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Teichiku Entertainment Co., Ltd. The men’s unit Pipping Hot and BOP have released the official artist photo of the new song ahead of the joint release! In addition, what are the gorgeous benefits of the 10th match plan that you have been waiting fo

Whom it may concern
Teichiku Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Men’s clothing unit Pipping Hot and BOP have unveiled the official artist photo of their new song ahead of their joint release! In addition, what are the gorgeous benefits of the 10th match plan that you have been waiting for! ?

Both groups, Pipping Hot and BOP, who are active as dreamBoat, a men’s entertainment project that is boiling hot, have released official artist photos through joint live distribution.
This work, the first simultaneous release of the project in February 2023 next year, is a live distribution of both groups, and it has attracted a lot of attention just like the first time.
[Image 1d22498-1101-e223bd587e123cf18c13-0.jpg&s3=22498-1101-2872544ec602a05d0d3a2183d44d47eb-3000x2000.jpg

[Image 2d22498-1101-afe227fe924d91e43873-1.jpg&s3=22498-1101-ecd83170e0fcf1d1d7d373f8a909b6c8-3900x2602.jpg
The latest artist photo that has been released shows the colors of both groups, and Pipping Hot’s members in colorful costumes are impressive. On the other hand, BOP has a jacket style based on black and has an extreme finish.
In addition, the stream on this day touched on the 10th match, which the fans may be interested in, and the winning group will have a celebration party with the fans, so I suddenly started looking forward to this victory. I wonder if it was.
Release events have already started in various places, so if you’re interested even a little, why don’t you go check it out? An encounter with an unexpected guess may be waiting.
February 15, 2023 (Wednesday) Pipping Hot “Uncover”
“Uncover” LIVE video:
February 15, 2023 (Wednesday) BOP “Resistance”
“Resistance” LIVE video: -2MAN LIVE-
“Pipping Hot x BOP 2MAN LIVE ~ Overwhelmingly hot!!!!!!!!!~” Sunday, January 29, 2023
Hatsudai DOORS 1-2-1 Honmachi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Part 1: Doors open at 13:00 / Performance starts at 13:30
Part 2: Doors open at 17:30 / Performance starts at 18:00
Ticket information All free ¥ 4,500 (tax included, separate drink fee at admission, entry in order of reference number
-Release event-
Pipping Hot & BOP
12/10 (Sat) @ Terrace Mall Matsudo, Chiba
12/11 (Sun) @ Space emo Ikebukuro, Tokyo
12/17 (Sat) @ Tower Records Kawasaki, Kanagawa
12/24 (Sat.) @Tokyo Kamade Clock & live telephone conference 12/25 (Sun) @ Tower Records Ikebukuro & Limister, Tokyo
12/29 (Thursday) @ Space emo Ikebukuro, Tokyo
1/7 (Sat) @ New Year’s greetings WEB measures
1/9 (Mon.) @ Tower Records Ikebukuro, Tokyo
1/15 (Sun) @ Space emo Ikebukuro, Tokyo
1/21 (Sat) @ Moricia Tsudanuma, Chiba
1/22 (Sun) @ Space emo Ikebukuro, Tokyo
Pipping Hot

1/8 (Sun) @Tokyo・Tower Records Kinshicho Parco & WEB photo session BOP
1/8 (Sun) @ Space emo Ikebukuro, Tokyo
1/14 (Sat) @ Tower Records Kinshicho Parco
*Details will be announced later.
*Web measures, live calls, talk ports, etc. will be added and updated as needed. *Schedule may change due to circumstances. Thank you for your understanding. *Please refrain from contacting facilities and stores directly. dreamBoat Official Site:
Pipping Hot Official Site:
Pipping Hot Official Twitter: BOP Official Site:
BOP Official Twitter: Details about this release:

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