The YouTube channel “Yurufuwa Time” featuring Asuka Kishima as MC is currently delivering a program of the direct delivery mail order site “JA Town”!

JA ZEN-NOH direct marketing mail order JA Town
The YouTube channel “Yurufuwa Time” featuring Asuka Kishima as MC is currently delivering a program of the direct delivery mail order site “JA Town”!
~ This time’s delivery is “one bread dish” fried rice! ~

“JA Town”, a direct delivery mail order site operated by JA Zennoh, is a YouTube channel “Yurufuwa Time” where MC Asuka Kishima delivers themes related to “food” and “agriculture”. I am broadcasting a program that I used.
In this distribution, MC Asuka Kijima will cook fried rice with “one-pan cooking”. One-pan cooking is a dish that is completed with a single frying pan, and it is a cooking method that is attracting attention from people living alone and busy housewives because it reduces the amount of washing and cleanup time.
The ingredients for the fried rice include “TEA Pork 3-Type Set” from Shizuoka Prefecture, which has light fat and rich flavor, “Goten Tamago” eggs from Shizuoka Prefecture, which are produced by chickens that are healthy from the inside out (healthy intestines), We use [Specially cultivated rice] Koshihikari rice from Fukushima
Prefecture, which has a perfect balance of chewy texture and softness. Please enjoy watching Asuka Kishima’s original fried rice, which is made using only the ingredients of the production area listed on JA Town, being completed.
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■ Program overview
Title: “Food” and “Agriculture” Yurufuwa Variety Channel Yurufuwa Time Public medium: Official YouTube channel
Contents: A channel where MC Asuka Kishima distributes projects related to “food” and “agriculture” “loosely” with the aim of making “food” and “agriculture” more familiar to a wide range of generations. We will carry out various projects using ingredients from the direct delivery mail order site “JA Town”.
Delivery date: Every Tuesday and Friday at 18:00 *There may be days when delivery is not possible due to various circumstances.
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Program official Twitter account: Program official Instagram account: Program official LINE account:
■ Products introduced in the program
A special page for the direct delivery mail order site “JA Town” “A collection of delicious food from JA Town selected by Asuka Kijima.” URL:
[JA Town]
 JA Town is a direct-to-farm mail order site operated by the National Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives (JA Zennoh). Based on the theme of “Let’s live with delicious Japan,” agricultural cooperatives (JA) nationwide, which have stores in “JA Town,” offer seasonal agricultural and livestock products and specialty products grown in each production area directly to customers via the Internet. We aim to deliver and realize a rich life through food.
JA Town’s image character is “Jeta”.
JA Town official ambassador is Kasumi Ishikawa (ZEN-NOH).
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