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The number of transactions of the NFT project “CryptoNinja Partners (CNP)” exceeded 20,000. Achieved the hig hest number of domestic NFT transactions

Bucket Co., Ltd.
The number of transactions of the NFT project “CryptoNinja Partners (CNP)” exceeded 20,000. Achieved the highest number of domestic NFT transactions
Among the 3,300 types of NFTs on the Ethereum chain from Japan, the most traded collection

Bucket Co., Ltd., the seller of NFT “CryptoNinja Partners (hereinafter referred to as CNP)” that issues 22,222 items, has exceeded 20,000 transactions in secondary distribution of CNP since its launch in May 2022. , we are pleased to announce that we have achieved the highest number of transactions as an NFT on the Ethereum chain from Japan. [Image 1d12092-56-3ec4b86e4709bd3e9283-0.jpg&s3=12092-56-ea0a9055e965eaa58790154ab66f6d5e-1600x900.jpg
Bucket Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Shinji Akiyama), a seller of NFT “CryptoNinja Partners (hereinafter referred to as CNP)” that issues 22,222 items, has a number of sales transactions in secondary distribution of CNP by 2022. We are pleased to announce that we have exceeded 20,000 transactions since the launch in May 2019, achieving the highest number of transactions for an NFT from Japan on the Ethereum chain.
About CNP
[Image 2d12092-56-28431774f893d0ed83ac-1.jpg&s3=12092-56-5abd0097bd81a049d4cd5393ccc42567-1600x900.jpg
CNP is a project from NinjaDAO, one of the largest NFT communities in Japan with over 65,000 participants. It is a secondary creation collection of IP “CryptoNinja” that develops on the theme of ninja, and the characters that appear are animals drawn as ninja’s partners in “CryptoNinja”. DAO participants worked on planning, design and production, and 22,222 NFTs were released in May 2022.
Immediately after it was sold out, transactions in the secondary distribution market flourished, and the number of holders, which was less than 1,000 at first, increased to about 5,200 (* number of wallets owned by NFT) in seven and a half months. With a total transaction volume of 6,900 ETH (approximately 1.1 billion yen in Japanese yen) and a market capitalization of 51,000 ETH (8.2 billion yen / *Note 1), it is the largest NFT project from Japan.
Of the 22,222 issued NFTs, only 0.8% (about 170 items) have been exhibited in the secondary market. This combination of “low listing rate” and “increase in potential holders” continues to make it easier to close transactions early. And this time, the number of trading transactions exceeded 20,000. In a market where more than 3,300 types of NFT collections from Japan are distributed, CNP has become “the most traded and highly liquid NFT collection”.
To create “experience value”
The theme of CNP is to create new relationships between characters and fans. We are continuing our activities with the aim of transforming the world from a “fan” who enjoys consuming content and goods to a “partner” who enjoys participating in the development of character brands.
As part of this, we focus on the creation of “experience value” that can be obtained by being involved in CNP. Specifically, in the seven months since its release, we have taken the following initiatives. ・Implementation of “Bar Shinobi” event to exchange for new characters without changing the total number of NFTs issued (2 times)
・Release of test version of smartphone app “CNP Friends” for NFT holders ・Release of in-app point function using smartphone step counting function and NFT
・ Release of “Furusato CNP”, which issues NFTs limited to regions as return gifts for hometown tax
・Published “CNP Owners”, a website that introduces benefits at physical stores, such as discounts for NFT holders
・Development of NFT marketplace “Xinobi” with affiliate function ・ World development on the Metaverse platform “The Sandbox” and “Rium” ・Provision of services for corporations where CNP can be purchased in Japanese yen and invoice payment
Also, yesterday, December 26th, with the cooperation of Kayac Akiba Studio Co., Ltd., it was announced that the smartphone game “CNP Shinobi World War (provisional)” will be developed. This is scheduled for release in July 2023.
Furthermore, in the future, we will accelerate our efforts to build a character brand that is popular with people of all ages, such as developing derivative brands with “LINE NFT”, producing CNP cartoons, and promoting culture in collaboration with local governments. Please look forward to CNP in 2023 as well.
*Note) Market capitalization is calculated by multiplying the average price for 7 days by the number of points issued, based on the calculation data of OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT marketplace. Comparison of market capitalization of domestic NFT projects is based on NFTMarketcap (, and comparison of transaction numbers is based on NFT
Inquiries about CNP
・CNP Official Twitter
・CNP official website
・Ninja DAO Official Discord Community
・CNP Owners
CryptoNinja Partners distributor information
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Fixed-rate support for nameless dreams Subscription platform “Fanclove”
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