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This year’s year-end and New Year holidays, the popular serializations of “Hana to Yume”, “LaLa” and “Melod y” will gather♪ Hakusensha e-net! In addition, the second “Hakusensha Best Hit! Next Hit! Fair” will be held at m ajor electronic bookstor

Hakusensha Co., Ltd.
This year’s year-end and New Year holidays, the popular serializations of “Hana to Yume”, “LaLa” and “Melody” will gather♪ Hakusensha e-net! In addition, the second “Hakusensha Best Hit! Next Hit! Fair” will be held at major electronic bookstores!
A large collection of Hakusensha’s shoujo manga, from the big hits “Snow White with the Red Hair” and “Tendouke Monogatari” to the much-talked-about new works “Takakun Ima Dochi!?”

2022 New Year’s Eve with Hakusensha’s shoujo manga ♪ The “Hakusensha Best Hits! Next Hits!” fair will be held at major electronic bookstores! You can try reading works currently serialized in Hana to Yume, LaLa, and Melody ♪ A collection of everything from blockbuster works to popular new works! “Don’t miss this opportunity♪”
[Image 1d46848-948-c0a926b75fa4d5b4a0f1-13.jpg&s3=46848-948-e57a701ce2fd81bee8f755b795d2a0fa-600x276.jpg
“Hakusensha Best Hit! Next Hit” 2nd
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Holding period: 12/31 (Sat) – 1/15 (Sun)
Eligible works: “Snow White with the Red Hair” (Sorata Akizuki), “Gakuen Babysitters” (Hari Tokeino), “Like flowers over flowers” ​​(Minako Narita) up to 5 volumes free, “Kageki Shojo” ! ! (Kumiko Saiki) and “The Story of the Tendo Family” (Ken Saito) are available for free up to two volumes. The new work is also increased in trial reading!
[Image 2d46848-948-a8f216f3f64bc7e7b72b-0.jpg&s3=46848-948-f568a78d0af078dd1736cc18deb52117-270x424.jpg
“Snow White with the Red Hair” Volume 1
[Image 3d46848-948-9770dd6b6e965ee2f48d-1.jpg&s3=46848-948-e213af79f38c0699caa2fc8f0ffc03fe-270x431.jpg
“Gakuen Babysitters” volume 1 copy
[Image 4d46848-948-b05bc592d202a631142d-2.jpg&s3=46848-948-e01247af79bf00a318ac23ae37693e1e-270x429.jpg
“Hana yori yori hana no Gotoku” volume 1
[Image 5d46848-948-856fb589f23100500e55-3.jpg&s3=46848-948-728934cb5f91be5974e5b57f62a2bc14-270x384.jpg
“Kageki Shoujo! ! 』Volume 1
[Image 6d46848-948-6048ad91d44cf5841b67-4.jpg&s3=46848-948-d483768680dee4ddd485a64f66fed684-240x378.jpg
Tendo Family Monogatari Volume 1
[Image 7d46848-948-0c68365496d03245990b-5.jpg&s3=46848-948-2ef4fb181e99d74df8300f0578b7a7f1-500x786.jpg
“Takahashi-kun, which one now!? ? 』Volume 1
[Image 8d46848-948-97ff515eacbd5da57144-6.jpg&s3=46848-948-331417679bb5ac12c9072e5d9fea018b-500x786.jpg
“Haru no Arashi and Monsters” Volume 1
Until 1/9 (Monday/holiday), the first “Hakusensha Best Hit! Next Hit” is being held!
Target works: “Yona of the Dawn” (Mizuho Kusanagi), “Skip Beat! (Yoshiki Nakamura) is free up to 5 volumes, “Crashed JK and Disabled Teacher” (sora), “Arata Yakumo” (Natsumi Itsuki) is free of charge, and “Fiancee pretends to be doting” (Emiko Nakano)・Increase trial readings of popular new works such as “Princess Elena of the Earth Cover” (Harumi Sheep)!
[Image 9d46848-948-96fea319d1aafbf4f431-7.jpg&s3=46848-948-c80a07c496f8a5a878de6670675b0133-270x428.jpg
“Akatsuki no Yona” Volume 1
[Image 10d46848-948-0fe1c72600aa3cc21d94-8.jpg&s3=46848-948-e6746208c395d6b13019ffd3db704ef3-270x424.jpg
“Skip Beat! 』Volume 1
[Image 11d46848-948-e7cf191c39efb6918e5c-9.jpg&s3=46848-948-f50b225ae036f184d01ab47d6f9836ab-350x550.jpg
“Crash JK and Disabled Teacher” Volume 1
[Image 12d46848-948-0d37dda2b784449c50cb-10.jpg&s3=46848-948-2ea8b9a65694bec08de235e17efc8a60-500x705.jpg
“Arata Yakumo” volume 1 copy
[Image 13d46848-948-0456aed405d55faa3aa7-11.jpg&s3=46848-948-6e7497c3f3517ffb5640fba8f14e3421-500x786.jpg
“Fiancee pretends to love” Volume 1 copy
[Image 14d46848-948-5a57aee7cdeccd56923e-12.jpg&s3=46848-948-d8c1cdaee7f624ecd7d68f0847097eda-500x786.jpg
“Princess Elena of Earth Cover” Volume 1
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