TiVo Inc. OTT Link, a function of G-Guide(R)︎, has expanded its services. Start cooperation with FOD.

TiVo Inc.
The OTT link, which is a function of G Guide (R)︎, expands the service. Start cooperation with FOD.
“Hulu” and “FOD” are newly compatible with OTT links on the target models of Funai brand TVs.

*This press release, which was scheduled to be distributed from PR TIMES at 10:00 on December 19, 2022, was not distributed due to a problem with our system. We sincerely apologize and will send it again. TiVo (R), a wholly owned subsidiary of Xperi Inc. (NYSE: XPER) and an entertainment bridge, today announced that it will newly support “FOD” with OTT Link, a function of G-Guide. The service is available today on select TV receivers from Funai Electric, the world’s leading electronics manufacturer. With the software update of Funai Electric’s target TV, the program list will be connected to the contents of “Hulu” and “FOD” in addition to “TVer” and “TELASA”. [Image 1

Screen of “New Connected Program Guide” with “Hulu” and “FOD” added With the OTT link feature in G-Guide, you can connect directly to the broadcast content from the listings. Contents of TVer, TELASA, Hulu, and FOD are linked everywhere in the program guide, and you can easily access the content being distributed by simply clicking on each icon without launching the application.
This convenient function was first adopted on Funai Electric TV in May 2021, and started in the Kanto and Kansai regions with TVer and TELASA services. Since then, we have expanded the functions and services to support nationwide program guides and add Hulu and FOD services. For decades, TiVo has invested in research and development of market-leading technology and has extensively licensed it to the media and entertainment industry. Technological innovation by TiVo enables viewers to
It makes it possible to easily search, watch and enjoy content. [Image 2

TiVo, G-GUIDE, G-GUIDE, and the G-GUIDE logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of TiVo Brands LLC in the United States and/or its affiliates in Japan.
“G-Guide” is an electronic program guide (EPG) service developed based on Xperi Inc.’s electronic program guide technology and provided by IPG.
G-guide related products are being developed and popularized in the Japanese market through collaboration between Xperi Inc. and IPG. [Image 3

About TiVo
TiVo unites entertainment. We help our viewers easily find, watch and enjoy. Live TV, on-demand services, streaming services, and countless apps to find the movies, shows, and videos that are right for you, so you can watch them the way you want. Analyzing audience fan bases to help production companies, TV stations and advertisers improve ratings and engagement on every screen. TiVo is a wholly owned subsidiary of Xperi Inc. For details, please visit https://business.tivo.com/en/. About IPG
[IPG Co., Ltd.] https://www.ipg.co.jp/
Representative Director: Kento Okamoto
Capital: 100 million yen
Established: April 22, 1999
Location: Tokyo Portty Takeshiba 10F, 1-7-1 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo Business description: Distribution business related to
broadcasting-related content data, operation business
IPG develops business centered on program content data based on the vision of “becoming an infrastructure that supports optimal
communication between people and content that people can enjoy watching and listening to”. Collecting official information from broadcasting stations and program production companies nationwide, transmitting program information on the electronic program guide “G-Guide program guide” for TV receivers and smartphone apps and on the Internet, you can approach viewers directly. We are implementing our own program promotion measures.
About FOD
FOD is an official video and e-book distribution service operated by Fuji TV. The paid service “FOD Premium” offers unlimited viewing of more than 80,000 target works, from the latest works to past masterpieces such as dramas, animations, variety shows, and movies.
“FOD Missing Free”, which does not require membership registration, distributes popular TV programs that are currently being broadcast for free.
We provide an entertainment experience unique to a TV station. About Hulu
Hulu is an online video distribution service where you can enjoy movies, dramas, anime, variety shows, and more. Unlimited viewing of more than 100,000 titles anytime, anywhere for a fixed monthly fee. It can be viewed on TVs, computers, smartphones, tablets, etc. that are connected to the Internet. Starting with “Hulu Premier”, which distributes overseas dramas that landed in Japan for the first time, and “Hulu Original”, which is produced independently, there is a wide range of lineups such as missed distribution of popular programs being broadcast on TV and live music distribution. We have a lot of content that you can’t see. Live streaming is also available. Enjoy Japanese, American and English news, documentaries, sports and more. It will be 1,026 yen (tax included) per month. However, in the case of iTunes Store payment, it will be 1,050 yen (tax included).
We offer a 2-week free trial to new Hulu subscribers.
Hulu is a registered trademark of Hulu, LLC.
About Funai Electric
An electronics manufacturer whose main business is LCD TVs for the North American market.
Representative Director and President Tomokazu Ueda. Established in August 1961 (Showa 36).
The head office is in Daito City, Osaka Prefecture. The main business is the manufacture and sale of LCD TVs/organic EL TVs, BD
players/recorders, printers and ink cartridges. Capital 31,312 million yen, number of employees 2,144 (as of the end of March 2022). https://www2.funai.co.jp/index.html
[Image 4d13984-33-1d1291cd7957b050e228-3.png&s3=13984-33-3dad29f5a2fa3d6fa370e99691b1c170-2801x1162.png
About Xperi Inc.
Xperi invents, develops, and delivers technology that enables unprecedented experiences. Xperi’s technology is available through its own brands, partnerships (DTS(R), HD Radio(TM), IMAX(R) Enhanced, TiVo(R)) and startup Perceive, and powers billions of consumer devices worldwide. and media platforms to strongly support smart devices, connected cars, and entertainment. Xperi is building an integrated ecosystem to reach highly engaged consumers to add value for partners, customers and consumers. In 2022, Vewd was acquired by Xperi Inc. Xperi, DTS, IMAX Enhanced, HD Radio, Perceive, TiVo and their respective logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Xperi Inc. affiliates in the United States and other countries. All other company, brand and product names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.
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