new trading card game of “Minashigo no Shigoto” will be released in February 2023!

TCG Co., Ltd. is a new trading card game “Minashigo no Shigoto TRADING CARD GAME” based on “Minashigo no Shigoto” being developed by the limited liability company EXNOA (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yusuke Muranaka) on DMM GAMES / App Store / Google Play. We are pleased to inform you that the release of ” has been decided. [Image 1d74979-4-dc50d6696a6ae39271d5-0.png&s3=74979-4-d423c843e3941184928f71ade921228d-1537x1182.png
■Overview of “Minashigo no Shigoto TRADING CARD GAME”
A new trading card game from DMM GAMES and TCG Co., Ltd. featuring characters from the turn-based command battle RPG “Minashigo no Shigoto”. This product is scheduled to be released as the third installment of the DMM GAMES Trading Card Collection (Note 1), which will be released for 12 consecutive months. It is a trading card game that satisfies both strategy and collectability.
This product is based on the online game “Minashigo no Shigoto”, which will celebrate its 2nd anniversary in February 2023, and not only is it a collection of beautiful illustrations, but even beginners to trading card games can intuitively enjoy it. In addition, the randomly enclosed secret cards all have a serial number, making them even more rare and valuable among trading cards.
(Note 1) An original trading card game series of online games selected from DMM GAMES.
(Note 2) Some effects may change.
[Image 2d74979-4-bc09f3ab2d5a547163cc-4.png&s3=74979-4-cadb0b1ac6fc5edab26c5332ee4fbec3-744x1039.png
[Image 3d74979-4-b91121e6eea572db697e-5.png&s3=74979-4-a2bd1d1168810ced75490be108453dc4-744x1039.png
■Scheduled sales start date
February 24, 2023
*The release date is subject to change.
* Sales start time varies depending on the store.
■Sales overview
・ Booster pack: List price 693 yen (tax included)
“Contains 5 random cards
・ Booster BOX: List price 13,860 yen (tax included)
20 booster packs
1 play sheet
 1 special bonus card (randomly enclosed)
■ Purchase method
It will be released at card shops, toy stores, and mass retailers nationwide. ■ Official site
“Minashigo no Shigoto TRADING CARD GAME” Official Website:
■ What is “Minashigo no Shigoto”?
A popular dark fantasy RPG celebrating its 2nd anniversary in February 2023. “Minashigo”, who personifies an orphan and a hero, and “War God”, who has the name of the battlefield, will appear, and making full use of the “Ability” and “War God” of the equipped weapon is the key to victory. A turn-based command battle RPG in which height is one of the elements to play.
[Image 4d74979-4-44903b7596f910aa6e66-6.jpg&s3=74979-4-48da9b216e331d138045ebefb259e54c-1000x525.jpg
[Image 5d74979-4-3f01521029565c3ecd96-7.jpg&s3=74979-4-c2e8075e1d26a371115bcf05e08e9859-999x281.jpg
▲ A powerful “War God” appearance animation
[Image 6d74979-4-891939e598b577ecc34d-8.jpg&s3=74979-4-f3a1002a1e98f5d78dcf4b1942c9318d-999x281.jpg
▲Various support functions are also implemented, including convenient automatic laps!
Includes “Full Voice Character Story” for all available heroines! In addition, you can watch “Voice Drama” and “Present Voice” according to rarity.
[Image 7d74979-4-951df73d669e888ac741-9.jpg&s3=74979-4-bbe15b3c92cc1ed4a632af71c34a987f-999x281.jpg
▲Enjoy the profound story of full voice!
■ Official promotional movie

■ Product overview
Title: “Minashigo no Shigoto”
Platform: PC (browser version) / App Store / Google Play
Usage fee: Basic free play (with in-game charges)
Genre: Turn-based command battle RPG
Rights notation: (C) 2020 EXNOA LLC / / AREAREA STUDIO Minashigo no Shigoto: Minashigonoshigoto (App Store): Minashigonoshigoto (Google Play): Minashigo no Shigoto Official Website: Minashigo no Shigoto Official Twitter: DMM GAMES Official Website:

Details about this release:

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