Teinei Mail Order Teinei Mail Order is a web picture book service that you can gift to your loved ones The first trilogy “Ghost is a ghost” has been released

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Teinei Mail Order is a web picture book service that you can gift to your loved ones The first trilogy “Ghost is a ghost” final version released
~A heartwarming story in the cold winter for those who want to find something missing~

Seikatsu Sogo Service (Headquarters: Utsubo Honmachi, Nishi-ku, Osaka; Representative Director: Junichi Koga), which operates the health food and cosmetics mail-order brand “Teinei Mail Order” represented by “Suppon Komachi”, is a digital picture book service “Gift a small story. As the ninth picture book of “Leo”, “Ghost is a ghost To you who came here looking for something ~ A story to give on a moonless night ~” will be released. This work, which is a collaboration with the creative office “Office io”, will be the third in the “Ghost is a ghost” series released in September 2021.
[Image 1d59951-28-cce7f3e803cb9a2a9458-0.jpg&s3=59951-28-aea1da2cb11f271bd4f0725b735ff51c-940x616.jpg
URL: https://www.teinei.co.jp/story-gift/story/ghost-is-a-ghost-ep3/ Giftable story “Let’s give a small story” is a message gift service that allows you to send a digital picture book and a message together, completely free of charge and without registration. The service was launched in November 2020 with the idea of ​​“I want to be close to the feelings of “thank you” and “I love you” for loved ones who have not been put into words, and so far 8 digital picture books. This time as well, we produced with “Office io”, which delivers
high-quality creative with the concept of “art x design”, and released the fifth work “Ghost is a ghost To you who are afraid of the unseen tomorrow” A story to read at the end of the day ~”, the third story has been born.
About “Ghost is a ghost”
[Image 2d59951-28-1833583f6e8341448b33-1.jpg&s3=59951-28-4701475fab38a23ffd9128f52d711259-754x761.jpg
This work is based on the theme of “I wish I could live like myself.” It is a work in which monsters with various problems become more positive by meeting mysterious creatures called “ghosts”.
This time, a new character will appear with a different problem from the monsters that appeared in the previous two works. Empathize with such monsters and think of people close to you. A mischievous ghost gently snuggles up to you and pushes your back. For those who read it, I would be happy if it became a picture book like a talisman. Synopsis of “Ghost is a ghost”
The story is set in a city that resembles the human world where monsters live, just like in the previous work. This time, we’re talking about an invisible man who can’t find a place outside the Internet world, and a mummy who hides her broken heart in bandages because her efforts weren’t rewarded. Wandering monsters, as if searching for something, meet mysterious fluffy creatures called “ghosts” on moonless nights. The monsters’ hearts are saved by the kindness of ghosts who innocently and positively perceive them without denying anything.
It’s a work that gives you confidence that you can be yourself even when you want to ask for something lacking.
[Image 3d59951-28-fd29690c7aa82501d6e7-2.jpg&s3=59951-28-fbf3cb6dc5703f3ee879101dbdeccb06-648x723.jpg
[Image 4d59951-28-5da38328efdba2b62b04-3.jpg&s3=59951-28-7e3e747fa9c93eb0c80341dc03171e03-861x745.jpg
[Image 5d59951-28-fc3db8a23ebb771bf7b6-4.jpg&s3=59951-28-ac515cd676a2a7d17d12194a75d3e8cf-871x673.jpg
[Image 6d59951-28-a936669db49557f5c062-5.jpg&s3=59951-28-855b1ccacf8d7ed93816f68e1f1fc369-943x696.jpg
Series “Ghost is a ghost” where you can enjoy the tricks unique to the trilogy “Ghost is a ghost” series set in one ghost town. Six monsters will appear in all three works. By carefully depicting each and every character, it is a work that makes viewers feel empathy for themselves and empathize with them before they know it.
In fact, if you look closely, you’ll find hidden depictions of the characters in episodes 1 and 2, and the reappearance of small items possessed by monsters. If you haven’t seen the story so far, please enjoy the past works as well.
“Ghost is a ghost For you who are afraid of the unseen tomorrow ~A story to read at the end of the day~”
https://www.teinei.co.jp/story-gift/story/ghost-is-a-ghost-ep1/ “Ghost is a ghost For those of you who don’t know who you are ~A story to read on a seemingly uninterrupted night~”
https://www.teinei.co.jp/story-gift/story/ghost-is-a-ghost-ep2/ Written by Office io Comments
Writing/Design | hana (Office io CEO/Designer)
[Image 7d59951-28-017d05a09494f4accc18-6.jpg&s3=59951-28-de8670272c48ca20b0075c70b55173f8-400x400.jpg
Composition/Character Design | Andy (Office io COO/Creative Director) [Image 8d59951-28-c9bf44ced658ff265827-7.jpg&s3=59951-28-8d828199c238fe17f69bd9cede8634d2-400x400.jpg
Even if it’s not a big problem for others, it’s often a very important problem for me. However, by changing the point of view, the problem can be seen in a different way. Even if you can’t solve the problem with this story, I’d be happy if it could be one of the hints that you can see it in a different way.
Office io profile
With the theme of “multiplying the problem-solving power of art with the problem-solving power of design,” hana, a former artist and designer, and Andy, a creative director who has been involved in the launch of a wide range of media from video to the web, launched the project. creative office. Rather than providing a superficial design, by getting close to the client from the start of the project, he scoops out the essence of the project, designs it, and is good at design with depth along with the concept and branding promotion. Illustration Matsukaraji Comment
[Image 9d59951-28-f1317606ddacdb8f7832-9.png&s3=59951-28-177e3e656781e968bbf7d71d85e17a02-257x218.png
An illustrator living in Okayama who lives with two cats. Responsible for drawing corporate characters, mainly fashion illustrations. Besides that, he is active in a wide range of media genres, such as drawing illustrations for magazines, books, websites, etc.
Popular for his pop culture-conscious painting style, he has more than 36,000 followers on Instagram. There are many fans in their teens and 20s not only in Japan but also overseas, and the appeal of their illustrations is gradually spreading around the world regardless of nationality.
Comment from Shiho Onaka, polite mail order
[Image 10d59951-28-85c37889281b31acc0f2-8.jpg&s3=59951-28-19b0f618e04c512a9ffab9baaffb32f4-400x400.jpg
A ghost that flew by. From the words, there is no need to struggle to become someone, and it makes me realize that it is important to live like myself. This is the third and final work. With each episode, the gentle feelings that come from interacting with the ghosts will gradually accumulate in your heart. Also pay attention to one side of the mischievous ghost ♪
When you don’t have the courage to take a step forward, he gently pushes your back, telling you that it’s okay to keep going. I would be happy if I could be like a lucky charm for those who read it. Seikatsu Sogo Service Co., Ltd.
Founded in 1997, Seikatsu Sogo Service Co., Ltd., which celebrated its 24th anniversary this year, is a mail-order brand of health foods and cosmetics that delivers energy and beauty to women based on the concept of “supporting women who work hard”. Operates Teinei Mail Order. Based on the brand policy of “a long relationship even for one day,” it has strengths in building relationships with customers, and boasts a regular purchase continuation rate of 94%. Based on the idea that we can value our customers the most by valuing them from people close to us, we uphold the value standard of “valuing employees more than customers.”
Teinei Online Store Official Homepage: https://www.teinei.co.jp/ Suppon Komachi: https://www.teinei.co.jp/item/komachi/
Official Instagram (@official_teinei):
“Let’s give a small story” official website:
■ Location: 6F Naniwasuji Honmachi MID Building, 2-3-2 Utsubo Honmachi, Nishi-ku, Osaka 550-0004
■ Representative: Junichi Koga, President and CEO
■ Website: https://www.teinei.co.jp/
■ Business overview: Mail-order sales of health foods, cosmetics, etc. ■ Date of establishment: June 17, 1997
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