THK Co., Ltd. Added “high-performance non-magnetic, ultra-corrosion-resistant products” for special environments to the lineup

[THK Co., Ltd.] Added “high-performance non-magnetic,
ultra-corrosion-resistant products” for special environments to the lineup
Both the functions required for linear motion and rotary guides, non-magnetism, and ultra-high corrosion resistance are achieved.
THK CORPORATION (President and CEO: Akihiro Teramachi, hereinafter referred to as THK) has developed a “high-performance We will add a lineup of “Magnetic and Ultra High Corrosion Resistant Products”. [Imaged69594-30-44520acba8054a1ba628-0.jpg&s3=69594-30-1c82c973ce46af48b0e562820a0d5708-3900x2296.jpg
“High-performance non-magnetic, ultra-corrosion-resistant products” for special environments
Linear motion and rotary guides of “high-performance non-magnetic, ultra-high corrosion-resistant products” are made of a special alloy (THK-NM1) that combines high-level non-magnetic performance with almost no magnetism and high hardness suitable for bearings. It is possible to manufacture non-magnetic products with excellent load-bearing performance almost equivalent to existing linear motion and rotary guides. It also exhibits excellent corrosion resistance even in an environment where corrosive agents are scattered. In the semiconductor manufacturing process, there are many processes called special environments. There are technical areas that require extreme chemical corrosion resistance.
In special environments with state-of-the-art technology, products that pursue individual features such as non-magnetism and corrosion resistance have been widely adopted. However, in recent years, there have been an increasing number of cases in which operating performance comparable to that in normal environments is strictly evaluated and verified even in environments where strong magnetic fields and corrosive chemicals are used.・There is a strong demand for niche general-purpose products with high corrosion resistance. Therefore, THK has been developing new products to meet customer needs. First, THK’s flagship products, LM Guides, Ball Screws, Ball Splines, and Cross Roller Rings, will be lined up with “High-Functional Non-Magnetic, Ultra-High Corrosion-Resistant Products” to address the challenges of non-magnetic, high-precision, and high-corrosion resistance. Realized. In particular, the use of a special alloy (THK-NM1) is suitable for bearings because it can apply preload due to moderate elastic deformation of the ball contact surface compared to general high-hardness ceramic materials. Smooth movement without rattling is possible without being affected by magnetism. In addition, it has excellent corrosion resistance to corrosive chemicals, and by realizing high-precision operation, it will contribute to the field of semiconductor manufacturing processes, where technological
sophistication has progressed rapidly in recent years.
THK will continue to contribute to advancing technological innovation with its solid technical capabilities by proposing high-speed, high-precision, miniaturization, and long-lasting products to the semiconductor device industry, which leads the next-generation technology.
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High standard of non-magnetic
Due to its high level of non-magnetism (relative magnetic permeability of less than 1.005), it is ideal for use in strong magnetic fields and devices that control charged particles.
Excellent load bearing performance
The special alloy (THK-NM1) has the hardness required for bearings, so the load carrying capacity is greatly improved compared to
conventional special steels (stainless steel, austenitic non-magnetic steel, titanium, ceramics, etc.). increase.
High precision and smooth movement
Linear motion/rotary guide products made of a special alloy (THK-NM1) can apply preload due to the appropriate elasticity of the material, enabling high-precision, smooth movement without backlash.
Excellent corrosion resistance
A special alloy (THK-NM1) with extremely high corrosion resistance contributes to maintaining equipment performance even in an
environment where corrosive agents are scattered.

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