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Teichiku Entertainment Co., Ltd. Fudanjuku’s new song release event will show ‘Akudon’, not ‘Kabedon’, which will make fans faint in agony!

Whom it may concern
Teichiku Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Kazeo Juku’s new song release event shows ‘Akudon’, not ‘Kabedon’, which makes fans faint in agony!

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Fudanjuku, a pioneer of men’s clothing unit, held a release event for their 31st new single “Baby U” which will be released on December 14th at Entaba Akiba on December 13th.
The new song “Baby U” is a song that features the coolness of Fudan Juku, and it is a song that says, “I’m selfish, but accept my ‘likes’.” It is a love song with a catchy melody on a comfortable dance electro sound of medium tempo, with a message to convey your feelings to the other party, and colored by the unique vocals of the seven members.

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In the music video, each of the 7 members performed ‘Akdong’. ‘Akdong’ means ‘acrylic board don’, abbreviated as ‘Akdong’, when you do ‘kabedon’ through a transparent acrylic board instead of ‘kabedon’, it was born because of this kind of time these days. naming. At the release event held today, a special party was held for customers to perform ‘Akudon’, and the fans were in agony with the 7 members’ rich sensibility ‘Akudon’ that was shown through the acrylic board. [Image 3

This September marks the 15th anniversary of their debut, and while there are still plenty of special projects to come, the ban on vocals during Christmas live performances held in Hyogo, Aichi, and Tokyo has been lifted. At the end of the year, the graduating members Uramasa Seimyoji and Kensui Aiba will host “Black and White Uta Gassen 2022,” and Kazeo Juku’s one-man live “SPECIAL LIVE 2022.” It will be held. Please continue to pay attention to the live performance that will decorate the end of 2022, and Fuo Juku, which will run through the 15th anniversary year next year.
Comment from Kanta Yuzuki on behalf of Kazeo Juku members
“The 31st new single “Baby U”. I was really excited to see what kind of song it would be as it was the first single to celebrate our 15th anniversary! This song has a very refreshing and stylish sound, and there are many solo parts that are rare in Fudan Juku, so I think it’s a song that shows a new side of us! The Kabe-don, acrylic plate-don, or simply “Ak-don”, which is shown in the MV, was born because of this corona crisis. I think we’re probably the only ones doing Akdong… (laughs) I want to make Akdong popular! (smile)”
-release information-
★ New single “Baby U” released on December 14, 2022
Each music distribution site
-Product information-
New single “Baby U”
Release date: Wednesday, December 14, 2022
■ First Press Limited Edition A
TECI-913 / Price ¥1,580 (Price without tax ¥1,436) / Single CD + DVD DVD: TEBI-15687
Contents of the CD: M1 Baby U M2 Win! (punk ver.)
DVD contents: MUSIC VIDEO + making video
■ First Press Limited Edition B
TECI-914 / Price ¥1,580 (Price without tax ¥1,436) / Single CD + DVD DVD: TEBI-15688
CD contents (planned): M1 Baby U M2 Win! (punk ver.)
Contents of the DVD: Here is the recommended view of my second home town, Tokyo! ■Regular Edition
TECI-915 / Price: ¥1,100 (¥1,000 without tax) / Single CD
CD contents (planned): M1 Baby U M2 Win! (punk ver.), M3 Jellyfish + 3 songs above Instrumental
-Live event information-
Fudanjuku Christmas Live 2022 ~No Silent Night~
■December 10th (Sat) Hyogo/Kobe Harbor Studio
[Part 1] Open 12:00 / Start 12:30
[Part 2] Open 16:30 / Start 17:00
(Q) Sound Creator 06-6357-4400
■ December 11 (Sun) Aichi / Fushimi Lion Theater
[Part 1] Open 12:00 / Start 12:30
[Part 2] Open 16:30 / Start 17:00
(Inquiries) Sunday Folk Promotion 052-320-9100
■December 25th (Sun) Tokyo/Shibuya Stream Hall
[Part 1] Open 12:00 / Start 12:30
[Part 2] Open 16:30 / Start 17:00
(Inquiries) Sunrise Promotion Tokyo 0570-00-3337
“Black and White Singing Battle 2022”
■December 30 (Friday) Tokyo/Shibuya Stream Hall
[Time] Open 12:00 / Start 12:30
[Moderator] Uramasa Seimyoji / Kensui Aiba
[Inquiries]) Sunrise Promotion Tokyo 0570-00-3337
■December 30 (Friday) Tokyo/Shibuya Stream Hall
[Time] Open 16:30 / Start 17:00
Sunrise Promotion Tokyo 0570-00-3337
Please check the website for details such as other event schedules. [information]
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