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Tencarat Co., Ltd. A new brand “esshimo” derived from ethical is born!

Tencarat Co., Ltd.
A new brand “esshimo” derived from ethical is born!

Launched gel nail stickers that do not use harmful substances, and appointed Ayumi Sakai, Gabby, Satsuki Nakayama, and Hana Kumaido as image models. Sales start from December 22nd (Thursday)!
Tencarat Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) has launched a new brand “esshimo” derived from ethical, and has launched a gel nail sticker that does not use harmful substances on its official EC site (https://www.esshimo. jp/) will start selling at a limited launch special price on Thursday, December 22nd.
[Image 1d104177-2-9fde716b88faa0a0fbe2-1.jpg&s3=104177-2-a44f43d76d9594ba6d238790cd9390ec-2623x1552.jpg
From left: Hana Kumaido, Ayumi Sakai, Gabby, Satsuki Nakayama ■ About “esshimo” Fit Fix gel nail
After repeated trial and error, gel nail stickers will be born from the new brand “esshimo” in the winter of 2022. Did.
Gel nail stickers that do not use harmful substances can be used by people of all ages, from teens to seniors. “esshimo” Fit Fix gel nail is not only for nails but also for beautiful nails that are friendly to the environment.
Official website:
Official Instagram:
■ About nail design
Naoko Takano, representative nail artist of nadine Nails, supervised the nail design of “esshimo”.
We pursued a nail design that is familiar to all people, not only the design but also the color balance and the transparency of the nail so that it can be used by all genders in a wide range of age groups. And the first products to be released this time will be “Misty Soil”, “KUSUMI Nature”, “Nuance BEKKOU” and “Vintage Planet” (4 types in total).
In addition to design nails, the second product will be a control color series that is easy to use every day and will be released in mid-January (*).
* The release date will be announced on the website as soon as it is decided. ・”esshimo” Fit Fix gel nail director Naoko Takano’s comment
When I first saw the “esshimo” gel nail stickers under development, I was surprised by the plumpness and fit of gel nails. It lasts for about two weeks, but you can easily remove it with hot water, and your nails will not turn white after removal.
Also, since it does not use harmful substances and is gentle on nails, I am convinced that it will be an opportunity for a wide range of people to enjoy nails, so I decided to accept the director. I was involved in the development of the texture, thickness, durability, and how to remove it. I also paid a lot of attention to transparency. We also spent a lot of time arranging the art so that the design would suit any nail shape.
For those who are busy with work and housework, those who have taken a break from doing nails for a while, and those who want to enjoy their own nails, we would like you to enjoy your nails with esshimo, which is easy and gentle on your nails.
■ About the image model
“esshimo” has pursued materials and nail designs that can be enjoyed by a wide range of age groups and all genders. In order to express the world view of “esshimo”, we used Ayumi Sakai, Gabby, Satsuki Nakayama, and Hana Kumaido as image models.
■ Product overview
Product name: esshimo Fit Fix gel nail
Number of varieties: 4
Limited launch special price: 2,380 yen including tax (regular price: 2,660 yen including tax)
Product HP:
■ Profile of Naoko Takano
[Image 2d104177-2-f288cfbdb111a2f99a70-0.jpg&s3=104177-2-6546eef42238f7624669b91b4ae0b20c-1764x1764.jpg
Nail Salon “Nadine Nails” / “TNC Nail School” Representative / Nail Brand “T-GEL Collection” Creative Director / “esshimo” Fit Fix gel nail Director
From nail art linked to fashion trends to standard nail art, she proposes nails in many magazines and advertisements, including mode magazines. I still do salon work energetically. High-quality adult nails have gained tremendous support from top creators who are active in the fashion and beauty world. He is active in a wide range of fields, such as in charge of nails for overseas celebrities visiting Japan, domestic actors and artists, and producing nail brands and beauty products.
Details about this release: