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Teichiku Entertainment Co., Ltd. THE FRANK VOX, a 4-member group from Kansai, will report their major debut in February 2023 to fans on the street live! Pre-distribution song “Wataridori” will be released on December 21st!

Whom it may concern
Teichiku Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Four-member group from Kansai, THE FRANK VOX, announces their major debut in February 2023 to fans through street live! Pre-distribution song “Wataridori” will be released on December 21st!

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It was announced that THE FRANK VOX (Yomi: Frank Box), a group of 4 members from Kansai, consisting of 2 Vocals and 2 MCs, will release their major 1st mini Album on Wednesday, February 22, 2023 and make their major debut.
Until now, they have been active mainly in street live performances, and have become a hot topic for their catchy melodies and life-sized message songs that speak for the times. Fans gathered at their street live performances in Osaka and Tokyo on December 4 In the midst of warm applause, the digital single “Wataridori”, which will be distributed on December 21 (Wednesday), was performed prior to the debut.
“Of course, I want to make various dreams come true with everyone before going there, as well as the dream of “ Solo LIVE at Osaka Castle Hall ”! We’re not the 4 talented people who can skip one or two steps, but we’ll definitely go up one step at a time, so please continue to come with us! ’ and the street live ended.
The sound concept of THE FRANK VOX is “J-POP that never stops updating in the nostalgia of the good old days” and the group concept is “not elite, marking the way to make dreams come true”.
[Digital single]
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December 21, 2022 (Wednesday) “Wataridori”
[Product information]
On sale February 22, 2023 (Wednesday)
Major 1st mini album “title undecided”
TECI-1795 POS:4988004168550
¥2,200 (Price without tax ¥2,000)
[Live event schedule]
December 24th (Saturday) Kobe, somewhere
December 25th (Sun) Gifu, somewhere
and more…
[Artist information]
Teichiku Entertainment: Details about this release:

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