The vertical scrolling manga of the ultra-near-future simulation novel “2022 Earth Axis Cataclysm” by a famous b usinessman will be distributed in advance on “BOOK☆WALKER”!

Animate Holdings Co., Ltd.
The vertical scrolling manga of the ultra-near-future simulation novel “2022 Earth Axis Cataclysm” by a famous businessman will be
distributed in advance on “BOOK☆WALKER”!

Rocket Staff Co., Ltd. (Animate Group) produced a super near-future simulation novel “2022 Earth Axis Cataclysm” by Mr. Tetsuzo Matsumoto, also known as former vice president of Softbank. Chiyoda-ku, Miyako (President: Gaku Morita) started pre-delivery on December 16 (Friday) at BOOK ☆ WALKER, a comprehensive e-book store operated by Gaku Morita.
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This work is a vertically scrolling manga based on the science fiction novel “2022 Earth Axis Cataclysm” released by Hayakawa Shobo on Thursday, September 16th last year. Studio reBorn, a WEBTOON production studio operated by Rocket Staff, was in charge of producing all 10 episodes.
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■ About “2022 Earth’s Axis Cataclysm”
[Image 2d16756-3949-d9ecb23d9e429d328eb9-1.jpg&s3=16756-3949-754062e212614ebe9b1d1515b988120e-1800x2700.jpg
In September 2022, the alien Scholl, who happened to land on Earth due to an accident, changed the direction of the Earth’s axis by 90 degrees in just four months, and moved Christmas Island in the Pacific Ocean to the North Pole. , turns out to be trying to turn Congo’s rainforest into Antarctica. How will the post-corona international community respond in the face of the greatest disaster in recorded history?
-Message from the original author>
The original of this WEBTOON is a sci-fi novel by Mr. Sakyo Komatsu, which is conscious of “Japan sinking”. I made sure to roast it. What are humans? Can idealism and humanism survive? Will mankind be able to avoid being destroyed by its own science and technology and build a stable future? “Is it possible to eliminate all borders from the earth and achieve permanent peace?” “These are the hidden themes of this book.”
Since the original is a large work of 400 pages, I thought it would be difficult for busy people to read it, so I asked Rocket Staff to produce a webtoon version.
■ Original author Tetsuzo Matsumoto
Born in Tokyo in 1939. Graduated from the Faculty of Law, Kyoto University. Over 60 years of experience, including working at ITOCHU Corporation (U.S. company electronics general manager, Tokyo head office telecommunications business general manager, etc.), U.S. company Qualcomm (U.S. company senior vice president, chairman and president of Japan subsidiary), and SoftBank Mobile (director and vice president). spent in the business world. Currently, he is the chairman of ORNIS Co., Ltd., and the representative director of the High IQ Certification Support Organization. His recent book, The Day AI Becomes a God, has been translated into English, Chinese, and Korean. Twitter account (@matsumotot68)
■ About Rocket Staff Co., Ltd.
We operate our own webtoon studio “Studio reBorn”, and develop and provide the production, planning and comicalization of webtoon works, as well as the webtoon viewer “PlayToons Viewer”.

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