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The best in the beauty industry, gathered here! “BEST ITEM VIP PARTY 2022” Award Announcement Party Held

Beauty Economy Newspaper Co., Ltd.
The best in the beauty industry, gathered here! “BEST ITEM VIP PARTY 2022” Award Announcement Party Held

“BEST ITEM VIP PARTY 2022” hosted by Beauty Keizai Shimbun Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo CEO: Tetsutaro Hanakami) at TRUNK (HOTEL) (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) on Tuesday, November 22, 2022 was held. “BEST ITEM” is an award project of the industry information magazine “Esthetic Tsushin” for salon managers, where only products whose names are listed in the “sales key factor survey” conducted for beauty salons nationwide can win.
Even in an unstable social situation, this year we invite readers of “Esthetic Tsushin” and Estsu Premium Club members to have the opportunity to actually experience the products that have continued to support the sales of beauty salons. invited. With about 130
participants and 16 companies exhibiting, it was a memorable first award announcement party, and it was a lively event.
[Image 1d46762-28-ec01e43f929e9a85da68-0.png&s3=46762-28-5dda01bdbaa76ca2c4a642fa7e7d435f-1920x1080.png

Opening ceremony
The party started with a gorgeous video suitable for BEST ITEM VIP PARTY 2022. After the video, Mr. Tsubasa Nishisaka, Managing Director of Slim Beauty House Co., Ltd. made an opening speech. The appreciation of having been able to overcome the difficult situation caused by the corona crisis with the support of many people must have won the sympathy of the participants.
The representative of the organizer, Hanagami, explained the service “S-Tsu Premium Club” provided to all beauty salons. We have a lot of useful information for estheticians, so please take advantage of it. [Image 2d46762-28-dd8168207c582046f81d-4.jpg&s3=46762-28-6d476e9aa64b818cd093158c9c5a99c7-3900x2600.jpg

Representative company award ceremony
At the award ceremony, which can be said to be the main part of this party, three companies stood on stage as representatives from among the companies that won the best item.
■Representative companies (in order of presentation)
Global Science Co., Ltd.
Award-winning products: VICTORIA (hair loss category), RIOXY (hair loss category), DiNa (facial category)
[Image 3d46762-28-16b96d6aa820a0a95d0e-8.jpg&s3=46762-28-15a6e8f9784c71024e71907b82d57cf1-3900x2600.jpg
Allen Co., Ltd.
Award-winning products: Ravissa (R) series (facial category), Skin Scientist (R) Wrinkle AI (R) (store sales category)
[Image 4d46762-28-15b40e124ad8c76c132f-9.jpg&s3=46762-28-6ba7471df63df61178f9ab6f89bc5b24-3900x2600.jpg
Rhythm Co., Ltd.
Award-winning products: enisie series (facial category), BODY OH! (body category), Ul Transformers (body category)
[Image 5d46762-28-2335c8cf0dd989ccc1cb-10.jpg&s3=46762-28-8f58ba223d672f51f485ca3a3820478b-3900x2600.jpg
We felt a strong desire to create new products that will contribute to salons from all companies. While many products are being produced, I would like to expect a gem that will continue to be chosen by salons.

Participants experiencing award-winning products
This time, 16 companies exhibited at this party to promote their award-winning products. At the booths of companies that gathered in a hurry, the participants experienced the greatness of the products that the companies were proud of. Some booths were so popular that people lined up.
There are only items that have been approved by esthetic salons, so no matter where you go, you will find products that you will want to try. It must have been helpful in choosing products for salons in the future.

[Image 6d46762-28-5c777c0a643f0b958c1d-6.jpg&s3=46762-28-2091f2cc77b9032f210c7ed3c909c989-3900x2600.jpg

Luxury gift lottery
At the end of the party, a lottery was held to win luxurious gifts. More than 60 presents were prepared, and the participants were very excited. After the lottery, the winners lined up at the exchange place. It seems that this gift was also a new encounter with the product. I would like you to make use of it in future salon
*Photos are some of the prizes.
[Image 7d46762-28-af8431a5295ced6a4903-5.jpg&s3=46762-28-61010bf1276c1c65e07b4a5e9cb680f8-3900x2600.jpg

Voices of participants
Compared to the usual large-scale exhibitions, the number of participants and exhibitors at this party was small, so many said that they were able to take their time and hear about the products. In addition, it seems that they were able to experience many of the benefits of face-to-face meetings, such as being able to interact with salons that had only been connected on Instagram.
At this party, I was able to reconfirm the goodness of meeting people by talking face-to-face and encountering products.
Although the new coronavirus may be in the future, we would like to continue to actively hold events that will serve as a place for interaction between esthetic salons and between salons and
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