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The YouTube animation “Pekepeke! Pekets-kun” has released a collaboration video with the popular YouTuber “LiaqN”!

The YouTube animation “Pekepeke! Pekets-kun” has released a
collaboration video with the popular YouTuber “LiaqN”!
Open to the public at 17:00 on Saturday, December 17, 2022

KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Tsuyoshi Natsuno) will release a collaboration video with the popular YouTuber “LiaqN [Rian]” on the YouTube animation channel “Pekepeke! Pekets-kun”. Published from 17:00 on Saturday, December 17, 2020. [Image 1

An animation of the popular series “Fotona no Sekai de American Furi Dokkiri” by “LiaqN”, a popular bilingual “Fortnite” commentator who can speak Japanese and English!
“LiaqN [Rian]” will play an active role as a voice actor of his own animated character, and will go on a rampage with the popular characters of “Peke Peke! Pekets-kun”, Pekets & Rui Nikaido & Hayato Goonji!
On the other hand, on the “LiaqN [Rian]” channel, a video showing the state of “LiaqN [Rian]” who challenged the voice actor is also released at the same time! “It’s a must-see for her struggling to get used to it!”
Collaboration video introduction
■December 17th (Sat) 17:00 release
Rian animated! ! !
@ “LiaqN [Rian]” channel
[Image 2

■December 17th (Sat) 17:00 release
[Collaboration] The result of pretending to be an American in the world of Photona with LiaqN www [Anime] [Fortnite]
@ “Pekepeke! Pekets-kun” channel
[Image 3

Overview of “LiaqN”
A Fortnite commentator who boasts high support from the lower grades of elementary school to the Z generation.
As a bilingual broadcaster in Japanese and English, his friendly talks with viewers are gaining popularity.
In the update distribution of Fort Knight, it has become the center of the trend, gathering up to 74,000 people at the same time and gaining the number one spot on YouTube. The number of channel subscribers has exceeded 700,000!
“LiaqN [Rian]” YouTube: “LiaqN [Rian]” Twitter:
YouTube channel “Pekepeke! Pekets-kun” introduction
“Peke Peke! Pekets-kun” is an anime channel produced and operated by KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. and developed on YouTube. Developed a loose comedy animation for elementary and junior high school students, channel registration exceeded 173,000, monthly unique users up to 1.4 million, monthly playback up to 13.7 million.
It boasts a high audience retention rate of over 70% from the start of animation video playback.
It also has a very high comment rate. It is also a channel with a high degree of viewers’ enthusiasm, with hundreds of comments being sent to one video.
-Channel information-
Channel name: Pekepeke! Pecketts-kun
Channel URL:
Update frequency: New works released every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Opened: August 2020
Main target: Elementary and junior high school students
Subscribers: 173,311 (as of December 7)
Monthly unique users: 1,164,474 (November 2022)
Monthly views: 9,278,184 (November 2022)
YouTube animation planning cooperation and production: BitStar Co., Ltd. [Image 4d7006-11771-1a70e2b38a8d09d78423-0.jpg&s3=7006-11771-ba38c4a501091776aec88bab4b7b3b3b-1660x1995.jpg

Details about this release:

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