The Shopify app “Smart Shipping Destination Validation” releases the “Checkout Validation” function that allows you to check for mistakes in the shipping address on the address input form

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Shopify app “Smart Shipping Destination Validation” releases “Checkout Validation” function that allows you to check for shipping destination mistakes in the address input form
Correction of addresses becomes more intuitive, and cooperation with other systems becomes smoother!

Macaronwork, which supports EC fulfillment, has added a new Shopify app “Smart Shipping Destination Validation” that automatically checks if the shipping address is correct when purchasing products on the EC site. We have released a “checkout validation” function that allows you to check for incomplete addresses.
*Available for merchants who have the Checkout Editor available in Shopify Plus. [Image 1d103076-5-4bc444c74237765a3204-5.png&s3=103076-5-2216477c5e511958648e70845f0bedfd-1200x630.png

Installation: About checkout validation
On the shipping address input screen of Shopify checkout, if there is an error in the entered address or an omission in the street address, a banner can now be displayed to prompt reconfirmation.
Until now, we checked the delivery address after completing the purchase, and if any inadequacies were found, a pop-up was displayed on the thank you page to prompt correction. You can ask for
This makes it easier for customers to notice incomplete addresses and make corrections smoothly. In addition, since the delivery address will be correct when the order is completed, the order information can be linked to the delivery system without time lag.
In addition, the app automatically corrects minor inaccuracies in notation (such as the difference between “ke” and “ga”) when the purchase is completed without prompting for re-entry, minimizing the customer’s burden.
We also support express checkout such as AmazonPay and ShopPay. Checkout validation behavior guide: [Image 2d103076-5-55827b3711aab7e817e3-1.png&s3=103076-5-6154fd9b8bf6b4bd429cdcea51cdc3f5-1200x630.png

Option to require address verification
You can optionally set a feature that prevents you from proceeding to checkout with an incorrect address.
The customer can proceed by correcting the shipping address or by checking the confirmation checkbox.
[Image 3d103076-5-724fa7ae28ff3645f064-2.png&s3=103076-5-1c02c087bc107c48b39470f126d6c399-1200x630.png

The app automatically corrects minor notation fluctuations without issuing a notification
This application validates based on the address of Japan Post, but differences such as minor notation variations such as the difference between “ke” and “ka” will be notified on the checkout screen and thank you page to improve customer convenience. The app will automatically correct it when the order is completed.
[Image 4d103076-5-c79cd4314c7cce43b686-3.png&s3=103076-5-67a209bd2aa3a7a02fdabd6ab429a069-1200x630.png

Checkout Validation Terms and Conditions
Checkout validation is a feature for Shopify Plus merchants. Even for merchants using Shopify Plus, if the checkout editor is not enabled, it will not be available.
You can check if the checkout editor is enabled by going to “Settings” – “Checkout and Accounts” in the store management screen. It is enabled when you see the blue banner “Start customizing your checkout using the app” at the top. You can add apps from the checkout editor by pressing “Create draft checkout”.
See here for detailed verification instructions: About Smart Destination Validation
Smart Shipping Validation is the first Shopify app in Japan to support accurate entry of shipping addresses. You can deploy to your store on any Shopify plan, from Starter Plan to Shopify Plus.
You can prompt customers to reconfirm and correct their address by checking the shipping address after completing an order in your shop and displaying a pop-up on the thank you page if there are any inaccuracies.
In addition, if the exact address can be guessed from the input, the app can suggest it and reflect it in the shipping destination with one click, which is characterized by reducing the burden on the customer. As a result, it is possible to reduce the number of errors caused by confirmation work due to incomplete delivery destinations, invoice issuing services, and shipping agency services, and to make shipping operations more efficient.
[Image 5d103076-5-39cf2cfebedff4253b8f-4.png&s3=103076-5-619251a29610446668a65cb2fc961a79-1200x630.png
Learn more about the app and try the demo here:
Install for free:
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