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The Chugoku Bank, Ltd. Underwriting of SDGs Private Placement Bonds “Advertising PR Type” (Ohara Gumi Co., Ltd.)

The Chugoku Bank, Ltd.
Underwriting of SDGs Private Placement Bonds “Advertising PR Type” (Ohara Gumi Co., Ltd.)

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 Our bank supports companies that contribute to the local community through the issuance of private placement bonds. On December 20th (Tuesday), we will underwrite and act as a financial agent for Ohara Gumi Co., Ltd.’s “SDGs private placement bond “advertising PR type””, and part of the fee will be used to support the issuing company’s efforts regarding SDGs. We will post an advertisement for
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*“SDGs Private Placement Bonds “Advertising PR Type””
Support for issuing companies’ SDGs initiatives through advertising With the aim of
Privately placed bonds that advertise about.
[Summary of issuing companies and private placement bonds]
Issue name: Oharagumi Co., Ltd. 5th Unsecured Bonds (limited to the bank’s guaranteed and qualified institutional investors)
Location: 128-2 Toshinden, Minami-ku, Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture Representative: Tomohiko Ohara
Industry: General construction industry
Net sales: 3,538 million yen (fiscal year ended June 2022)
Issue amount: 300 million yen
Date of issue: December 20, 2020 (Tuesday)
Issue period: 3 years
Repayment method: Scheduled redemption (repayment in half-year installments) Use of funds: Working capital
Comment: Through general construction, we have contributed to the creation of a prosperous community centered on Okayama Prefecture and the creation of a foundation for living. With the motto, “Do everything with all your heart and nothing will not come true,” we act with dignity even in difficult times, putting ourselves in the customer’s position more than the customer. As interest in SDGs increases, we will continue to make further contributions to local communities in order to “realize a sustainable recycling-oriented society.”
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