The high school version of “Karaoke English”, which is popular for speaking test preparation, will be available from November 15th.

REKIDS Co., Ltd.
The high school version of “Karaoke English”, which is popular for speaking test preparation, will be available from November 15th. “Karaoke English” is a speaking drill that has been introduced to 300 elementary and junior high schools nationwide and has been learned by 100,000 people. The main basic grammar course has been renewed by adding high school English to junior high school English.

“Karaoke English” can now seamlessly learn English from elementary school to high school at the same usage fee as before, both at school and at home.
REKIDS Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director Rika Yukimasa, hereinafter REKIDS) will expand the curriculum of the basic grammar course of the speaking drill “Karaoke English” to junior high school English + high school English and start offering it from November 15th. . There is no change in the usage fee.
■The basic grammar course is now junior high school English + high school English. Increased level of spoken English
 Everyone should be able to communicate in English if they can acquire the ability to listen and speak effectively through reading aloud, and use junior high school English. I want to create a learning method that can overcome the “speaking” that Japanese people have a complex about. From that thought, karaoke English was developed six years ago. This year, after seeing children who had just started learning English using this material now taking the speaking test for high school entrance exams, we implemented a renewal so that they could learn even better English. With Karaoke English, you can seamlessly learn from junior high school English to high school English with a single basic grammar course, and support not only high school students but also many learners who want to relearn and brush up their English to further acquire speaking skills.
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■ A unique method of learning to read aloud has been well received as a measure against speaking tests for high school entrance exams. By recording aloud the English you hear and comparing it with the model, you will improve your English listening and speaking skills. And by doing a momentary English composition to finish, you will train your speaking ability close to conversation. Karaoke English’s unique “mouth imitation” learning method is attracting attention as a way to prepare for speaking tests. By integrating high school English this time, Karaoke English can be used not only for speaking tests for high school entrance exams, but also for English proficiency exams such as university entrance exams.
■ Obtained a patent as a language teaching material in 2022
For karaoke English, 1. A karaoke subtitle system that follows colored letters 2. Using different sense organs such as ears, mouth, and eyes to “listen to English → speak out → listen to your own English → read” 3. There are many features such as the devising of matching the commas of the Japanese translation to the division of English words so that it is easy to compose instantaneous English sentences. In July 2022, they were recognized and patented as language learning materials. [Image 2d14084-4-11fcb4913bab42555ece-1.png&s3=14084-4-7bc86e5488f0d29cf06482d940f09551-851x851.png
■Karaoke English won the Japan e-Learning Grand Prize
 Karaoke English won the “Active Learning Special Category” at the 2017 Japan e-Learning Awards immediately after its launch.
(e-Learning grand prize mark)
[Image 3d14084-4-e34de37fbe9b64495711-2.png&s3=14084-4-0c5e3e1e31947207b2cc2706c34680cf-523x401.png
■ About REKIDS Co., Ltd.
Turning education into entertainment!
REKIDS Co., Ltd. provides 4 skills English teaching materials that ignite children’s curiosity and nurture their ability to think, as well as STEAM and inquiry learning materials for elementary school students.
Company name: REKIDS Co., Ltd.
Location: Nihonbashi CET Building 2F, 2-28-4 Higashi-Nihombashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0004
Established: November 25, 2004
Representative: Representative Director Rika Yukimasa
■ Service information
Speaking drill “Karaoke English”
A speaking drill that teaches pronunciation and sentence patterns by imitating and recording English model voices. Suitable for a wide range of ages from kindergarten to high school. 980 yen per month (excluding tax)
*The above amounts are for individual accounts. School plans are available for local governments, schools, and other educational institutions, so please contact us.
■ Reference information
・Book “Learning Elementary English from Sound” (Shinsensha, 2021) by Rika Yukimasa
・Shogakukan Hagkumu “Let’s learn about English education in elementary and junior high schools to acquire useful English!”
・Asahi Shimbun EduA “Can you speak English without studying abroad? Ask Rika Yukimasa, how to study at home to raise bilinguals”
・IiBC International Business Communication Church (TOEIC) “My Turning Point in English” ・Usage example Mr. Mitsuo Nobuchi, Hidehiro Mito Elementary School
・ Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry EdTech introduction subsidy demonstration project 2022 result report ・ Free ・ STEAM ・ Exploratory learning site “I see! Agent”
With the same character as karaoke English, it cultivates a spirit of inquiry and the basics of critical thinking.
・Karaoke English Youtube Channel
・Karaoke English learners Before/After

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