The ramen shop “Otona no Shio soba” in Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture is looking for a successor on the “business succession matching platform relay”.

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The ramen shop “Otona no Shio soba” in Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture is looking for a successor on the “business succession matching platform relay”.

Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture, is a town of foundry where 150 factories were scattered at the peak of the development of casting, one of the metalworking methods, from the middle of the Edo period. In recent years, due to its proximity to Tokyo across the Arakawa River, its function as a commuter town has attracted attention, and high-rise condominiums and houses have started to line up in the city. It is an area near the city center where the population and the number of households are increasing.
This time, the ramen shop “Otona no Shio soba”, which has a strong fan base in Kawaguchi City, is looking for successor candidates. About this recruitment of successors
About the business succession matching platform “relay”
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1. About this recruitment of successors
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Founded in 2019, “Otona no Shio Soba” is located in a residential area of ​​Kawaguchi City. The owner, Mr. Takahiro Otani, who has experience working in restaurants, makes light salt soba noodles, which has become a popular ramen with many fans.
It wasn’t until he turned 40 that Otani set his sights on the path of ramen. Mr. Otani “I also liked having someone eat what I made. I have been in the restaurant industry for a long time, but I myself did not like special ramen. I was working part-time at a ramen shop when I started thinking about who I should continue eating and drinking for, so I decided to follow the path of ramen myself. We communicate with each other and choose ingredients with confidence.In addition, we change the timing of hand towels, the amount of water, and the timing of serving ramen depending on the customer.These considerations and considerations are also appreciated. The unit price is about 1,200 yen, which may be expensive for a ramen shop.I think that the taste, quality, and service do not make it feel expensive.”
Mr. Otani is currently preparing for a new business. It is said that he started looking for a successor to take over the current shop from such circumstances. Rather than sharing the goodwill like the successor, he hopes to inherit the shop itself.
“I don’t need any restaurant or ramen shop experience. I’m looking for a successor who can take over my taste and share my thoughts. I’m thinking about taking over for about 2 years.I’m planning to set up a training period of 2 years, and during that time, I’m assuming that you will be hired and enter in the form of a store manager.We will also pay you a salary, but sales will not rise. It will be difficult to continue the store, so I think it is necessary to be prepared for that.I also want to make a decision in two years and think about whether I can transfer it completely.If it is possible to transfer it completely, the equipment and I think we may take over the staff as well.”
Mr. Otani has a hot feeling. We have continued to put that feeling into a cup of ramen and have won many fans.
We are waiting for a successor candidate who can take over the overflowing commitment and passion, and the taste of ramen.
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2. About the business succession matching platform “relay”
The business succession matching platform “relay” is a service that matches managers who want to transfer their business with candidates who want to take over their business. Unlike conventional M&A matching sites, it has the feature of making articles about the thoughts of running companies and stores, including the owner’s profile, and publicly recruiting successors.
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