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The Orchard Japan YOASOBI completes its first overseas performance in great success!

The Orchard Japan
YOASOBI completes its first overseas performance amid great success!
YOASOBI led the Asian culture and completed the first overseas performance at the main stage of the festival “Head In The Clouds” held in Indonesia and the Philippines hosted by 88rising, which was also the main stage of the Coachella festival.
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Photo by Poto-Pot
“Unit that turns novels into music” YOASOBI. The debut song “Yoru ni Kakeru” released in November 2019 quickly gained attention immediately after its release, swept the number one spot on various distribution charts in Japan, and also ranked in the viral charts of multiple countries. It won first place on the annual Billboard JAPAN general song chart and streaming song chart, and the number of streaming playbacks exceeded 800 million times for the first time in history. In August of this year, they made their first summer festival appearance on the stage of “ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2022”, and also performed their first live performances at various festivals, and their special stages and productions using LED panels became a hot topic. In addition to selling books related to YOASOBI, the “mobile bookstore ‘Tabi Suru Bookstore YOASOBI'”, which started in conjunction with the appearance of the summer festival, has a wide range of developments, such as selling curry supervised by Ayase and ikura in a kitchen car. The opening theme “Blessing” of the TV anime “Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch of Mercury”, which began broadcasting on October 2nd, has become a big hit along with the original novel “Cradle Star” (written by Ichiro Okouchi). It’s causing a stir.
They performed at 88rising’s “Head In The Clouds” festival in Jakarta, Indonesia on December 4th (Sun) and in Manila, Philippines on December 9th (Sat), completing their first overseas performance. 88rising is a label based in the United States that spreads the Asian culture scene to the world. He is also working on the original soundtrack for Marvel Studios’ Shang-Chi/The Legend of the Ten Rings, which will be released in September 2021, and Gen Hoshino also participated from Japan. At “88rising’s HEAD IN THE CLOUDS FOREVER”, which decorated the main stage of the 2022 America’s largest outdoor music festival “Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival”, the performance of Hikaru Utada and 2NI1 became a hot topic in Japan.
[Live report]
Upcoming Artist is “YOASOBI”!!
On the evening of Sunday, December 4th, cheers went up from the venue just by announcing that they would be appearing soon.
HEAD IN THE CLOUD FESTIVAL JAKARTA. The festival hosted by 88rising, a music label based in the United States that transmits the Asian culture scene to the world, will be held for the first time in Jakarta. YOASOBI chose the stage for his first overseas live here, focusing on early songs such as “Yoru ni Kakeru”, “Trace That Dream”, and “Maybe”, as well as anime tie-up songs such as “Kaibutsu” and “Blessing”. Another reason is that their songs are very popular in Indonesia. This live will prove that the fact that the data showed is definitely bloody.
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Photo by Poto-Pot
The first song is “Yoru ni Kakeru”. YOASOBI has performed at three summer festivals in Japan this year, and this song has been the top performer in all of them. The audience’s enthusiasm gradually increased along with the intro, which was arranged for a live performance and gradually increased in voltage. “Like sinking, like melting.” The moment the vocalist ikura’s voice resounded, YOASOBI, who was born in the corona crisis, had never heard it before, and the long-awaited “live cheers” burst out under the sky of Jakarta. The next song was “Blessing”, which has been aired overseas as the opening theme for the TV anime “Mobile Suit Gundam Mercury no Majo”. Although it was released relatively recently in October this year, a large audience is singing along in Japanese. Together with the animation, I could feel that the message contained in the song was reaching across the sea.
It was “Mr.” that was shown in quick succession. Just when you think you’ve become one with the audience with the chorus of la la la, ikura sings a heartrending phrase while swaying his body groovy. Hikaru Yamamoto, the bassist who emphasizes the solid side of the song with sharp slaps, Nyuun, the drummer who develops the song with tight fills, and surrenders herself to the music more than anyone else, not only her hands but also her body. The keyboard, Misohagi Zakuro, who expresses the song with his whole body, the guitar, Satoru Taguchi, who is pleasing to the eyes and ears with his aggressive playing and carefully carved cuts. Composer Ayase with a deep expression. Starting with YOASOBI and the other members of the band, who were enjoying their first overseas live and their first cheers, a positive atmosphere seemed to visibly spread to the back of the venue. ikura actively communicates with the audience through greetings in Indonesian and MCs in English. On the other hand, the Jakarta audience cheered in Japanese with “Daisuki”, “Kawaii”, and “Saikou”. Artists and listeners connected by music that transcends language barriers share the same time with mutual respect. The 4th song that was shown in such a way was “maybe”. Just a few days ago, this song was gaining popularity mainly on TikTok in Indonesia. The cheers that rose despite the mellow beginning of the song symbolized the rising heat. Ikura walks to the center stage and sings as if speaking to the audience. Filming during a live performance is already a familiar sight overseas, but it was also impressive to see the audience holding out their smartphones and reaching out, wanting to somehow capture this moment and go home.
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Photo by Poto-Pot
After the heartbeat-like beat that made the audience dance naturally, “Monster”, which turned around and made countless fists powerfully raised, was followed by the last two songs. Since its release, it has been said that someday he would like to sing in chorus with the audience live. YOASOBI released the English version EP “E-SIDE” in November last year and “E-SIDE 2” in November this year. While making English-speaking listeners feel closer to YOASOBI, it has been well received not only by fans but also by overseas promoters and distributors as an initiative to create a wide entrance to music. “Let me hear your true voice, which you’ve been hiding without knowing it, come on.” The audience who met YOASOBI from various entrances became one and the singing voice that resounded throughout the venue was undoubtedly the number one volume of the day. Nonetheless, I am confident that this voice will be heard louder, and heard all over the world.
The last song, “Trace That Dream”, is also a song that is extremely popular overseas. A lively band sound, a catchy chorus melody that makes you want to sing along, and a guitar solo that gets you excited no matter what. YOASOBI and the audience communicated their love with the last song, “I love you”, and YOASOBI’s first overseas live ended on a high note. In addition, a video of Indonesian fans singing this song with tears in their eyes became a hot topic on Twitter, and as a result of thousands of retweets, YOASOBI also received a bonus episode. It must have been an irreplaceable 40 minutes for both fans and YOASOBI.
Six days later, on December 9th (Friday), they performed at the same festival HEAD IN THE CLOUDS MANILA held in Manila, Philippines. Like Jakarta, they performed 8 songs, and were also surrounded by loud cheers here. I was particularly impressed by “If only life could be drawn”. Led by Ayase, the audience lights up their smartphones and holds them up high. The sea of ​​light that spread out under the night sky of Manila was like a searchlight brightly illuminating the future of YOASOBI, which had embarked on the ocean of overseas expansion. We are YOASOBI from JAPAN!! Ayase and ikura closed the performance with simple yet powerful greetings. I have great expectations for the future of YOASOBI, who believes in the possibilities of the new J-POP that he has created and has taken steps to deliver that music to the hearts of many people.
Click here for a video of the festival

*Stills are from the Jakarta performance.
And the second English EP “E-SIDE 2” is now on sale!
YOASOBI with Midories “The Swallow” (“Tsubame” English Ver.) and “The Blessing” (“Blessing” English Ver.), which were distributed in advance, and others “If life can be drawn”, “Taisho Roman” , “Harujion”, “Much more”, “Haruka”, “Love Letter” and other 8 hit songs in English.
[Song outline]
[Image 4

Delivery release on Friday, November 18, 2022
2nd English EP
『E-SIDE 2』
Delivery URL:
“recorded music”
1. “The Blessing” (English Ver.)
2. “If I Could Draw Life” (English Ver.)
3. “Romance” (“Taisho Roman” English Ver.)
4. “The Swallow” YOASOBI with Midories (“Tsubame” English Ver.) 5. “Halzion” (“Halzion” English Ver.)
6. “Just a Little Step” (English Ver.)
7. “Haruka” (“Haruka” English Ver.)
8. “Love Letter” (“Love Letter” English Ver.)
◆YOASOBI 2nd English EP “E-SIDE 2” Cross Fade Movie (2nd English EP “E-SIDE 2” Cross Fade)
[Video 3:] The new song “Umi no Manimani”, which was released on the same day as “E-SIDE 2”, is also being distributed!
This song is the third installment of the collaborative project “Hajimete no”, in which four Naoki Prize-winning authors write novels on the theme of “a story to read when you do __ for the first time”. A story to read sometimes” is the original. The main character is a girl who has run away from home and landed at a seaside station. A mysterious girl calls out to the sea at night when they arrive, and the story progresses to a mysterious night. A mid-tempo number that expresses the changes in the mindset of the main character who runs away from home, and the moist and mysterious world of the sea at night, which is the stage of the original work.
[Song outline]
[Image 5

Delivery release on Friday, November 18, 2022
“Umi no Manimani”
Lyrics/Composition/Arrangement: Ayase/Vocal: ikura
Original: “‘Yurei’ – A story to read when you run away from home for the first time” (Written by Mitsuki Tsujimura / [From “Hajimete no” (published by Suirinsha)])
◆YOASOBI “Umi no Manimani” teaser
[Video 4:]

In addition, the first solo arena tour will be held in 6 locations nationwide from April 2023, but the second pre-order limited to fan clubs is now available! Don’t miss this opportunity as it will be accepted until 23:59 on Sunday, November 6th.
First solo arena tour
■Tickets: Fan club limited 2nd advance [reception period] October 15th (Sat) 12:00 to November 6th (Sun) 23:59
*Limited number of tickets: Up to 4 tickets per person.
★ Click here to join the official fan club “CLUB Night Play”
-Aichi Performance-
Date: April 5 (Wednesday) Open 17:30 / Start 19:00
April 6 (Thursday) Open 17:30 / Start 19:00
Venue: Nippon Gaishi Hall
Inquiries: Sunday Folk Promotion Tel.052-320-9100 (12:00-18:00) -Osaka Performance-
Date: April 8 (Sat) Open 17:30 / Start 19:00
April 9 (Sun) Open 16:30 / Start 18:00
Venue: Osaka Castle Hall
Inquiries: Kyodo Information Tel.0570-200-888 (Mon-Sat 11:00-16:00) -Hokkaido Performance-
Date: April 15th (Sat) Open 16:30 / Start 18:00
April 16 (Sun) Open 15:30 / Start 17:00
Venue: Hokkaido General Sports Center Hokkai Kitayel
Contact: WESS inc.
-Miyagi Performance-
Date: May 4th (Thursday/Holiday) Open 16:30 / Start 18:00
May 5th (Friday/Holiday) Open 15:30 / Start 17:00
Venue: Xebio Arena Sendai
Contact: G.I.P.
-Fukuoka Performance-
Schedule: May 20th (Sat) Open 16:30 / Start 18:00
May 21 (Sun) Open 15:30 / Start 17:00
Venue: West Japan General Exhibition Hall New Building
Inquiries: Kyodo West Japan 0570-09-2424 (Weekdays and Saturdays 11:00-17:00) -Saitama Performance-
Date: June 3 (Sat) Open 16:30 / Start 18:00
June 4th (Sun) Open 15:30 / Start 17:00
Venue: Saitama Super Arena
Contact: Hot Staff Promotion 03-5720-9999 (Weekdays 12:00-18:00) Price: All seats reserved 7,800 yen (tax included)
*Paid for ages 6 and up. Children under 5 years old are free to watch on their knees.
*ID will be checked at the time of admission. If we cannot verify your identity, we will refuse entry.
*This performance will be held in accordance with the guidelines of the venue and local governments, with thorough measures against the new coronavirus infection.
*Please note that refunds cannot be made due to personal illness or customer’s circumstances due to the new coronavirus infection, except in the case of cancellation or postponement of the performance. *Videos and photos of the venue including the audience seats may be released. ◆Artist Information◆
Official Site:
YouTube Channel:
[Image 6d55377-521-faa30f7815bfc1e19352-5.jpg&s3=55377-521-306e2ab2af861ab5118bacea2bf4e733-1920x1080.jpg
A unit that turns novels into music, consisting of composer Ayase and vocalist ikura. The first song “Yoru ni Kakeru” released in November 2019 won the first place in 2020 on the Billboard Japan general song chart “HOT100”, and in December 2021, the first ever streaming total of 800 million times. Break through playback. The first CD “THE BOOK” will be released on January 6, 2021. The gorgeous specifications attracted a lot of attention, and while recording 2nd place in the Oricon daily ranking for the first time, all songs were simultaneously ranked within the top 15 on the Apple Music streaming chart. In February, the first one-man live “KEEP OUT THEATER” was held at the construction site of the former Milan Theater in Shinjuku. In July, they held a collaboration live with UNIQLO “UT” “SING YOUR WORLD” at UNIQLO CITY TOKYO in UNIQLO Ariake Headquarters, and it was
live-streamed on YouTube with 280,000 simultaneous users. . In December, they released their 2nd EP “THE BOOK 2”, which includes all the songs released that year, and their first audience live at Nippon Budokan was also a great success. Ranked first in Spotify’s “2021 Most Played Japanese Artists Overseas” ranking announced in the same month. It is also attracting attention from overseas, such as “Monster” being selected as “The 10 Best Songs of 2021” published in the US news information magazine “TIME”. To date, 12 of the songs released have surpassed 100 million streams. From February 2022, four Naoki Prize writers, Rio Shimamoto, Mitsuki Tsujimura, Miyuki Miyabe, and Eto Mori, will start the project “Hajimete no”, in which they will write original novels and release songs in sequence. In August, they made their first summer festival appearance on the stage of “ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2022”, and also performed their first live performances at various festivals, and their special stages and productions using LED panels became a hot topic. In addition to selling books related to YOASOBI, the “mobile bookstore ‘Traveling bookstore YOASOBI'”, which started in conjunction with the appearance of the summer festival, is a wide range of projects such as selling curry supervised by Ayase and ikura in a kitchen car. It’s getting a lot of attention.
★Ayase (Composer)
YouTube Channel:
ikura (vocal)
YouTube Channel:

Details about this release:

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