The Hokuriku Bank, Ltd. Concluded a business matching agreement with Better Place Co., Ltd.

The Hokuriku Bank, Ltd.
Concluded a business matching agreement with Better Place Co., Ltd. “Hagukumi Fund” contributes to the retention of human resources, which is an issue for SMEs

The Hokuriku Bank (President Hiroshi Nakazawa) has concluded a business matching agreement with Better Place Co., Ltd. (President Shinji Morimoto, hereinafter “Better Place”).
Better Place introduces and continues to support the retirement allowance system centered on the defined benefit corporate pension plan “Welfare Hagukumi Corporate Pension Fund” (hereinafter “Hagukumi Fund”). We introduce the “Hagukumi Fund” to corporate customers who are worried about the retention of human resources. The “Hagukumi Fund” is expected to support employee asset formation, improve employee engagement and retention rate, and can be used as one of the welfare programs for staff retention.
The Bank will continue to strive to provide products and services to solve various issues and meet the asset building needs of regional customers.
1. About the Hagukumi Fund
[Image 1d27374-365-3d02b5ca1a3d236b6914-1.png&s3=27374-365-ce6687d7757edd8791a25b3774e928a2-1435x526.png
Currently in Japan, the “decrease in the working population” is progressing due to population decline and super-aging, and there is a chronic labor shortage in the childcare, nursing care, and medical industries in particular. In addition, the most common reason for young workers to retire from a company is financial reasons*1, and the number one concern about money for the working generation is “funds for retirement”*2.
Better Place is a new corporate pension “Hagukumi Fund” that benefits both companies and workers in order to support people who support people’s lives and social lives, including childcare, nursing care, and medical workers, and the industry. is established.
Business owners can establish a retirement allowance system without capital, and managers and executives can also participate. Since the enhancement of the system leads to improved employee satisfaction and a lower turnover rate, it is used as one of the welfare programs to help retain human resources, especially in the welfare industry, where labor shortages are becoming more serious.
Benefits for employees include no need for difficult investment knowledge and principal is guaranteed. In addition, pension assets can be received not only when employees retire, but also when they are on leave, or when they are on childcare or nursing care leave. Currently, 73% of participating businesses are medical and welfare related, but companies in other industries can also join.
■ Service introduction site URL: (source)
*1 Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Overview of the 2018 Young Persons Employment Survey
*2 QUICK Asset Management Institute, “Awareness Survey on Individual Asset Formation,” November 2019
2. About Better Place
■Company name
Better Place Co., Ltd.
■ Location
Sanhiro Building 9F, 9-9 Yotsuyazakacho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
■ Representative
President Shinji Morimoto
Representative Director and COO Shigeki Furuichi
October 17, 2011
■ Business content
“Welfare Hagukumi Corporate Pension Fund” Retirement allowance system introduction design and support
Corporate Defined Contribution Pension Introduction Design and Support IT system development for the welfare industry: Shift work table automatic creation system “Work/Life”
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3. Applicable SDGs goals
[Image 2d27374-365-f4a27576130ae096f1b3-2.png&s3=27374-365-66fe31870b1de0b44aedc40210d76596-1276x1276.png
8. Decent work and economic growth

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