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Third-party allotment F., which develops microsurgery support robots MED has newly raised funds from Mirai Creation Organization Co., Ltd. A total of 180 million yen was raised in the seed round.

F. MED Co., Ltd.
F. who develops a microsurgery support robot. MED has newly raised funds from Mirai Creation Organization Co., Ltd. A total of 180 million yen was raised in the seed round.
We aim to promote the development of a microsurgery support robot that supports surgery to connect blood vessels with a diameter of 1 mm.
Medical device venture F. MED Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, CEO: Keita Shimomura) is a Mirai Creation II Investment Business Limited Liability Company operated by Mirai Creation Organization Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yuji Okada). We would like to inform you that we have raised funds through a third-party allocation of shares with the union as the underwriter.
FFG Venture Business Partners Co., Ltd., GxPartners Limited Liability Partnership, Astem Co., Ltd., Oita Venture Capital Co., Ltd., and Mirai Creation Organization Co., Ltd. completed the seed round through a third-party allocation of shares.
■Company profile
F. MED Co., Ltd. ( will launch in 2021 with the aim of commercializing microsurgery support robots that have been implemented at the Kyushu University Open Innovation Center for Advanced Medicine (Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture). Founded in March.
Microsurgery is a surgical technique in which blood vessels with a diameter of about 1 mm are sewn together to connect them, including reconstructive surgery after surgery for breast cancer or head and neck cancer, surgery to alleviate lymphedema, and surgery to reattach a finger that has been severed due to an accident. can be applied to However, because it requires extremely delicate operations, the reality is that doctors and medical institutions that can perform it are limited and unevenly distributed. Moreover, it takes several years of training to be able to implement it.
In order to solve this problem, we have developed a support robot that can accurately reproduce the movements of doctors by miniaturizing them and eliminating hand tremors. Our goal is to increase the number of doctors and, as a result, increase the number of patients who can be treated with microsurgery.
■ Technical background
This robot is equipped with a linear motor-driven parallel link mechanism manipulator, which is our patented technology, and achieves high-definition, high-rigidity, and high-speed movement. The forceps attached to the tip of the manipulator grasp and manipulate soft tissues, suture needles, sutures, etc. according to the doctor’s input operations to support surgery. The narrow movement range, which was a weak point of the conventional parallel link mechanism, is overcome by automatically interlocking the positioner corresponding to the arm and adjusting the angle.
■ Business progress and funding
The development of this surgical support robot was adopted as a NEDO STS project in June 2022, and is currently being implemented with that support. On the other hand, we will start raising funds from the beginning of 2022, and a third-party allotment with FFG Venture Business Partners Co., Ltd., ASTEM Co., Ltd., GxPartners Limited Liability Partnership, Oita Venture Capital Co., Ltd., and Mirai Creation Organization Co., Ltd. The seed round was completed by implementing a capital increase. Based on this funding, we will focus on securing human resources and building an organization, and will proceed with the development of this support robot with the aim of obtaining medical device approval and commercialization in 2025. [Image

Left) CEO Keita Shimomura, Right) Director CTO Susumu Oguri
[From an investor]
■ FFG Venture Business Partners Co., Ltd. Manager Aya Sasaki Through the development of microsurgery support robots, we sympathized with the vision of F.MED, which is working to improve the quality of life of patients, contribute to medical professionals, and spread the procedure, and made an investment. We have received the results of preparations for device development and clinical development centered on Kyushu University, and have steadily advanced our business since its establishment. We sincerely hope that the epoch-making medical devices born in Kyushu and Fukuoka will be deployed globally, and we will continue to support them in the future.
■ GxPartners LLP Representative Partner/CEO Toshiyasu Kishihara We made an investment by participating in our acceleration program “Updraft”. F. wants to contribute to the improvement of patients’ QOL through microsurgery robots. I strongly agree with the philosophy of MED. I think that it is a startup that can aim for the world from Fukuoka, so I would like to expect global expansion. I’m looking forward to his future activities.
■ Astem Co., Ltd. Managing Director and Executive Officer Tetsuya Tsuchida Although I have been involved in the sale of medical equipment for many years, I have continued to have doubts about the tendency to rely on imported products, especially for medical equipment for treatment. Since 2019, we have been involved in a project to develop a surgical support robot at Kyushu University as a commercialization entity, and have witnessed its remarkable progress. We decided to invest in the product and the future potential of the team. From the unique perspective of a medical wholesale company that understands customer needs, F. We would like to support MED.
■ Oita Venture Capital Co., Ltd. Representative Director Takeyuki Watanabe Oita Venture Capital manages funds with the aim of revitalizing the local economy by investing in companies that have excellent technology and products and are expected to grow.
This time, through the surgical assistance robot developed by F.MED, we were able to learn about a surgery called microsurgery. I learned that the number of patients who can undergo surgery is limited, and that there is also regional uneven distribution.
In the future, the development of F.MED’s surgical support robot will progress and spread to medical institutions, which will increase the number of patients undergoing surgery, revitalize regional medical care, improve the QOL of local residents, and ultimately boost the local economy. I hope that it will lead to activation.
■ Takahashi Executive Officer Partner Mirai Creation
Organization Co., Ltd.
F. The commercialization of state-of-the-art treatment equipment that MED is working on has difficulties in manufacturing, laws and regulations (Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Law), and marketing. In response to these difficulties, F.I. Everyone at MED has formed a wonderful team, and they carefully face each issue, making me feel that they will definitely deliver surgical support robots to the medical field. I am also weak, F. We hope that we can contribute to the expansion of MED’s business and, by extension, the improvement of the QoL of patients.
[F. From MED]
■ Director and CTO Susumu Oguri
We are very grateful to be able to close the seed round. Currently, we are working hard to develop machines that are easy to use and can withstand practical use. We have made it this far thanks to the support and cooperation of everyone in industry, academia, and government.In order to achieve the results of medicine-engineering collaboration that fuses the needs of doctors and the seeds of engineers, and to realize everyone’s expectations. We will push forward toward market launch.
■ Representative Director and CEO Keita Shimomura
Since our establishment in March 2021, we are very happy to have welcomed so many people to the team. Although we were able to reach a milestone of seed round closing, F.C. MED will take another step forward from here. We appreciate your continued support.
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