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“Thank you and goodbye former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe” has sold over 80,000 copies!

Asuka Shinsha Co., Ltd.
“Thank you and goodbye former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe” has sold over 80,000 copies!
The monthly “Hanada” selection released on August 2, 2010, “Thank you and goodbye, Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe” (Asuka Shinsha) has sold over 80,000 copies! Impressed and grateful voices from all over the country!

The monthly magazine “Hanada”, in which Prime Minister Abe contributed the most articles and appeared, and who loved him the most, edited it with all his might. A complete record of Shinzo Abe, a politician, and Shinzo Abe, a human being, including gem articles, excellent interviews with various controversialists, tearful speeches, and treasured gravures. Just a permanent preservation version!
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[My beloved beautiful country, Japan]
◎Shinzo Abe [Special contribution] For the next generation
[Prime Minister Abe speaks loudly]
◎Shinzo Abe x Yoshiko Sakurai Questions the Asahi Shimbun and irresponsible opposition parties
[Japanese history and world history]
◎Shinzo Abe x Naoki Momota Japan, the land of miracles that changed world history
[Diplomacy and security]
◎Shinzo Abe x H.R. McMaster (former U.S. National Security Advisor) How to fight the Chinese threat
[Historical War]
◎Shinzo Abe Yasuko Kato Don’t run away from the historical battle [Shintaro Ishihara and the Kishida administration]
◎ I wanted to see Shinzo Abe “Prime Minister Shintaro Ishihara” [International situation]
◎Shinzo Abe President Putin and Zelensky that I met
[Future of Japan]
◎Shinzo Abe x Kaori Arimoto A new decision for the future
◎Shinzo Abe x Etsuro Honda Strongly refute the criticism of Abenomics [From the 150th day of the fight against Corona to the leader of the new era] ◎Shinzo Abe’s Declaration of Struggle!
[Last message]
Shinzo Abe I want you to have the courage not to give up [Kinki University Graduation Ceremony Full Text]
[The famous speech of the soul that moved the world]
◎Speech to the U.S. Congress
◎Pearl Harbor Speech A symbol of reconciliation filled with the brilliance of pearls
◎ Confluence of the Two Seas
◎ Talking about Abenomics in the middle of Wall Street
[Major Achievements of “Abe Diplomacy”]
Yoichi Shimada Abe led the world in “globe diplomacy”
[The longest day of Reiwa]
Akiyoshi Sakizaki Reiwa Terrorism and Showa Terrorism
[Photographing three generations of the Abe family]
Koichi Yamamoto Prime Minister Abe takes last photo
[Prime Minister Abe’s thoughts on Taiwan]
Tetsuhide Yamaoka A letter from former Prime Minister Abe
[Shinzo Abe and postwar Japan]
Toshio Watanabe Prime Minister Abe asked the meaning of “postwar” [Treasured gravure]
1 Global Politician Shinzo Abe
2 Human Shinzo Abe
[Collection of carefully selected tweets]
Tweets of Prime Minister Abe 3188 days
[History of Grand Vizier]
Chronology: Trajectory of Shinzo Abe
[Great achievements at a glance]
Diplomacy with a bird’s-eye view of the globe read on a map
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