Telesis Network Co., Ltd. “365th Birthday Fortune-telling” Akari Maki fortune-telling “your special dest iny” is now available on the fortune-telling portal site “Uranaeru Authentic Appraisal”!

Telesis Network Co., Ltd.
“365th birthday fortune telling” “Your special destiny” predicted by Akari Maki is now available on the fortune-telling portal site “Uranaeru authentic appraisal”!

Telesis Network Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo,
Representative Director: Yoshimitsu Takaishi will operate a fortune-telling content portal “Uranaeru Authentic Appraisal” from December 26, 2022. ”, We have started providing the content of “Akari Maki’s 365th Birthday Fortune-telling”.
■ Uranai full-scale appraisal URL: ■ Akari Maki’s new service fortune-telling content
URL: [Image 1d76132-296-3c153d150c00e47528e9-0.png&s3=76132-296-9d17c906e865f6459a33407f7a306ad8-1173x428.png
■ Introduction of appraisal contents
365 days “Your birthday” contains a “special message” that only that day has. In this content, the appraiser “Akari Maki”, who is very popular in women’s magazines, will fortune “your own destiny” that differs for each day you were born. From the “Birthday Profile” and “Birthday Bible” calculated from the “day of birth”, you can know your destiny, connect with that person, and try the appraisal to make your wishes come true.
■Introduction of supervisor “Akari Maki”
After graduating from Gakushuin University Faculty of Letters and Tokyo University of Social Welfare Faculty of Psychology, worked as a freelance writer before pursuing fortune-telling. He studies a variety of fortune-telling techniques such as Western astrology, four pillars of destiny, nine-star astrology, tarot, feng shui, numerology, facial expressions, and palmistry, and is popular for his appraisals that can be used according to the situation and content. He writes
fortune-telling and columns in many media such as magazines, websites of major companies, and books, and has gained a lot of support from women for his overwhelming research content and accurate advice that incorporates a psychological perspective. fortune teller. Currently, the number of followers on official Twitter exceeds 41,000 (as of December 21, 2022).
■ Content overview
・ Content name: Women’s magazine acclaim / Know your special destiny Akari Maki’s 365th birthday fortune-telling
・URL: ・ Start date: December 26, 2022
Introduction of the fortune-telling content portal site “Uranaeru” [Image 2d76132-296-0b654865c2b5bb58f3f7-1.png&s3=76132-296-736d4ee0cfb7db2e709c13ccc19f7d76-400x100.png
From July 2020, we will start providing media for women with the theme of “fortune-telling x love” “Uranaeru-Fateful Love Fortune-”. Columns and articles for women who are looking for happy love and life in their own way, and fortune-telling created under the supervision of a popular fortune-teller who is active in various media such as TV and magazines and has a proven track record, is updated daily.
・ “Uranaeru Official Website” URL:
・ “Uranaeru Authentic Appraisal” URL: ■ Introduction of women’s deep romance column and free fortune-telling media “ENJYO”
[Image 3d76132-296-57f86205612c73f17904-2.png&s3=76132-296-cf04110d50bf2b1996e903a15c0185c1-400x132.png
“ENJYO” is a love column and free fortune-telling distribution media for women who love like a flame and live a gorgeous life. From deep romance to nightlife for women… Romance columns with various themes to read, and free fortune-telling by popular fortune-tellers who are active in various media such as TV, books, and magazines are updated daily!
■ Introduction of telephone fortune-telling “Mel” love and spiritual column & free fortune-telling site
[Image 4d76132-296-d1b41e838c50a5d10b19-3.png&s3=76132-296-e2d432d49b01d3f47545eafa3133fb33-364x78.png
This site is a telephone fortune-telling site that leads to answers to complex and diverse worries that consulters have, such as love, reunion, and painful love. This site offers free clairvoyance and spiritual fortune-telling by popular telephone fortune-tellers, as well as many romance columns for women.
・Telephone fortune-telling Mel TOP URL: ・Telephone fortune-telling Mel-love column & free fortune-telling URL:
■Company Profile
[Image 5d76132-296-9c7ecc3e0263bab760c1-4.png&s3=76132-296-ba209933e401ab861ac0d127ecf535a6-400x73.png
Company name: Telesis Network Co., Ltd.
Location: Akasaka Park Building 23F, 5-2-20 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo Representative: Yoshimitsu Takaishi, Representative Director Established: August 6, 1991

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