The Hokuriku Bank, Ltd. About the trial start of “business casual”

The Hokuriku Bank, Ltd.
About the trial start of “business casual”

The Hokuriku Bank (President: Hiroshi Nakazawa) and The Hokkaido Bank (President: Yuji Kanema) of the Hokuhoku Financial Group will start a trial of “business casual*”, so we will inform you as follows. This trial is one of the initiatives aimed at “realizing a work style that promotes well-being” as set forth in Hokuhoku Financial Group’s medium-term management plan. ), we aim to foster a corporate culture that encourages free and open-minded creativity.
The Bank and The Hokkaido Bank respect the individuality and autonomy of each and every employee, and strive to create a work environment that respects diverse values ​​and new ideas to make it easier to work and improve customer service. increase.
*Business casual: Clothing suitable for visiting customers and business partners 1. Purpose
(1) Efforts toward changes in the social environment and SDGs Ease of working, health and gender equality, consideration for the environment (2) Efforts to realize well-being work styles
Promote diversity and improve engagement
(3) Cultivate a corporate culture that encourages flexible thinking, open-mindedness, and creativity
2. Target audience
All officers and employees
3. trial period
January 4, 2023 (Wednesday) to June 30, 2023 (Friday)
・Every Wednesday and Friday are “business casual recommended days”. ・Based on the opinions, etc. during the trial period, we plan to officially transition.
4. Applicable SDGs goals


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