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The largest pool-type enzyme bath in Tokyo opens in a complex facility specializing in healthcare

Club Awesome Co., Ltd.
The largest pool-type enzyme bath in Tokyo opens in a complex facility specializing in healthcare
Aiming for the synergistic effect of enzyme bath and training to get healthy from the inside out

Opened on November 1, 2022 (Tuesday), “Club Awesome (Club Awesome Co., Ltd.)”, a complex facility specializing in healthcare with a fitness gym at its core, uses natural fermentation heat from cypress sawdust. We have expanded the enzyme bath that we did on Monday, December 12, 2022. (30 seconds walk from JR Nishi-Kokubunji Station)
The enzyme bath is the largest*1 pool type in Tokyo, and can accommodate up to 10 people at a time. It can also be used before and after exercising at the gym or studio*2. *1 According to our research *2 Enzyme bath requires reservation
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[Commitment to Club Awesome Enzyme Bath]
Japan’s enzyme culture is attracting worldwide attention. Enzyme bath facilities are few in Tokyo, and although the benefits of enzyme baths have been reported, their spread has been delayed. A pool-type enzyme bath will be born in Tokyo to break through the current situation. Not only can you spend a relaxing time alone, but you can also spend a relaxing and luxurious time with your loved ones.
The largest pool type in Tokyo
Since we have adopted a pool-type bath, up to about 10 people can take a relaxing bath in a relaxing atmosphere.
Because it is a large bath, even busy people can make a reservation relatively easily, which is an advantage.
The staff is always in front of the enzymatic bath room, so the staff will ask you about your requests during the bath.
● Enzyme bath is usually 20 minutes. There aren’t many 60-minute courses, but our company’s enzyme bath takes a long time, allowing you to enjoy the experience of “repairing from the core.”
Commitment to cypress sawdust
Sawdust made by blending cypress sawdust with a small amount of wild herbs, medicinal herbs, fruits, and rice bran is stirred every day and left overnight to allow microorganisms to ferment during the day. If you like hot, it is recommended to enter in the morning.
By using the fermentation heat at a maximum of 70 degrees and an average of around 60 degrees to warm the body and improve the basal body temperature and metabolism, it enhances the natural healing power and immunity.
[Efficacy of enzyme bath]
By taking enzymes into your body, you improve your basal metabolism and enhance your natural healing power and immunity.
In addition, people who have various physical problems such as improving sensitivity to cold, beautiful skin, body stiffness, recovery from fatigue, irregular menstruation, mental relaxation by regulating the autonomic nerves, and deep and good sleep. Recommended for
[Enzyme bath price summary]
December only open price 60 minutes 2,750 yen (tax included)-enzyme drink, water 500ml, after drink, bathing clothes-
*Telephone reservation during December: 042-320-7160 Regular price 6,600 yen (gym membership price)
* Reservations after the grand opening in January 2023 will be accepted from Thursday, December 22, 2022 through Hot Pepper Beauty and the reservation form on the official website.
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Club Awesome! (Club Awesome!) is based on the concept of “healthy, fun, and beautiful!”, and is equipped with facilities such as a full-fledged fitness gym, various studio programs, enzyme baths, etc., so that even beginners to advanced exercisers can continue to have fun. We offer at a low price of peace of mind.
In the future, we plan to introduce beauty salons, osteopathic clinics, and femtech corners.
[Store overview]
-Club Awesome-
・Address: 3-35-1 Izumicho, Kokubunji-shi, Tokyo West Kokubunji Lega 4F ・TEL: 042-320-7160
・Access: 30 seconds walk from JR Nishi-Kokubunji Station
・Business hours: 6:00-23:00 (Closed on Wednesdays)
・Web membership available
[Equipment information]
・Introduced more than 30 types of training machines that satisfy beginners to advanced users
・A facility with a sense of openness that utilizes a total area of ​​500 tsubo ・3 male showers, 6 female showers
・ Abundant studio lessons for men and women of all ages and children ・Thorough infection control
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