thatgamecompany, Inc. Achieve the largest connection in game history! “Sky” x “AURORA” virtual concert finally starts today

thatgamecompany, Inc.
Realize the largest connection in game history! “Sky” x “AURORA” virtual concert finally starts today

Thatgamecompany, Inc. (headquartered in California, USA) currently operates the title “Sky: Children Who Spin the Stars” (hereafter referred to as “Sky”), which has attracted attention since “Frozen 2”. A virtual concert in collaboration with AURORA, a Norwegian
singer-songwriter who captivates celebrities around the world, will finally be held today, December 9, 2022 (Friday).
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This virtual concert uses a unique game engine to connect more than 4,000 players on the same screen at the same time, making it possible to connect with the largest number of people in gaming history. The first event will be held for 45 minutes immediately after the opening ceremony at The Game Awards at 13:30 (Japan time) on December 9th, and will be held every 4 hours from 17:00 until January 2nd. Accessible for free on iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation, it’s easy to watch even if you’ve never played Sky before.
Through this concert, thatgamecompany will drive the future of in-game concerts by redefining what is possible through unprecedented music, storytelling and interactivity that allows people to connect and complete concerts. . We hope that you will experience an unprecedented musical journey.
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AURORA Comment
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“When I say ‘yes’ to doing this collaboration, I feel like I’m saying ‘yes’ to making something really special that really means something to people and that ultimately brings them together. It’s all beautiful and it’s an honor to work with thatgamecompany to make it happen.” CEO/Creative Director Jenova Chen Comment
“Sky has always been an experience of connecting with people, and this concert is a further extension of that. Through the concert, we hope to bring people together to share a moving and beautiful journey like never before. AURORA has the ability to express depth of emotion and appeal to many different types of people, so this collaboration is aimed at realizing that “unprecedented moving and beautiful journey”. And her values ​​are very similar to those of Sky and Sky’s amazing community, so it feels like a perfect fit.”
About pre-ordering collaboration items
Starting today, you can pre-order new merchandise celebrating the collaboration, including AURORA stuffed animals, at thatskyshop. Please see below for details.
A solo performance in Japan is scheduled for February 17, 2023 (Friday)! About “AURORA”

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AURORA, who grew up in the fjords and mountains of Bergen, Norway, is a Scandinavian pop singer-songwriter who captivates Katy Perry and Billie Eilish. Their 2016 debut album “All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend” received praise from numerous music media and debuted at number one on the Norwegian album charts.
In the movie “Frozen 2” released in 2019, he acted as a voice actor and participated in the feature song “Into the Unknown”. The first tour to Japan in 2019 was sold out on the same day, showing tremendous popularity in Japan. In response to the passion of Japanese fans, he will return to Japan for the SUPERSONIC appearance in September 2021, and on February 17, 2023 (Friday), the long-awaited solo performance will be held at Toyosu PIT. schedule. In addition, the CD album “The Gods We Can Touch – Japan Special Edition” commemorating the visit to Japan will be released on January 18, 2023. A Japanese original edition that adds a total of 10 new songs and new version sound sources to the latest album “The Gods We Can Touch” released in January 2022. A lottery plan has been decided to win a meet & greet where you can meet Aurora at the performance in Japan at Toyosu PIT and a performance poster with an autograph.
AURORA Official Website:

オーロラ、SUPERSONIC2021のライヴ音源を含む来日記念盤リリース決定!来日公演会場でのミート&グリート企画も開催。「Sky 星を紡ぐ子どもたち」でのバーチャルコンサート開催を記念したアルバム『Sky: Concert in the Light』配信開始!

What is “Sky: Children Who Spin the Stars”?
“Sky Children who spin the stars” is a social adventure game that is being distributed very popular on iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation. Designed to be intuitively playable for everyone, it is an experience that stirs the heart, makes people feel connected to others, and allows them to share their emotions. With these ideals in mind, “Sky” has captured the hearts of many players since its release in 2019, and continues to be vigorously updated. The total number of downloads worldwide has exceeded 160 million (as of March 2022), and in September 2022, it won the Japan Game Awards 2022 Excellence Award. With the PlayStation version, which began distribution on December 7, 2022, the world of Sky will continue to expand. We will continue to create works that will be enjoyed by many people and will be loved forever.
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[Twitter account] (@thatskygameJP) [Instagram account] (@thatskygamejp) that game company
thatgamecompany is committed to developing widely-accepted, artistic, emotional and rich experiences.
The works he has created so far, such as “flOw”, “Flower”, “Kaze no Tabibito”, “Sky: Children Who Weave the Stars”, have received numerous awards and have been certified as part of the permanent collection of the Smithsonian American Art Museum. It has also been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world. By expanding the possibilities of emotional experiences that can be realized with games, we will create entertainment that is enjoyed and loved by all people, regardless of age, culture, or background.
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