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The developer of the mahjong app “Cyber ​​Mahjong” explains it himself! “Algorithm and Implementation of Com petitive Mahjong Game AI” Published December 23rd!

Shuwa System Co., Ltd.
The developer of the mahjong app “Cyber ​​Mahjong” explains it himself! “Algorithm and Implementation of Competitive Mahjong Game AI” Published December 23rd!

A publication commemorative event “Cyber ​​Mahjong Cup” will also be held at the online match mahjong “Tenpo”!
Shuwa System Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Chairman and President Tomokazu Ueda) will publish a new book “Algorithm and implementation of competitive mahjong game AI” on December 23, 2022.
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This book is a book that explains the source code of the open source mahjong application “Dennou Masho” by the developer himself. The first four chapters are “East Hall”, the latter four chapters are “South Hall”, and the appendix is ​​”West Hall”.
In the first half, “Higashiba”, we explain how to proceed with the game according to various rules, explaining how to calculate the number of Shanten, which is the key to creating a mahjong app, how to determine winning roles, and how to calculate points. Implementing mahjong, which has complex rules, would be difficult even just for this part before AI, but we have mathematically unraveled the rules and put some ingenuity into programming. And this is also the base of AI implementation. In the second half, “Nanba”, we will implement a program that follows specific tactical instructions, the so-called “theory of mahjong”, and explain the process of strengthening the mahjong AI step by step. By playing AI with different algorithms, you can check whether the tactics are correct and evolve into a stronger AI.
Machine learning is not used in “Dennou Masho”, so this book does not cover topics related to machine learning. Therefore, it is a practical example of how to program tactics involving complex elements. The author, Mr. Kobayashi, states the following in this book.
The AI ​​used in this book programs specific tactics such as “Which tile to cut”, “Which tile to bark”, and “Which tile can beat the reach?” device”. In this book, we simulate the superiority and inferiority of tactics by actually playing different algorithms against each other, and also introduce the results.
“Dennou Masho” is a web application implemented with HTML5 + CSS3 + JavaScript. Since the source code is released under the MIT license, it is also possible to incorporate your own AI. Please refer to this book and start developing an original mahjong app.
book outline
Title: Algorithm and implementation of competitive mahjong game AI Author: Satoshi Kobayashi
List price: 3520 yen (tax included)
Release date: December 23, 2022
Rakuten Books:
table of contents
 East Station Introduction
 East 2nd game hand tiles and number of Shanten
 East three stations winning point calculation
 East 4 game progress
 Minami Ichiseki Mahjong AI program
 Minami 2 Station Crying
Minamisanboku handmade
 South 4 station push-pull
 West Station Chinese in the program
 West 2nd station rules, tiles, statistical information
Nishisankyoku Mahjong basic library and related tools
 West 4 stations Reference sites/books
Publication event summary
An event “Cyber ​​Mahjong Cup” commemorating the publication of this book will be held at the online match mahjong “Tenpo”. In order to participate in this event, you must be a paid member of the online match mahjong “Tenpo” (with 3 or more days left on the day of the tournament). For details, please check the event overview above. [Image 2d49716-84-c17fa7f9fbe969ea20d0-1.png&s3=49716-84-9b09557bd899430bd192d4ce117f5479-1457x1043.png

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