The Chugoku Bank, Ltd. Chugin Infinity Fund No. 2 to invest in Restas Co., Ltd.

The Chugoku Bank, Ltd.
Chugin Infinity Fund No. 2 to invest in Restus Co., Ltd.

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Chugin Capital Partners (1-15-20, Marunouchi, Kita-ku, Okayama City, 9th floor, Chugin Main Store Building, Representative Director Eiki Kobashi) has established Restus Co., Ltd. ( We would like to inform you that we have subscribed to a third-party allotment of new shares of our company.
In addition to the platform “Restas” that allows you to easily order custom-made products on the Internet as easily as ordering ready-made products, we also have multiple sites specialized for each product, “Name Engraved Calendar Factory” and “Name We operate Seal Factory. While achieving our medium-term goal of becoming a “Fast Custom Order Company*,” we have contributed to reforming the industrial structure and supply chains faced by manufacturing companies throughout Japan, improving the productivity and quality of Japan as a whole, and improving the working environment. are also expected to contribute to As diversified consumer needs require high-mix low-volume production, through this investment, we will act as a bridge between the manufacturing companies in the business areas of the Chugoku Bank Group and our company, supporting the sustainable growth of both parties. We will contribute to regional revitalization.
The Chugoku Bank Group will continue to work toward the further development of local communities through collaboration with startups with innovative ideas and business models.
*Fast Custom Order Company
A company that leads to a world where custom-made products can be obtained more easily than now.
1. Overview of investment projects
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[Comment from Susumu Owaki, Representative Director of Restus Co., Ltd.]  In order to purchase custom-ordered products on the existing platform, the UX was not optimized, face-to-face sales required many man-hours, and it was difficult to sell at a reasonable price, especially in the case of small lots. Restus can easily purchase custom-ordered products through its proprietary system, sells even small lots at reasonable prices, and deals directly with small and medium-sized manufacturers, which have low profitability due to a multi-contracting structure. , I think that it leads to DX (high profitability) of small and medium-sized manufacturing industries and regional revitalization. 11 years ago, Restus, which started with EC sales of name calendars, currently handles more than 4,000
custom-ordered items, and is growing as a platformer with about 20,000 corporate companies and about 180,000 individuals trading annually. is ready. With this investment, we will work together with Chugin Capital Partners to partner with partner companies in the Chugoku and Shikoku regions so that we can achieve our medium-term goal of becoming a leading fast custom order company in Japan. We will move forward together.
[Role of Lestas]
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[Lestas business model]
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2. Overview of Chugin Infinity Fund No. 2
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