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The first halftime show will be held at “3150FIGHT vol.4”! Founder Koki Kameda negotiated directly with T-BOLAN and decided to appear!

Kameda Promotion Co., Ltd.
The first halftime show will be held at “3150FIGHT vol.4”! Founder Koki Kameda negotiated directly with T-BOLAN and decided to appear!
The boxing event “3150FIGHT” produced by Koki Kameda will hold “3150FIGHT vol.4” at Edion Arena Osaka 1st stadium on January 6, 2023 (Friday). This time, it has been decided that the first halftime show of “3150FIGHT” will be held, and T-BOLAN will appear.
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Sports and entertainment have in common the power to give excitement, courage, and hope to the world. Seeing the world’s top artists liven up the halftime show just like American football’s Super Bowl, I was planning to do it at “3150FIGHT” as well. And this time, T-BOLAN’s appearance has been confirmed, and the halftime show will be held in earnest at “3150FIGHT vol.4”.
Koki Kameda, the founder of T-BOLAN, a four-piece rock band
representing the 1990s, declares that he has been a fan since junior high school. In the past, Koki Kameda’s vocalist Moritomo sang the national anthem at the world title match. I made a request to BOLAN and decided to perform at the halftime show. We are planning to appear after 15:00 on the day.
The boxing event “3150FIGHT vol.4” will be broadcast live on ABEMA on Friday, January 6, 2023 (delivery URL)
The main event will be held for the first time as “3150FIGHT”, IBF world minimumweight champion Daniel Valladares (Mexico) VS class 5th place Ginjiro Shigeoka (Watanabe) and WBO world minimumweight champion Masataka Taniguchi ( Watanabe) VS Melvin Jerusaem (Philippines) 2nd place in the same class. Please pay attention to the first world race and the first halftime show as “3150FIGHT”.
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T-BOLAN. A rock band consisting of vocalist Arashi Moritomo, drummer Kazuyoshi Aoki, guitarist Takashi Gomi, and bassist Hirofumi Ueno. Debuted on July 10, 1991 with the single “Kanashii ga itaiyo”. It has been about three and a half years since their debut, centering on the 2nd single “I don’t want to leave”, which was an exceptionally long hit, as well as big hits such as “Jirettai Ai”, “Bye for Now”, “Passing Junjou”, and “Maria”. During this period, 12 singles, 5 original albums, and 2 concept albums were released at an amazing speed (total sales of CDs: about 14 million). The band disbanded. In 2015, after Ueno collapsed due to subarachnoid hemorrhage, the members thought, “What if I could become a goal for Ueno’s strength and rehabilitation?” We carry out full-scale nationwide tours one after another with the theme of “connection”. In 2022, he released his 6th original album “Ai no Bomb = CHERISH ~Message from Einstein~” for the first time in about 28 years, and the tour with the album was also successful. I want you to pay attention to the documentary called T-BOLAN, which does not stop energetic activities!

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Date: Friday, January 6, 2022
■ Doors open: 12:30; Scheduled event start: 13:00
■ Venue: Edion Arena Osaka First Stadium (350m from “Namba” station on each subway line)
■ Organizer: Kameda Promotion
■ Sponsors: Sponsor companies
■ Provided: Each participating gym
■ Certification: Japan Boxing Commission
■ “3150FIGHT” official page:
■ “3150FIGHT” Official Instagram: ■ “3150FIGHT” Official Twitter: ■ ABEMA viewing URL: Contact: “KWORLD3 Boxing Gym” 06-6652-4333 (12:00-20:00, closed on Sundays) [Image 3

[Table 7: ]
Super flyweight 4th round
Hiroki Shibano (Spider Nemoto)
Ryoma Morimoto (KWORLD3)
Welterweight 4th round
Ryo Yabubuki (Orio)
Hiroki Fukushige (KWORLD3)
Super lightweight 5th round
Japan Featherweight 7th place Hironobu Osawa (all)
Kazuki Higuchi (ARITOMI)
Featherweight Round 8
Japan Super Bantamweight 5th Place Nakagawa Mugicha (Ichiriki) vs
Kenya Yamashita (JB SPORTS)
Super featherweight 6th round
Japan Super Featherweight 5th place Tsubasa Narai (RK Kamata) vs
Japan Super Featherweight 14th Hiroshi Ichido (T & T)
Heavyweight 4th round
Satoshi Ishii
Han Chang (Korea)
Flyweight Round 8
Ayumu Hanada (Shinken Hanshin)
WBC World Light Flyweight No. 4 Asael Villal (Panama)
Heavyweight 8th round
Japan Heavyweight Champion Mitsuro Tajima (KWORLD3)
Bedan Agarwal (India)
WBO Asia Pacific Super Featherweight title match 12th round
Yoshimitsu Kimura (Shisei)
Chikaraishi Political Law (Green)
IBF world minimumweight title match
Champion Daniel Valladares (Mexico)
Class 5th Ginjiro Shigeoka (Watanabe)
WBO world minimumweight title match
Champion Masataka Taniguchi (Watanabe)
Class 2nd Melvin Jerusam (Philippines)
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■ Ticket type for sale:
SRS seat 50,000 yen RS seat 30,000 yen A seat 15,000 yen B seat 10,000 yen 2nd floor B seat 10,000 yen
3150 ticket 2nd floor ¥3,150 (NEW!)
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