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Teclast Processor upgrade! Teclast “T40 Pro” system version upgrade, thorough introduction of new points.

Processor upgrade! Teclast “T40 Pro” system version upgrade, thorough introduction of new points.
Unisoc T616/Android 12/10.4″ 2K full lamination

[Image 1d80488-180-5d39a6fac8239e2772f9-0.jpg&s3=80488-180-0c745dec455c7b6d25b8663da8f09765-1920x1016.jpg
Magical colorful powerful
Teclast “T40 Pro” processor upgrade! The new Unisoc T616 processor has a higher frequency than Unisoc T618 and can provide smoother operation. It’s powered by Android 12 and enjoys security-controlled, personalized settings.
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T40 Pro spec introduction
[Image 2d80488-180-29f11ed0bf2cb8170583-8.jpg&s3=80488-180-7875b68cf90dd1e7e22dc0a4a8757687-2048x1125.jpg
To utilize the UNISOC Tiger T616 processor, the Teclast T40Pro features 2.0GHz frequency and 12nm low power consumption, with two Arm Cortex-A75 high power cores and six Cortex-A55 intelligent AI cores. You can maintain excellent performance while suppressing heat generation.
A 10.4-inch 2k bezel-less display can be used to deliver cinematic magic. Displays utilizing BOE and TDDI technology integrate the touch sensor into the existing structure of the LCD without adding layers, reducing reflections and improving touch responsiveness. And the T-Color 2.0 color optimization algorithm displays more vivid and lifelike colors.
[Image 3d80488-180-32d107ca359f4b9f5ad3-9.jpg&s3=80488-180-d1f45a987d1d19ca23f48dab96949cb9-2048x1125.jpg
Powered by Android 12, it offers a more personalized, safe and easy system experience. Users can freely customize UI color schemes and widgets, as well as click, swipe, and scroll more smoothly. Allows for more comprehensive device permission management, independent switching of camera and microphone permissions for apps.
Teclast has developed a new child monitoring app to address the concerns of parents regarding the length of time children use tablets and the choice of apps. You can manage it more effectively, giving your tablet a better balance between learning and entertainment. [Image 4d80488-180-de12e2c5797fe891a02d-10.jpg&s3=80488-180-d5d4976267c5aa0d0e1468bbe7b570d3-2048x1125.jpg
It uses SWEET 4 audio system with intelligent digital power amplifier chip, so the audio is clearer and louder. You always feel like you’re listening from the front row. Also, the new dual digital microphone array can provide clearer and more stable sound effects when calling and recording.
It has a 7000mAh battery. It supports 18W USB-PD fast charging, so it can be fully charged in about 4 hours. You can quickly turn your tablet back to full when you need a game. It can provide longer waiting times.
[Image 5d80488-180-e5a0e38250d277053643-11.jpg&s3=80488-180-6ebda188330c904ca499b7a17af8f260-2048x1125.jpg
The Teclast T40Pro is constructed with a CNC-machined aluminum unibody enclosure design, making it strong, light and durable. Fully polished with an ultra-fine sandblasting process to complete a clean profile and smooth texture on hand. Equipped with distance sensor, light sensor, etc. Brightness can be adjusted automatically. Automatic locking/unlocking is also easy to achieve with the case. Provides a better user experience.
With 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, it provides a smooth experience and supports Micro SD card expansion for even more storage, so you can enjoy multitasking and file storage without worry.
[Image 6d80488-180-190f8f2818691cc5383f-12.jpg&s3=80488-180-a6268b07c254d4b502df91f95a994605-2048x1125.jpg
With dual SIM/Micro SD slots and support for TD-LTE and FDD-LTE 4G networks, you can switch between work and life freely. Supports simultaneous calls and network VoLTE. Stay connected and entertained with fast AC dual-band Wi-Fi and efficient Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connectivity.
Capture life’s moments with a 13MP autofocus Sony camera. It greatly improves image quality for even better shots. With the 8MP front camera, you can share with friends on video calls or take more vivid selfies.
About Teclast Company
[Image 7d80488-180-b9c5f979abbd63c910b6-1.png&s3=80488-180-8eca2567f8d6fff28eed1b3f5ab73dd1-650x88.png
Teclast (a subsidiary brand of the company “Shangka Group”) was established in 1999. With the core idea of ​​”enjoying digital life for more people”, Teclast has expanded its development centered on high-quality tablets and laptops. Currently, we have already grown into a brand with over 100 million users.
We provide consistent services from technological innovation and product development to promotion and sales so that more users can enjoy highly reliable, unique, and cost-effective products.
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