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The ideal commute time is 30 minutes, at 57%, the most! Questionnaire survey on commuting

Q.E.D. Partners Co., Ltd.
The ideal commute time is 30 minutes, at 57%, the most! Questionnaire survey on commuting
Commuting time

Q.E.D. Partners Co., Ltd. conducted a survey on “commuting time”. How long is your ideal commute? , Which do you think is better, remote work or commuting? And so on, I will introduce you to the awareness survey of 152 women.
Article source URL: Survey method: multiple-choice and descriptive by Internet cloud service Target: 152 people
Survey period: December 18-20, 2022
Number of valid responses: 152
Survey period: In-house survey
■ Age of survey respondents
[Image 1d59806-50-e8de879eca18cc5a20fc-1.jpg&s3=59806-50-95527015a031c76412bf98e512f97819-800x600.jpg
We received cooperation from 152 women in their 20s to 60s.
Question 1 Please tell me the commute time to the company.
~10 minutes
~30 minutes
~45 minutes
~1 hour
~1 hour 30 minutes
~2 hours
2 hours or more
[Image 2d59806-50-d2cd2f3e50a2171d2769-2.jpg&s3=59806-50-7eeff0b3981c8274458270b864765765-800x600.jpg
Among the women who cooperated with the survey this time, the majority of respondents answered that their commuting time was “within 30 minutes.”
Question 2 What do you think is the ideal commute time?
10 minutes
half an hour
45 minutes
1 hour
1 hour and 30 minutes
2 hours
Any hours
[Image 3d59806-50-ecbf28818bc16b29dae6-3.jpg&s3=59806-50-1309a627bc95116999bea93076c13b18-800x600.jpg
I thought that a shorter commute time would be preferred, but 35% of the respondents chose “10 minutes” and 57% chose “30 minutes”. It seems that many people want to avoid being too close to the company. For this reason, it was found that many people ideally set the commute time from home to work at a comfortable level of “about 30 minutes”. Question 3 Please tell us what you do during your commute.
listening to music
Are sleeping
Read books, newspapers, comics, etc.
do nothing
[Image 4d59806-50-b196abda43726633f1a4-4.jpg&s3=59806-50-0be024c00250a33e46b80177c3e64dd9-800x600.jpg

Listening to music: 52%
Sleeping 6.6%
Do nothing: 24.3%
Reading books, newspapers, comics, etc. 7.9%
As a result of asking 152 women, listening to music was the most common at 52%. Next, I think that there are many people who have been working from home due to the corona sickness, so I asked about teleworking, which is working from home instead of commuting.
Question 4 Have you experienced telework during the corona crisis? [Image 5d59806-50-740ffa3cccf0b6d823a1-5.jpg&s3=59806-50-e040a244070735a454ceb0b1e4308588-800x600.jpg
It seems that 45% of people have experienced telework.
Question 5 Which do you think is better, telework or going to work? complete telework
Telework 3-4 times a week
Telework once or twice a week
Regular attendance
[Image 6d59806-50-dcae4de2dae0261933aa-6.jpg&s3=59806-50-77b4df30872083bfc204aaba2223a4c3-800x600.jpg
Complete telework: 27.7%
Telework 3-4 times a week: 35.5%
Telework once or twice a week: 21.9%
Regular attendance: 14.8%
This is the result.
Surprisingly, more people chose “telework 3-4 times a week” than “complete telework”.
The graph below shows the opinions of only “experienced teleworkers” about this question.
☑️ “Which do you think is better, telework or going to work?” [Image 7d59806-50-1f06ef614fc285fc6a89-7.jpg&s3=59806-50-00d241f5bb4930a11a184e9a47c7f568-800x600.jpg
Complete telework: 34.8%
Telework 3-4 times a week: 37.7%
Telework once or twice a week: 20.3%
Regular attendance: 7.2%
It can be seen that people who have experienced telework want to work in “telework”.
Lastly, I asked the respondents to give their reasons for answering the question, “Which do you think is better, teleworking or going to work?”
☑️ Opinions of those who answered that “complete telework” is good Because the risk of corona infection is the lowest and you can shorten your commute time.
Because there is little loss of commuting time and I can work freely. I’m afraid of corona infection, so it’s good to work from home. Absolutely telework. Especially in winter, you can choose the temperature setting of the heater, you can prevent the infection of the flu, and I think that you can solve the problem of human relations to some extent by creating a distance.
Because my child is small, I can’t go to work if I can’t leave him at a nursery school when he’s sick.
Save time and money by not having to commute
It eliminates commuting time, eliminates the eyes of those around you in the company, and makes you stress-free.
It’s a complete commute, so I feel envious when I see teleworkers Because telework allows you to concentrate on your work.
Telework saves commuting time, so you can use your time effectively. I can do housework during my lunch break without having to spend time commuting. I can work at home without feeling too stressed. Also, when I go to the office, I lose my concentration because I talk to other people, so it’s easier to concentrate at home.
With telework, there is no need to worry about the people around you, and you can work in a relaxed state without hearing your boss’s chatter or complaints.
Telework is better. Our company doesn’t have face-to-face meetings, so I don’t have time to put on makeup or fix my hair.
Reduce commute time and make more efficient use of time
Telework is easier because there is no commuting time.
There are not many web conferences, so telework eliminates the need to arrange hair or apply makeup, so you can sleep longer, clean, wash, and shop. It can also be used for side jobs.
I was able to secure my private time by being able to freely use my commuting time.
I can do housework during breaks, so if possible, I would like to do a completely telework job.
I don’t want to meet people at work
☑️ Opinions of those who answered that “Telework 3-4 times a week” is good Despite the infectiousness of the corona virus, measures have not yet been established to deal with the tightness of treatment and medical care. I’m here.
I want to work from home at my own pace, but my house gets bogged down every day. I want to go to the company about two days a week. If you go to work, it’s good to interact with real people, but when you think about commuting time, it’s easier to work from home without wasting time.
Rather than choosing one or the other, I think it would be best to adjust telework and working days depending on the infection status and work situation.
I think telework and going to work, about half and half, is a good balance. I think it makes life easier to balance.
Because it seems that the relationship with people will be lost if it is complete telework.
I think you don’t have to use your nerves if you can work from home. However, I would like to go to work once or twice a week because I feel like I would be lazy if I was perfect.
I feel that my commute time is wasted. If it takes an hour to get there and back, it’s because there’s work you can do in that hour. I have absolutely no experience with telework, and I don’t have the confidence to proceed with the work I don’t know from one to one. I want a day when I can go to work and meet someone.
“If I don’t have to go to work, I don’t have time to commute. However, if I telework all the time, I won’t have the opportunity to meet my colleagues at the same time, so I want to go to work for at least one day.”
When I go to work and think about it, I feel more comfortable at home for half the week
Because it’s easier to work alone. It’s hard to work if it’s completely telework, so it’s ideal to telework 3-4 times a week. The balance between telework and going to work depends on the work content, but considering the time to go to work, it is better to do a lot of telework because it is easier to secure your own time. Telework is good because I want to reduce troublesome human relationships. I feel stressed during my commute, and basically my job can be teleworked. Telework is possible if the system is properly constructed, but I feel that face-to-face meetings are better for meetings and coordination of work, so I feel that a balance of about half and half is good. Efficient and easy to use ON and OFF time properly.
Since the commute time is saved, you can get to work in a relaxed manner. On the other hand, I think it would be better to come to the office at least once a week because there are some jobs that can only be done face-to-face.
Telework is good when you want to work silently, but sometimes you want to interact face-to-face with team members.
Telework is more convenient because it makes it easier to do housework, but I feel that if I have to check something, I can’t move right away unless I go to work, so I think it’s okay to go to work once or twice a week.
With complete telework, it is difficult to maintain a sharpness in work. Also, social connections become weaker.
“When I work from home every day, I can’t help but feel like I’m wasting my time.
If you work completely from home, you might be left behind by society, so it’s good to go to work about once a week. I have a long commute, so telework is comfortable for me.
When I have an event for my child or a PTA, I have to take paid leave, but thanks to the introduction of telework (flexible system), I am able to take time off from work only during the event. It is very helpful to be able to participate.
If work runs smoothly with telework, commuting time is wasted, so I think it would be more efficient to increase telework.
☑️ Opinions of those who answered that “Telework once or twice a week” is good I would be happy if I could telework, but it is difficult for me to work completely from home, so I think a few days a week is the limit. I’m the type of person who doesn’t want to bring work home. However, rather than going to work every day, I thought that if I could work from home once or twice a week, I would be able to use that time for housework because I didn’t have to commute.
I’m raising a child, so I think telework is ideal. If even one person has cold symptoms, they have to take a day off from school and nursery school, as well as from work, so there is almost no paid leave. If he doesn’t have a fever, he doesn’t need constant nursing care, and I think it would be great if I could work in the meantime. Since my work is medical related, I can’t work from home, so I’ve never worked from home before.
If you only telework, you won’t have a clear life
Because I think there are some things that are easier to work on if you go to work
I feel lonely if I work from home all the time, so if I do it once or twice a week, it will be a change of pace.
“I basically go to work and work because I can’t progress with telework mainly because of my type of job. This is because I want to switch to a work style where I concentrate on my work below.” It’s a job that can be completed at home, but there are times when I can’t concentrate on my work at home, so I feel like I’m emotionally exhausted when I’m completely teleworking. However, I think that commuting (and preparing for it) is a waste of time, so I would like telework to be done several times a week.
There are good things about telework, but you also need time to go to work and simply meet people
Sometimes telework is good. Because there is no sudden visitor response for other matters on the way.
Telework doesn’t require moving, so it’s nice to be able to do housework right after work, but it’s difficult to switch on and off. I think it’s better to work from home not every day, but for one or two days.
Face-to-face meetings are more efficient (easier to express opinions) than online meetings, but I was grateful to be able to telework when the weather was bad.
both are needed. It’s easy to work while doing home work with telework. You can relax in your own style, such as exercising on the way. On the other hand, face-to-face meetings are also necessary for communication within the company, as trust relationships and ideas are born in chats.
☑️ Opinions of those who answered that “regular attendance” is better Because you can concentrate on your work when you go to work You can meet people and make arrangements directly
I thought that going to work would make it easier to balance work and private life.
Telework is likely to make you lazy.
I find it difficult to communicate casually, such as when I want to ask someone a question.
Because I wonder if other employees are working
I have never experienced telework, so it’s difficult to compare, but I think I’m suitable for going to work because it gives me a clear distinction between on and off.
Because it’s hard to change your mind when working from home Difficult to communicate with others. There is no sharpness between on and off. I don’t want to bring work home
I get distracted when I’m at home
Telework makes it difficult to separate work and private life, making it difficult to switch between mindsets.
This is because there is a moderate amount of tension when you go to work, and you can maintain your motivation for work. Telework is convenient in that there is no commuting time, but due to my personality, I often lose my focus and often struggle to keep my concentration at work, which causes stress.
This is because it takes time and troublesome to talk directly and ask others for their opinions when telework is used.
It is difficult to communicate with telework, and it is easy to feel uneasy about work, so it is mentally easier to go to work.
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