Terra Motors Co., Ltd. Providing free EV charging equipment even when using idle land for two to three years in a coin-operated parking lot

Terra Motors Inc.
Provide free EV charging facilities even when idle land is used for two to three years by coin parking
Terra Motors realizes free equipment by original hardware and relocation even if subsidies are not used

Terra Motors Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Chairman: Toru Tokushige / President: Akihiro Ueda, hereinafter Terra Motors), which provides EV charging infrastructure “Terra Charge” with the aim of making EVs more familiar , has started offering a new free plan for coin parking. In utilizing idle land for a short period of time, such as two to three years, it was difficult to utilize subsidies for charging infrastructure, which require a long holding period, and the introduction of EV charging infrastructure was hampered. With this new plan, we aim to create an environment that makes it easy to introduce EV charging infrastructure even in coin parking, which is a
provisional measure to utilize idle land.
Background of the start of the new plan
The Japanese government has set a goal of increasing the number of standard EV charging facilities, which currently stands at around 30,000, to 150,000 by 2030 in order to achieve carbon neutrality. In 2022, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is investing 6.5 billion yen as a subsidy to expand the charging infrastructure, and the subsidy is being used to improve the charging infrastructure. On the other hand, most subsidies for EV charging infrastructure have an obligatory holding period of around five years. In coin parking, which is a temporary measure to utilize idle land, the use of the land often changes in the next two to three years. There was a problem that there was no
Installation work for existing facilities costs about 1 million yen per site, but by performing all the work at the time of new
construction, it is possible to reduce construction costs and simplify design.
Terra Motors has independently developed a high-performance and inexpensive EV charging infrastructure “Terra Charge”, and in the new plan, we will start providing free hardware to coin parking. The installation work is the responsibility of the coin parking operator, but both existing and new installations are eligible for the plan, so especially in the case of new installations, simultaneous construction with other construction will further reduce the introduction hurdle. If you relocate to another parking lot, you will not be charged additional fees even if you want to change the use of the coin parking lot. We will promote the expansion of charging infrastructure with “Terra Charge,” which overcomes the issues of electrical capacity and space peculiar to coin parking.
Features of the new plan
・If relocation is possible, the plan is applicable to both new and existing facilities.
・ Free provision is OK even from 1 unit
・Provision of EV charging facilities free of charge to coin parking lots that are likely to change their use within five years and difficult to utilize subsidies.
・Unique hardware that is easy to install even in coin-operated parking lots with limited electrical capacity and space
■ What is Terra Charge?
This is a charging infrastructure for electric vehicles launched by Terra Motors in April 2022. Not only EV charging facilities, but also charging
We are responsible for everything from a dedicated application for setting time and payment, management cloud, explanations necessary to start providing services, installation work of charging facilities, and management and operation of hardware and software. With “Terra Charge”, we aim to create an environment where EVs become more familiar in Japan.
Terra Charge service page: https://terramotors.co.jp/terra-charge/ ■Terra Motors Co., Ltd.
Established: April 2010
Capital: 1.9 billion yen (including capital reserve)
Representatives: Toru Tokushige (Chairman of the Board), Akihiro Ueda (President and Representative Director)
Business description: EV charging infrastructure business, e-Mobility business, financial services business, Connected E-Mobility platform business
URL: https://terramotors.co.jp/

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