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The Women’s Trend Research Institute announces the 7 companies that won the 7th Women’s Tomorrow Grand Prize

Her Story Co., Ltd.
The Women’s Trend Research Institute announces the 7 companies that won the 7th Women’s Tomorrow Grand Prize
-The grand prize will be awarded to Hayama’s postpartum care hotel “Mum Garden HAYAMA”, where you can “slowly become a mom”! The work style of women in the Reiwa era and the things and things that change their values ​​won the Excellence Award-

The Women’s Trend Research Institute, operated by Her Story Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo: Kaeko Hino, Representative Director), is the 7th Women’s Tomorrow Grand Prize, which recognizes things and things that open up a bright future for women. announced the 7 award-winning companies.
[Image 1d23043-24-689292c9f0b35df60198-18.png&s3=23043-24-153980d928b7865a35921806b6cc01e6-650x237.png
This year, in addition to one company with the highest award, we have selected two companies in each of the three categories of “femme category”, “product category”, and “service category” for a total of 7 companies as excellent awards. In addition to the high degree of social contribution, the results were awarded for things and things that have an impact on “women’s way of life in the Reiwa era”. ◆Femme Division
A product with a pop design that does not make you feel the taboo of menstruation (menstruation), a service that supports menopause for women
◆Product Division
Eco-friendly products that make women’s lives easier and more convenient ◆ Service Department
Support for working women and women with children, active
participation of senior women, services to support local children (group)
The Grand Prize will be awarded to Marm Garden HAYAMA, one of Japan’s largest postnatal care hotels in Hayama, which is a place where you can slowly become a mom!
[Image 2d23043-24-4505d91a1309ba67e90c-8.jpg&s3=23043-24-77ddb0fe7f3280a8ad0fb150035da2aa-574x360.jpg
Grand Prize Postpartum Care Hotel Marm Garden HAYAMA (Mums Co., Ltd.) The grand prize went to Japan’s largest postnatal care hotel “Mum Garden HAYAMA” operated by Mum’s Co., Ltd., which opened in Hayama in 2021. “MAAM GARDEN HAYAMA” is a postpartum care hotel that is managed by midwives and professional staff and is a “place where you can slowly become a ‘mama'” to reduce the various stresses and physical burdens of postpartum mothers. As a new care option for “postpartum depression”, which continues to increase even after the corona crisis, the fact that postpartum mothers have brought new values ​​​​of new ways of working and living has a strong presence, and the editorial department voted. and won the highest award.
◆ Excellence Award Announcement (6 companies)
femme division
Organic sanitary napkin The Week Sanitary Pad (Styling Life Holdings Plaza Style Company Co., Ltd.)
Menopausal communication app Yorisoru (Yorisoru Co., Ltd.)
[Image 3d23043-24-1eb4e1e8d65fb8fa65b5-9.jpg&s3=23043-24-013e7bd3f95ea6651ec776687534c0ab-357x357.jpg
colorful organic napkins
In the Femme category, the “Organic Sanitary Napkin The Week Sanitary Pad”, a sanitary napkin with a pop package design that looks like overseas miscellaneous goods targeting the Z generation, was selected. While feeling cute and exciting, the world’s first 100% cotton napkin (according to Shericott research) is expected to help women understand the taboos of menstruation.
In addition, “Yorisoru”, a problem-solving service for menopausal symptoms that about 30% of Japanese women in their 40s and 50s are worried about, was also selected.
Merchandise department
Wearable bedrock bath BS fine series (Kamo Seni Co., Ltd.)
ALLIE Sunscreen Chrono Beauty Series (Kanebo Cosmetics Co., Ltd.) [Image 4d23043-24-567e0f42230fcc944f9b-12.png&s3=23043-24-c796fd7c018effb7a06af68c2285cbaa-357x357.png
sustainable sunscreen
In the product category, the “Wearable Bedrock Bath BS Fine Series”, underwear made from the new material BS Fine, which encloses black silica, a natural ore popular in bedrock baths, in the fibers, was selected. Over the past 50 years, the average body temperature of Japanese people has dropped by 1°C.
In addition, ALLIE “Chrono Beauty Series”, a sustainable sunscreen released by Kanebo, was selected. Environmentally friendly sunscreen is a must-have item for women living in Reiwa.
service department
Tokyo Mother (Pinpinkorori Co., Ltd.)
Maho no Dashiya Tyrol Hall
[Image 5d23043-24-b258fbc5a7c39da5ee8f-14.jpg&s3=23043-24-91c67ce729be0a983787fb0030d26c1a-501x336.jpg
A candy store supported by the community
In the service department, veteran housewives visit families with children and help with housework and childcare, “Tokyo Mother,” and a portion of the money paid by adults for eating, drinking, and shopping, and donating a portion of the money paid by adults to support the community. Nodashiya Tyroldo” was selected.
The former provides employment support for active seniors who want to work, and both the child-raising generation and the senior generation can enjoy social happiness. Collected ratings.
◆ Keywords are “new work style” and “values”! Things and things that affect women living in Reiwa after the time of new normal change are making rapid progress
In addition to “social contribution” and “sustainability”, things and things that capture the current trend have made great strides and have been highly evaluated. The Women’s Trends Research Institute will continue to support companies that promote things and things that open up a bright future for women.
About the Women’s Ashita Grand Prize
The “Women’s Tomorrow Grand Prize” is an award that selects products and services that are considered to contribute to a society where women’s tomorrow shines. Selected by the editorial department and experts of the Women’s Trend Research Institute and HERSTORY REVIEW published by the Women’s Trend Research Institute.
Details of companies that won the Women’s Tomorrow Grand Prize in this
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About Women’s Trend Research Institute
The only research institute in Japan that specializes in tracking the latest market trends and women’s consumption trends that affect 80% of consumption and predicting the future. HERSTORY REVIEW, a monthly report on women’s consumption trends widely used in marketing by various companies, is published every month.
HERSTORY REVIEW January issue (published on December 9) now on sale Annual subscription tax included 54,000 yen (monthly payment 5,500 yen) The February issue scheduled to be published on January 10, 2023 will feature the winners of the Women’s Tomorrow Grand Prize in this announcement. Please take a look.
About Her Story Co., Ltd.
Selected as one of the 10 Japanese companies that want to remain for 100 years (Fusosha). Forbes Japan Women’s Empowerment Company Award 2nd place nationwide. Its mission is to create “tomorrow’s happiness” while promoting Japan’s only women’s perspective marketing (R) and supporting the marketing of all companies.
Company Profile
Company name: Herstory Co., Ltd.
Location: 5F Toriizaka Annex, 5-11-25 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032 TEL: 03-5775-1581
Business content: Women’s perspective marketing (R) business (research survey / specialized information publication / marketing support / human resource development support)
Established: August 20, 1990
Representative Director: Kaeko Hino
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